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[2021] Best Fitness Bands

Fitness Band

Fitness Bands helps maintain fitness without interrupt in works. Upgraded Fitness Bands has made the job of maintaining the health status easy. Latest different brands Fitness Bands are available in the market. This article has Top 10 Best Fitness Bands.

Mpow heart rate monitor BraceletBest Fitness Bands
  • Stores data of energy consumption.
  • Gives 7 days of battery backup
  • Support for all mobiles to connect through bluetooth 4.4 and above (but not tablet).
Mpow heart rate monitor bracelet (blue)



Best fitness bands 


  • Best Bracelet for workouts.
  • Has sedentary alert as well.
  • supports apple mobiles of 6.7 version and above & android mobiles 4.4 and above.
4.2 Amazon
Wesoo k1 fitness braceletBest Fitness Bands
  • Best fitness Support.
  • Shows statistics of calories burnt every day.
  • Every Adaptor supportablility for charging.
Anekeen Smart BraceletBest Fitness Bands
  • Gives Alert of Work scheduled.
  • has IP67 waterproof rating.
  • Good data processing Ability.
Mpow Heart Rate Monitor Smart Bracelet (Upgraded Version)Best Fitness Bands
  • An upgraded version with all available features like social media and alarm notifications.
  • Has mobile tracer.
  • 10-15 days stand-up Battery backup.
  • Has mobile selfie and music controller.


Iwownfit i6 HR Wireless Smart BraceletBest Fitness Bands
  • Supports 20 sport modes, stores steps taken daily and  calories burnt.
  • Works as an health assistant on hand.
  • Works efficient with new hardware for data processing.
Mpow IP68 Waterproof Heart Rate MonitorBest Fitness Bands
  • Waterproof band for workouts and daily health status.
  • makes an alert for incoming calls, sms and alarms.
  • Give 30 days stand-up when heart rate function is put off.
  • supports for iphone 8.0 and above & for android 4.0 and above.
TopYart ID115 Smart BraceletBest Fitness Bands
  • Shows statistics of daily exercises on hd display.
  • IP67 rated waterproof bracelet for swimming purpose.
  • bracelet data will synced with app in mobile.
Mpow smart Bracelet with 14 exercise mode (Blue)Best Fitness Bands
  • Upgraded bracelet has 14 sport modes and 4 faces for hd display.
  • Gps tracking feature helps checking route of walk.
  • Stores data of daily exercises and has sedentary alert, alarm alert.
  • gives 4-5 day backup for 1-2 hours charging.
VicTsing Fitness Tracker (Blue)Best Fitness Bands
  • Shows distinct sleep hours like deep, light sleep hours and number of hours woke up.
  • Shows notification of social media like facebook, twitter..etc., and sms and phone calls.
  • Connect to your phone of bluetooth 4.0  and above, download very fit app which helps to control music and take front camera shots.
  • Supports for iphone 7.1 and above & android phones 4.4 and above.


Best Fitness Bands

1. Mpow heart rate monitor Bracelet

Mpow heart rate monitor Bracelet Best Fitness Bands

MPow heart rate monitor bracelet is one of the best fitness bands. It has several features which makes you not to ignore it. It checks your heart rate, number of calories burnt per unit of time. Bracelet also stores recent history of number of step you took and the distance traveled per day.

The history of recent days makes you alert to balance your health. Install the “very fit” app of google play or apple play store for free in your mobile. Connect your mobile to band through bluetooth  and set the alarm clock alerting at morning. It allows makes taking a selfie with your mobile easy. Select the camera option in the app and rotate your wrist to take a good selfie.

you won’t miss any call or message as the band vibrates.It has longer battery life and supports all android mobiles including 4.4 Os version and above. It supports Apple Systems: ios 6.7 or above(not ipad). App supports android mobile of bluetooth 4.4 and above  (but not tablet).

Pros: Good support to mobiles and best heart rate monitor.

Cons: Don’t have Gps tracker.

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2. Mpow heart rate monitor bracelet (blue)

Mpow heart rate monitor bracelet (blue) Best fitness bands

Mpow heat rate smart bracelet is a perfect choice for your daily use. Smart bracelet displays the number of steps taken, calories burned,distance walked and displays your heart rate. It stores the history which guides to maintain your health level. Download “very fit” free app from google play or Apple play store. This app supports different alarms for waking you or alerting. Take selfie by choosing camera option in the app. The sedentary alert in the bracelet alerts, if you sit at your seat for long time. It is one of the best fitness bands.

Battery consumption is very less. The app supports android mobiles with blutetooth 4.0 and above( but not tablet) and could be used in apple systems of 6.7 version and above. Supports android mobiles of 4.4(above). 1 Hour charge give 7 days backup.

Pros: Perfect bracelet for workouts.

Cons: It is not a waterproof bracelet.

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3. Wesoo k1 fitness bracelet

Wesoo k1 fitness bracelet

Wesoo K1 fitness smart bracelet shows calories burned, steps taken, distance traveled as well as your sleep metrics. It is one of the best fitness bands. The data enables you maintain a perfect health strategy. Use all the features of the “very fit” app in your iphone or Android mobile. The wrist band helps maintain stylish life. The new hardware architecture shows fast processing. The in-built USB port enables to charge through any powerbank or powersocker. No need to use a particular Adaptor. Wesoo K1 ensure 100% money back guarantee and 2-years replacement support.

Pros: Has good battery backup and 2-year replacement support.

Cons: Has no heart rate monitor.

