Top 15 Best App Development Companies in Calgary, Canada

In recent times with the introduction of mobile apps, the way the markets and businesses are evolving has led to a forceful movement of everyone else towards the digital markets. Customers on the other side of the coin have a high power of ‘click,’ with one click they can do numerous amounts of stuff from finding to shopping as well as reviewing. 

In such a growing digital scenario, one won’t be surprised to notice many app development companies in Calgary, Canada. But too many options also puts the buyer in a dilemma of what to choose.

So to support Entrepreneurs and businesses to decide on whom to partner up with, we have segregated the app development and related service providers into the Top 15 best app development companies in Calgary, Canada. We have selected them based on four significant points Reliability, Creativity, Customer Support, and Past Experience.

Best App Development Companies in Calgary:

1. Excellent Web World PVT LTD.

Founded in 2011 Excellent Web world Is an Indian-based organization with its presence over the USA, Germany, and Australia as well. Some of the services provided by it are 

  • Mobile App Development
  • Web Development
  • UI/UX design
  • AR App Development
  • VR App Development 
  • IoT Solutions
  • Wearable App Development

And many more….

With the mission “ To provide businesses with reliable digital solutions,” Excellent Web World has been in the top lists of many other rankings for the past many years. 

Website: https://www.excellentwebworld.com/

Prominent Clients: Sony, HITACHI, TESLUXE, Kwikset.

Phone: +1-(480)-409-4504


In-app development experience matters a lot where new companies are just starting to build the apps Terraform has been making the world feel its presence since 2009. With over 11 years of experience in app development, terraform ranks number 2 on our list. Claims to be the best in Canada, Terraform has a workforce of experts who will make the app both creatively distinct and distinctively creative. 

Some of the services provided by the organization are:

  • Energy /Oil and Gas
  • Business Solutions
  • Tradeshows

Along with these, it also provides other technical services related to App growth and Market Analysis, supporting the buyer of the service to the last mile. 

Website: https://www.terraformcorp.com/

Prominent Clients: AWS, SAP, VISA Developer, IBM Cloud. 

Phone: (403) 464-4554

3. VOG App Developers

With the vision to provide entrepreneurs with high-quality yet affordable and customed apps, Vince O’ Gorman founded this organization in 2012, and since then, the firm hasn’t looked back. The thing that a buyer looks for in the product is quality and cost. This Canadian company has been building custom software applications that prioritize costs, analyze and mitigate risk, decrease failure rates, monitor progress, maximize returns, optimize processes, and increase operational efficiency.

Some of the services provided by the firm are listed below.

  • Mobile app development
  • Custom Software Development
  • Design Services

Website: https://vogappdevelopers.com/

Prominent Clients: ScotiaBank, Sait, ATB Entrepreneur center, Grow me.

Phone: 1-(844) 992 2777

4. App Guys Inc

They, as an organization, have a firm belief that if “You can change the world – We build the apps to help you.” This statement would sound very familiar to the entrepreneurs who are trying to solve the challenges faced by the world. With such a vision, The App Guys Inc has been helping budding entrepreneurs and businesses since 2014. Giving a high focus on the user experience some of the services provided by the firm are

  • Mobile and Web Application Development
  • Website Development
  • Project Management and Consulting services
  • Education

With a network in about 10+ countries, App Guys Inc has always been a good choice in app development.

Website: https://www.appguys.com/


Focused on crafting top-notch mobile applications, TALLIUM Inc was founded in 2009, thereby having experience of 11 years in the industry. Having a team of  60 skill experts who believe in innovation is the differentiation with the others. Apart from having its head office in Calgary, the company also has a significant presence in Vancouver, Stockholm, Moscow, Kyiv, Vienna and, Dubai. Fan league, Car drop, Character Click are some of the apps which the organization has structured. Services provided by Tallium is listed below:

  • VR/AR
  • UI/UX design
  • Refinement and Reengineering
  • Big data/AI
  • Mobile/ Web Applications
  • Ecommerce

Website: https://tallium.com/

Prominent clients: Qievdance, Charterclick, Krivi Associates. 



The meaning of the world AQOMI stands for creativity. That’s how the owners define the organization AQOMI – A creative company. Founded in 2005, the company has experience in about 2000+ projects specializing in providing strategy, branding, and creative digital solutions to mid-size and large-size companies in a number of sectors like aviation, food, fashion, hospitality, energy, oil, and gas, and retail. 

Website: https://aqomi.com/

Phone: +1 158 880 1974

Prominent clients: Careline, PIXAR, VISA. 


Founded in 2016, not an organization with vast experience but such a small period the firm has made its presence felt in Calgary. With various accreditations from google and other leading rating agencies. JYZ Design has not only confined itself to just app development but expanded in different fields like digital marketing and website design through which it supports the expanding organizations in the whole digital journey to increase the reach to the customers. 

Some of the services which are provided by JYZ design are listed below:

  • Logo branding
  • Graphic design
  • Social media marketing
  • App development
  • Ecommerce online store

And many more….

