Are you searching for best places in Canada?

There are many beautiful places in Canada at high cost, we mostly choose best affordable places as it should satisfy both financial and healthy requirements.There are beautiful places in Canada which most of the people doesn’t know.

Are you in a Confusion of how to select a home?

For a place to make you feel as your best home, it should satisfy some of the requirements. The place should be comfortable for your work, should have a pleasant environment for peace. Even if the rooms contain any dusty figurine or a sofa, that doesn’t care as you can dust them. The garden at backdoor will be the best place to have fun with your family, try to select a home having garden that makes your place beautiful. The kitchen is the place where you prepare your healthy food, it can be small as you are not going to spend a lot of time in that rather than eating.

Here are some of the best affordable places to live in Canada.

1.Kingston, Ontario

Kingston is one of the most affordable places to live in Canada, it is best for people to live in a retirement due the peacefulness of the city. It has good restaurants to visit and makes your day different and pleasant. Visit the Kingston map to get knowledge of the place.The median house here is $3,00,000. You will be enjoying sunset for 160 days of a year, it will be cool for the remaining days.

2.Saint John city


Saint john city is the biggest city of new Brunswick with a population of about 1,2500 in 2011.The cost of living here is 26 percent higher than Indiana. The house price is $2,54,000 and it will rise in 1.3% in next year. Visit the map of Saint John to know the geographic view of city. Saint john a beautiful in new Brunswick has its uniqueness in industries with no pollution problem. you can live here safely enjoying life which makes it the most affordable place to live in Canada.

3.Edmonton, Alberta

Edmonton city is the capital city of Alberta, it is One of the most Affordable places to live in Canada. which is better where max population of Alberta comes to live for a job as it provides perfect homes for every level of living at desired price. Its population of 9,32,546 includes all the working all over the city.The temperature in Edmonton ranges in between -10 degrees in January and minimum 17 degrees in July. For Edmonton city visit this Edmonton map. Edmonton Park, Legislature Building, Law Courts, Rogers Place, High Level Bridge, Muttart Conservatory are the attractive tourist places to visit.

4.Kitchener, Ontario

Kitchener is the town for Berlin lying west to Ontario as the seventh largest metropolitan area of Canada with gross population of 5,23,894 people living more on south side of Kitchener. Kitchener is one of the best places of Berlin for Kitchener jobs.  Visit Kitchener city map. The house cost is  $3,50,000 making an best place for both marketing jobs.

5.Halifax, Nova Scotia

Halifax, Nova Scotia is the place where it has attractive greenery in the middle of the city, the population reported in the last year is 4,03,131. Visit Halifax city to know the geographical location. The cost of house is low rated with $2,90,000 with high rated jobs and best living places people all over the Scotia. check the Halifax map for street wise view making you clear about the city area and boundaries.

6.Windsor, Ontario

Windsor city is one of the city in Ontario located in southern part of Canada and southern part of lake Detroit. Windsor city with its vast place has good job opportunities and domestic places to live in. Visit Windsor city to know the geographical location. The environment of this place makes it look so priceless but the average house rent here is $2,27,000. The population here in 2016 is 2,76,165.

7.Regina city

Regina city is one of the provinces of Saskatchewan. The city has most attractive places like Victoria park which is most visiting place in Regina. Visit city to know the geographical location. The population  over here is 2,15,106  in 2016 and the average price of house is $12,300. You will get the best house to stay in Regina near to every place in the city.

8.Trois – Rivières, Quebec

Trois -Rivieres city is known for the three rivers as the old river Maurice  at its start is divided by two islands and so has three mouths.  Visit Trois-Rivieres city map to know the geographical location. It is located in the region of Quebec, Canada. Trois city has limited no of job opportunities, but its easy to live here as the average house price here is $1,47,000. The population here is 1,34,413 and the metro population is 1,51,773.

9.Winnipeg, Manitoba

Winnipeg is the capital and largest city of Manitoba, its name came from the Winnipeg lake, The beautiful place of Winnipeg has lot of place to live who comes for touring, the stadium over here is an attraction. Visit Winnipeg city map to know the geographical location. Temperature of Winnipeg is -12 degrees in January and 21 degrees in July, suitable for people who living in north america for years. The house price is affordable $2,78,000 and the population over here is 7,05,744.

10.Quebec city

Quebec city is the seventh most largest metropolitan Area in Canada boarded by Ontario on west, Quebec is on eastern part of Canada on seashore of Atlantic Ocean. Visit city map to know the geographical location.The Temperature over here is comfortable for people to live as in January covered with snow. The population of the city is 5,31,902, with the Average house price of $2,91,232 will have 2% change for every year. It is the city which is have most jobs starting from lower levels.


All the cities mentioned above are the Best Affordable cities in Canada having good prices comfortable for one new to the city.



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