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Air conditioners are one the most important home appliances you should have for the summer. But which one you should go with? There are so many brands out there calling you to sell their product, Should you buy them!

No, Of course not!

You should buy the one which fulfils your requirements and cost lesser. But there are few more to select the best portable air conditioner for your home.

Things to consider while selecting a portable air conditioner.


New Features are something which makes “just launched” airconditioner look impressive but wait. Do you really need that feature! Remeber that company is charging a few hundred extras just for giving you a feature which you usually don’t use regularly. A good feature should fulfil a purpose and should be used regularly.


Portability, The one flexibility in the AC which differentiates itself from other Air COnditioners available in the market. You should select an air conditioner which is compactable for your house and easy to carry around your home.

Maintainance Cost

Maintainance Cost is something which you cannot ignore while using these appliances but there is something you can do to reduce the cost. Selecting a power efficient and easy to use features.

You should select a power efficient and specific to use features. It will help you to reduce the cost by 24%.


Reliability is something saves your pocket in long term. You don’t want to have an AC which gets to be replaced with a new one in 2 years! Do You!

Select a branded and high quality one. It will cost a little higher than cheap brands but it does worth as it gives you freedom for years.


Pricing is something everyone gets sceptical about. Should you too! Of course and that is why you are here, To buy a cheap and best portable air conditioner”.

Well, you should select the one which is in your budget doesn’t break your bank.

Well, that’s all and you should consider all the above factors while selecting an air conditioner.

if you are lazy enough to see all the featurs in every product and but the best then this list of portable air conditioners will help you.

Name Image Preferred for
Whynter ARC-10WB Whynter ARC-10WB
  • Good and pleasant
  • Both a fan and air conditioner
  • window kit works well
  • Perfect for window
  • Simple to operate
  • Comes with remote
  • Good fit for 500 Square Fit Room
Haier HPB10XCR
  • Silent Compare to LG Portable Air Conditioners
  • Blows the AIR straight and no option to change the  direction upwards
  • Ideal for Bedroom
Whynter ARC-14SH
  • 3 in 1(Air conditioner, Fan or Dehumidifier)
  • Whynter ARC-14SH 14,000 BTU
  •  Comes with a good quality window kit
  • Good for 500-600 Squarefit Area
  • Simple to set up and operate with a remote
  • Quickly switches from one to another mode
DeLonghi America PACAN120EW  

  • Easy to install and program
  • Quite and
  • Moves easily
  • Requires little space
  • Doesn’t require any pump to get rid of the humidity
  • Takes time to cool down 600 square feet room
  • Ideal for bedroom
Honeywell 12,000
    • 3 in one function(Cooling, Fan and Dehumidification)
    • Low Noise
    • Ideal for an average sized bedroom
    • May require to spend extra bucks to fully fit it in the window
    • Small wheels affect the portability
Delonghi 4-in-1
  • 4 in 1 Portable Air Conditioner( Cooling, Dehumidifier, Fan AND Heat Pump functions)
  • Easy to use and comes with a control panel
  • Easy to move around
  • Dehumidifier mode runs a bit noisy
  • Ideal for a Big Bedroom, Room
 Honeywell, 10,000  
  •  3-in-1 Function: Cooling, Fan and Dehumidification
  • Easy to Install
  • Quite and pleasant
  • Heavy compared to other Air Conditioners
  • Ideal for a 400-500 Squarefit room
 Frigidaire FFPA1222R1
  • Quite and efficient
  • Easy to move around
  • Impressive Look
  • Easy to use
  • Good for 400 to 600 square fit
 Delonghi 13,500 Top 10 Best Air Conditioner Portable
  •  A little noisy
  • Good for 450 to 600 Square fit area
  • Ozone safe refrigeration
  • 5-minute installation
  • Remote Controlled
  • Standard Look
Toyotomi TAD-T40LW Top 10 Best Air Conditioner Portable
  • Cooling and Heating capability
  • Easy to control
  • 12 hours on off timer
  • Good for 500 to 650 Square fit area
  • Ideal for a big bedroom or small sized hall

Best Air conditioner portable

Best air conditioners portable

1.Whynter 14,000 BTU Dual Hose Portable Air Conditioner 

whynter is one of the best air conditioners portable, it has three modes of operation they are dehumidifier,fan, Air conditioner. It can be dragged to anywhere in your home could work without any work, has a thermostat controller and 3 fans speed which ha humidifier.