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4. Anekeen Smart Bracelet

Anekeen Smart Bracelet

Color: Black

Anekeen fitness tracker bracelet has features that attracts toward it. The metrics of calories burned, distance traveled, heart rate and sleep metrics are astonishing features. Calls and messages notification won’t miss you any call, sms or sns. you can setup different alarms to alert for scheduled work. The sedentary alert, selfie camera remote control are plus features to this.  Anekeen fitness tarcker bracelet is one of the Best Fitness Bands. bracelet has waterproof rating of IP67. It has 24-month warranty and mobile tracer.

The tracker supports for iphone/Android mobiles 4.4(above) with bluetooth 4.0 version.

Pros: Good flexibility, 24-month warranty, fast processing, waterproof.

Cons: Should avoid keeping in hights.

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5. Mpow Heart Rate Monitor Smart Bracelet (Upgraded Version)

Mpow Heart Rate Monitor Smart Bracelet (Upgraded Version)

Price: $47.99 Check Latest price on Amazon

Color: Black

MPow bracelet is an upgraded piece which has all the features of other bracelets. Heart rate monitor, steps calculator, distance metric and sleep quality level. Bracelet has 0.96 hd display which displays all functions clearly. The waterproof rating is around IP67, selfie remote controler, alarm, phone call, sms and all social network alerts. Bracelet alert when you walk out of range( 5m) from mobile.

The sedentary alert and good battery backup. Charge for 1-2 hrs and use it for 4-5 days with 10-15 day withstand capability. Download “very fit ” free app from google or apple play store or by scanning QR code of box. It is one of the best fitness bands.

Pros: Phone lost alert, all social network alerts. swithing off music in phone.

Cons: Should not be placed in heights.

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6. Iwownfit i6 HR Wireless Smart Bracelet

Iwownfit i6 HR Wireless Smart Bracelet

Price: $39.00 Check Latest Price on Amazon

Iwownfit i6HR-P is a smart new hardware bracelet that has fast processing of data. Iwownfit measures steps taken, number of calories burned and tracks your heart rate. It acts as an health assistant in your life. Bracelet enables more features when connected to the iphone or android mobile. It processes fastly by filtering non-useful data. Bracelet has universal inbuilt charger port which supports universal charger. It could be charged using power bank and not required any particular adaptor. This product has universal warranty.

Pros: fast process of data.

Cons: Has no music switchoff support.

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7. Mpow IP68 Waterproof Heart Rate Monitor

Mpow IP68 Waterproof Heart Rate Monitor

Price: $45.99 Check Latest Price on Amazon

Color: Black

MPow IP68 waterproof bracelet is one of the best fitness Bands. It has all the Band features like heart rate monitor, counter of distance traveled, calories burned. Bracelet keeps a history data of health which helps in seeing the status of your health in month. It gives notification of sms, calls or alerts on alarms to take medicines or to do exercise.  You will never miss a call or sms.

The bracelet gives 30 days of standup when charged fully for 1 hour when heat rate function is switched off. Connect the bracelet to your mobile which contains many options in the “life sense” app. “move reminder” makes the bracelet when you sit at a same place for long time. The app supports smartphone with bluetooth 4.0 and above version. It also supports iphone of 8.0 and above version, Android 4.3 and above version.

Pros: Bracelet has waterproof IP68 rating which helps to swim with it on.

Cons: Bracelet has no phone mapping feature.

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8. TopYart ID115 Smart Bracelet

TopYart ID115 Smart Bracelet

Price: $28.99 Check Latest Price on Amazon

Top Yart ID115 smart Bracelet is a stylish looking smart bracelet which has 0.86 inch hd display. It displays date, clock and battery power and comfortable to wear and worthy bracelet. The bracelet automatically recognizes your sleep status, stores the light sleep, deep sleep  and wake up time. It is a ip67 waterproof bracelet enable you to swim. It stores all data regarding your daily exercises, calories burned, steps taken and floors took.

You get a good data history of daily workouts to understand positives and negatives. All the bracelet data will be synced to the app when connected through bluetooth. If your are not satisfied with the product return back is acceptable.

Pros: A perfect bracelet for daily workouts.

Cons: Doesn’t have sederent alert feature.

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9. Mpow smart Bracelet with 14 exercise mode (Blue)

Mpow smart Bracelet with 14 exercise mode (Blue)

Mpow smart bracelet is an upgraded bracelet with 14 exercise modes and 4 faces display. It has GPS tracking feature, stores all-day activities like you heart rate, calories burned and distance walked. The bracelet has to be connected to your mobile through bluetooth to download an app (very fit pro). That app contains many options to set different alarms and could see the route of your walk with Gps connection.

The bracelet vibrates to give notifications of call and sms, you will never miss a call or a sms.  Can take camera photo shoots while workout  through your bracelet by camera “shooting option”.  Gives 4-5 days standup backup while charged for 1-2 hours. Connects to iphone of 7.1 and above, even to android 4.4 and above.

Pros: GPS tracking feature is an advantage to it which makes it one of the best Fitness Bands.

Cons:  Has no sedentary alert.

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10. VicTsing Fitness Tracker (Blue)

Best Fitness Bands

VicTsing Fitness tracker Bracelet is one of the best fitness bands to have on your wrist. It has full sports mode which helps while workouts. This bracelet supports bluetooth version of 4.0 and above to connect o mobiles. Connect it to Android mobiles 4.4 and above, ios 7.1 and above, download “very fit” app to use options.

The bracelet show notification of calls, sms and notifications from social media like facebook, twitter, etc. The camera Remote/music control allows to take best selfies at office, tours or workouts and could handle the music. The bracelet wake you up peacefully by recognizing your sleep state. It also give analyzed data of light sleep hours, deep sleep hours and awake hours. The sedentary alert becomes an advantage.

Pros: Shows synchronized data of sleep hours and a perfect bracelet for workouts with waterproof IP67 rating.

Cons: Should not be kept at heights.

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Bracelets in this article have been listed by sortlisting according to the features and ratings given by users.

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