Top 10 Best CCTV Camera Brands

Top 10 Best CCTV Camera Brands

CCTV Cameras:

Everyone needs to have effective security of their home or office.Then, Who are gonna take care when you aren’t at your place. This is where security cameras come into play to help keep you stay updated of your home or office. You can watch the indoor and outdoor places of the home Every time, which makes your day cool. Watch the blur cctv video with good clarity and could take clear photos from the video for complaining. Here we have listed top Best cctv camera brands which will help in choosing your favourite one.

Top 10 Best CCTV Camera Brands

NameImagePreferred for
Nest CCTV CamsTop 10 best cctv camera brands
  • Get home video alerts to your phone.
  • Check for an action in a recorded video like when it started and ended.
  • Hear everything through the microphone built-in with the camera.
  • Play any alert audio through the speaker.
  • Watch full month recorded videos stored directly in the cloud.
Hikvision CCTV Cams


(chinese company)

Top 10 Best CCTV Camera brands
  • Fix in outdoor as it is Vandal-resistant camera glass.
  • Records Hd videos even at night mode.
  • Lens allows light to enter to increase brightness of images.
Amcrest CCTV CamsTop 10 Best CCTV Camera Brands
  • Stores hd Recorded videos in Amcrest cloud to watch.
  • Sends Alerts of unexpected motions in your home.
  • Watch live stream video from your devices.
  • 4hrs of free video storage on Amcrest cloud.
Swann camsTop 10 Best CCTV Camera Brands
  • Makes hd video recording even in ambient light.
  • Records 24 hours day and night video.
  • Has 85 degree viewing angle flexibility.
  • Has Capacity to withhold during bad weather conditions.
Arlo smart security camera SystemTop 10 Best CCTV Camera Brands
  • Store unlimited videos on cloud.
  • Watch videos live stream remotely from anywhere.
  • Stores action & action triggered events in cloud.
  • Watch, Download or Share videos from cloud for free for 7 days.
  • Access video through Arlo free app.
  • Get free of wired cameras.
Trivision CamsTop 10 Best CCTV Camera Brands
  • Use Trivision as both indoor and outdoor security cameras.
  • It anti glare lens takes best shots of the day.
  • works well at bad weather conditions.
VideoSecu CamsTop 10 Best CCTV Camera Brands
  • Video recording capability with night vision makes video recording easy.
  • Captures action events and triggers alerts.
  • Strong connectivity with mobile and laptop devices.
Foscam CameraTop 10 Best CCTV Camera Brands
  • Gets used to cordless Camera.
  • Records night vision clear video for capturing any thief actions.
  • Gives a feel of secured environment in home.
  • Get instant alerts remotely from the live stream to avoid stealings.
Lorex cctv CameraTop 10 Best CCTV Camera Brands
  • Capable of hd video recording.
  • Takes night vision videos which helps in complaining easily.
  • Stores every recorded video in cloud for further watching.
Defender security camerasTop 10 Best CCTV Camera Brands
  • Assures security from gate to last rooms of home.
  • Records long range video at night for secured environment.
  • Watch live stream through wi-fi connection.
  • Stores 1TB of data for 1040 hours of video.
Top 10 Best CCTV Camera Brands

1. Nest CCTV Cams

Nest CCTV Cams on of the Top 10 Best CCTV Camera Brands

Nest is an indoor & outdoor CCTV company that provides satisfying features for the customers. Nest Cameras has a 130-degree view-angle for cover more space in the home. Nest cameras are manufactured with the goal of ensuring maximum security. The speaker and microphone enable owners to talk and hear what is happening at home. Nest sends action triggered clips to phone & email for a fast response. you can talk to the people at home or delivery boys to deliver the product at doorsteps.

2. Hikvision CCTV Cams (Chinese company)

Hikvision CCTV Cams (Chinese company) Best CCTV Camera brands

Update: US gift has banned the company over spy.

Hikvision is one of the Top 10 best CCTV Camera Brands but a product from china. It is one of the companies which has Hikvision cameras records HD video making everything clear for the owners. Video zooming and taking shots will be an advantage in these cameras. You get this product all over the world. Brand products are really worthy to purchase.

3. Amcrest CCTV Cams

Amcrest CCTV Cams Best CCTV Camera Brands

Get best features with Amcrest Camera brands. The videos will be stored in Amcrest cloud for 7 days for free. Could watch live stream remotely from anywhere and could pass instructions to people at home. Amcrest cameras are one of the Top 10 Best CCTV Camera brands. Connect it to your mobiles through a wifi connection and to other mobiles through the p2p connection. Get Alerts Everytime to your mobile or mail.

4. Swann cams

Swann cams Best CCTV Camera Brands

Swann cams are The Top 10 Best CCTV Camera Brands. Swann provides cams for both outdoor and indoor. The quality of the cams is trustable and reliable. It works even in bad weather conditions and could be used for outdoor security System. It covers a lot of areas around and shots better for zooming.

5. Arlo smart security camera System

Arlo smart security camera System Best CCTV Camera Brands

Want to Use wireless CCTV cameras? Then don’t waste your time on checking for more. Arlo is one of the best wireless CCTV cameras provider, both indoor and outdoor. You can easily have a conversation with people through this cameras. Charge once and use it for a long time up to max 6 months. It looks like an advanced electronic ball on the wall when mounted. Easily moves in the direction it wants. Arlo cameras are especially relevant cameras to buy.

6. Trivision Cams

Trivision Cams Best CCTV Camera Brands

Trivision CCTV cameras provide brand new cameras for maximum vertical and horizontal view angle. Trivision cameras are featured as Top 10 Best CCTV Camera Brands. Sends recorded video as well as recorded through wifi network or ethernet cable. Get free video stream notifications to mobile or emails for effective security.

7. VideoSecu CCTV Cameras

VideoSecu CCTV Cameras Best CCTV Camera Brands

VideoSecu is one of the Top 10 Best CCTV Camera brands. It is a good brand for video zooming as it uses the best technology for long length zooming. VideoSecu Camera ensures much secure system at your home.

8. Foscam cctv Camera

Foscam cctv Camera Best CCTV Camera Brands

Nightvision recording with long length is one of the problems as we don’t get clear captures. but, with Foscam that problem is solved because it Records hd clear videos at good night vision for long length. Helps for zooming in and finding the suspects. It is One of the Best security camera system brands. The bullet camera lens captures everything every time without missing anything.

9. Lorex CCTV Cameras

Lorex CCTV Cameras Best CCTV Camera Brands

Lorex cameras are smart action recorders, which uses nvr adapter for video recording. Lorex is 4k HD POE wired network security system. We can store the data in an SD card full stream. None of the recordings will be lost. It is better to be used in offices, home outdoors and security breach places to nob the suspects easily.

10. Defender Security Cameras

10. Defender Security Cameras Top 10 Best CCTV Camera Brands

Defender Camera brand has wired security cameras which use Dvr technology setup to record videos. It sends a notification to the mobile and mail to stay more updated with your office. Defender Cameras covers most of the area around it at 4k HD quality. The defender is featured worthy as one of the Top 10 Best CCTV Camera Brands.


According to me, the best affordable and good quality CCTV Camera would be “Nest CCTV Cams″. It has got good user reviews. And Get best features with Amcrest Camera brands. you can choose anyone from the list which you like.

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