2.Haier HPB10XCR 10000 BTU Portable Air conditioner

Haier air conditioner is portable to anyplace in the room with 10000 BTU which cools down a big room , cool downs a room of 250-300 ft,has digital display of control, temperature maintained.3 cooling and fan speeds with 24 hours working capability. Best Air conditioner to buy for home.

3.DeLonghi America PACAN120EW Whisper Cool Portable Air Conditioner

Delongi American Air conditioner portable is one of the best Air conditioners portable which is 12000 BTU that it is suitable for a medium room of 450 ft, you can drag and keep it in any room the controls of the device are awesome better to make the device good to be used.The dehumidifing technology of the Ac makes the remove moisture in the room.

4.Honeywell 12,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner 

Honeywell Air conditioner portable is one of the best Air conditioners portable which has remoter control to operate from anywhere in the room, it 12000 BTU makes a 450 ft room be in normal temperature. The In-built dehumidifier removes 75 pints of moisture from the room, has a good design which matches and makes your room rich.

5.Delonghi  4-in-1 Portable Air Conditioner with Heat Pump

Delonghi portable air conditioner has good color combination which makes it a good match for homes painted with white or light colors. Delonghi  Air conditioner is one of the best air conditioners portable, its 13000 BTU capability makes it better enough to be used in 500 ft room, the 4-in-1 functions cooling, Dehumidifier, fans and heating pump makes it different form other Air conditioners.Best Air conditioner to buy with 4 functionalities.

6.Haier 14,000 BTU 3 -in- 1 Dual Hose Portable Air Conditioner

Haier 14000 BTU Air conditioner is outfitted with humid hose air conditioner which sends humid air out. The automatic controls are perfect enough to program your daily schedule.The digital display provided show the temperature and controls in active mode. This is anothe rgood looking Best Air conditioner to buy for your home.

7.Asin Air conditioner Portable


Asin air conditioner fixes well into your room that it will cool 300 sqrft of room with its 12000 BTU humidifier. It has 4-in-1 Air cooler,humidifier,Dehumidifier and Fans which makes the room perfect to work for all the day.The outer design makes it to be placed at any place.

8.Tripp Lite SRCOOL12K Portable Cooling / Air Conditioner

Tripp Lite  portable air conditioner is one of the best Air conditioners portable which suits to use in office to keep the room in a warm temperature to make the office look official.The 1200BTU humidifier takes all the moisture, the led display on the Ac shows the controls and the operations in active mode.

9.Delonghi 13,500 BTU Portable 3-in-1 Air Conditioner with Whispercool Technology

Delonghi Air conditioner portable has 13500BTU which cools down the room of 550 sqrft and its air conditioning,Dehumidifier and fans keeps the room fresh enough to work relaxed. The display over the Ac updates us with the controls running in changing the controls. Delonghi Air conditioner is one of the best Air conditioner Portable to use at your home.

10. Toyotomi Portable Air Conditioner with Heat Pump


Toyotomi Air conditioner portable with 14000 BTU keeps the 500 sqft room cool with its air conditioning humidifier, Led display on the Ac makes us to makes our home schedule and the two hose one for intake and other for humidity out keeps the room in a normal temperature. switch it off/on with the thermostatic control. This is also the best portable air conditioner in Canada to fulfil the requiremnts.

All the above described Best Air conditioners portable are ideal at their features and makes feel your room rich. You can work within the Air conditioner to the desired environment make it match to your work.


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