Website: https://jyzdesign.com/

Phone: (403) 4532990

Prominent clients: DTCC, Airline Ticket center, Papa grant mechanical.


8. Robots and Pencils INC

If numbers say it all, then Robots and Pencils have it all. Founded in 2009, Robots and Pencils have made over 250 apps to date used by 77 million people worldwide. Seeing the progress, it was named Fast 500 by Deloitte in the United States. The quality of services provided by such an organization is commendable. The services provided by Robots and Pencils are listed below

  • iOS apps for the iPhone,
  • iPad and Apple Watch 
  • Android apps
  • Windows phone apps
  • Backend apps using Ruby on Rails
  • Frontend apps using HTML5

Website: https://www.robotsandpencils.com/

Prominent Clients: Boosterbuddy, Wettransfer, Alberta Health Systems.


“Quality Apps that speak themselves” with this moto Sozen tech was started in 2016. With 10000+ hours of consultancy services provided, the reviews of the firms verify the statement about quality which they provide. The app development process followed by the firm is iterative and agile for solving the business problems of the clients.

Some of the services offered by the firm are listed below:

  • UX Strategy & Design
  • User Interface
  • Research & Discovery
  • Android & iOS Mobile Development
  • Web & App Development
  • QA & Deployment
  • App Store Optimization

Website: https://sozentech.com/

Phone: (403)971- 7786

10. PRAVES Technologies

Founded in 2012, Praves technologies Ltd. is a mobile apps development company established to support the new business planning to expand in the digital markets. With the belief in not building the business but long term relationships by providing technical services to help the customers in the after-sales issue in onboarding the customers and other stuff. The services provided by the firm are listed below:

  • Mobile Application Development (iOS and Android App Development)
  • Social Media Marketing for business
  • Software Testing services and training
  • e-Learning content development Web-Application Portal Development

Website: http://www.pravestech.ca/

Phone: +14034620868

Prominent clients: Glory of INDIA, Confident marketing club, Idea 2 Inception, CMIT solutions.

11. IT – TOWN 

Turning dreams into reality with this motto IT- TOWN was founded in 2015. Consisting of a workforce that has expertise in a wide range of technologies like JAVA Android, Swift iOS, Ruby on Rails, PHP, Angular JavaScript, SQL, and others to support the clients to a full extent depending upon the caliber of them. With the vision of pertaining long term relations, some of the services provided by the firm are:

  • Mobile Applications
  • Websites and Web Applications
  • Corporate Solutions
  • Visual Design Services
  • QA Testings

Website: https://it-town.org/

Phone: +38 (063) 204-1000

Prominent Clients: Astra Management.


With over 15+years of experience in the field of app development, Oracast is one of the oldest firms in Calgary. SHELL Canada and many others are a part of the success stories of this organization. ORACAST has also been awarded as the best B2B company in Canada. This is an excellent sign for organizations that are thinking to have long-term business relations with the firm to support both the internal as well as external stakeholders in problems that they face while operating on the software. Some of the services provided by the firm are written down: 

  • Mobile App Development
  • Web App Development
  • Digital Marketing 
  • Websites, E-Commerce and Content Management Systems 

Website: https://www.oracast.com/

Phone; 1 -888-210-9805

Prominent clients: American Modern, Snow Valley, Shell, Telus, Performa Logics.


The Japanese word “Sugoi,” meaning Awesome with such a name, the labs was founded in 2013. With its presence in two giant technical nations, INDIA and CANADA Sugoi has always been among the Top 15 app developing organizations. It has expanded its area of expertise in not app development but also in various other fields like AI/ML to facilitate the companies with the new upcoming Industry 4.0 and make them up to mark to serve the customer base. Some of the Services provided by the organizations include.

  • Software product development
  • Web application development
  • Android application development 
  • iOS Application development
  • Cross-platform mobile app development
  • MVP/prototyping
  • E-commerce web development

Website: https://sugoilabs.com/

Prominent clients: LIMA Traders, Ostays, Regain Memory, City Magic.

14. Transpera

App development, marketing, and design go hand in hand here in Transpera, thereby providing the services from the ideation and development phase to the app growth phase of the partnering organization. Some of the services that TRANSPERA provides are listed below

  • custom applications 
  • Sharepoint customizations
  • cloud services
  • websites (custom, WordPress, Shopify)
  • data security
  • managed IT services and staff augmentation, as well as digital marketing and design services.

Website: https://transpera.ca/

Phone: 1(800)-849-6348


15. CM Digital Agency

Established as a professional Web development organization that had the vision to help the businesses grow expanded itself and went to building apps as the markets evolved. With its work, it has made the market competition feel its presence both in Netherlands and Canada. Services provided by the firm are listed below:

  • Web Development
  • Mobile Application Development
  • Software Development
  • Branding
  • Content Management
  • Digital Marketing
  • UI/UX design
  • Social Media Marketing and many more…

Website: https://cmdigitalagency.com/

Phone: +31 (0) 850 605 099

Prominent Clients: IRISH Connexxion

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