Top 10 Best Front Load Washer Review (washing machine) in Canada

Wearing clean clothes daily is the necessity and also important which reflects cleanliness within the person. People get more attracted to those who live clean, wear clean and tidy. In case of bulk clothes, Washing Machine will reduce the effort of washing clothes and a Best front load washer will do it’s work without damaging clothes.

Getting your clothes cleaner every day, a washer is the most important home appliance one can have. It makes daily chores a lot easier. But when it comes to buying a washer so to give our clothes the best possible laundry it is quite painful to search for the perfect which match your needs. 

Front Load Washer

If you are searching for a powerful washing machine which will remove the stains from your clothes in no time and you feels fresh every time front load washing machines will be the best buy.

Why would you buy a front load washer?

Fron load washer has many advantages over the top load washer. They clean deeper and are more energy efficient than top loader washer. It uses the least amount of water in every use. In front load washer the lid opens at the front unlike in the top load where you have to put clothes by opening the lid at the top, It gives added advantage by handling big and bulky items like sleeping bags and comforters. 

If space is less you can easily adjust a front load washer at any closet where electric connection, water and ventilation is available. Many manufacturers provide a pedestal to uplift the washer so that you won’t have to bend every time and give you backrest. 

In a front load, you need to be careful about cleaning the dispenser and gasket and keep the door wide open so to get it dry and it won’t have any mold or odour. 

Front Load Washer

Features to look for when you are buying  a front loader washer

  1. Energy efficiency – Washer you are looking for should be certified from Canada Govt Dept of Energy. A fair amount of energy efficiency is determined by the size of the machine. If getting the same capacity but different energy efficiency chooses for the best in efficiency.
  2. Wash cycles – It is an important factor. More number of cycles is good for a washer. If you are cleaning baby diaper than you have to sanitize it. If cleaning athletes clothes go for powerful stain remover.
  3. Design & Dimension – Always go for that one which will fit in your closet and also not be very out of features than your requirement. 
  4. Warranty – What is the time period that the manufacturer provides. Have a detailed look and then go for the washer.

Some quick buying guide which may save your money also.

  1. Buy white: Buying platinum, grey, dark-grey will add extra $100 and may burn your pocket. So if only consider the machine and not the colour you can think of white.
  2. Shopping on holiday sales: always try to shop on holiday sales like Balck Friday, Sales Season.
  3. Avoid high-end features:   features like wi-fi connectivity, app connectivity all add extra bucks an nothing more. Many front load washers will do the same work which a top feature washer does. So if you are tight on your budget you avoid all those hefty features and keep your many saved. 

Top 10 Best Front Load Washers:

1. LG WM1388HW

LG WM1388HW - Best Front Load Washer

LG WM1388HW is loaded with lots of options. It has a number of cycles like a delicate cycle, cotton cycle, sportswear cycle, babywear cycle etc. You can customize a cycle and can go for extra rinse, self-cleaning for all the cycles. 

This is 2.3 cubic foot drum front load washer which can hold 12 pounds of load meant for the average household and not for larger ones. 

It has different washing methods like – rolling, stepping, tumbling, filtration, swinging, scrubbing. 

It has 5 different temperature settings. You can choose any water from extreme hot to extreme cold for the laundry you need. Very energy efficient and may cost $19 per year to run. 


  • A wide selection of cycles
  • Small & compact
  • Self-cleaning will help in an extended life span


  • No good for bulky and big items
  • No steaming options

2. Samsung WF5000AW

Samsung WF5000AW - best front load washer

Samsung WF5000AW is 4.2 cubic foot drum and can handle big household laundry. Also, it is least expensive than other front load washers. 

Can comfortably handle three laundry baskets at a time. This washer has only 8 cycles less than most of the front load washers. 

Temperature modes along with washing methods are widely available and you can choose according to your laundry. For some hard stains rinse, self-cleaning options are readily available.


  • Superb value for money
  • Great build quality
  • Great energy saving options
  • Load capacity is large
  • Phone diagnostic app 


  • Can’t adjusted in small rooms
  • No steaming options
  • Less number of cycles

3.  Electrolux EFLS627UTT

Electrolux EFLS627UTT front load washer

Electrolux EFLS627UTT is all about washing laundries. It is overall the best front load washer and also comes within $ 1,000. It is a 4.4 cubic foot drum and can hold a large wash. It has 9 washing cycles and a 15-minute fast wash. 

It has exclusive pod detergent dispenser where many other front load washers struggle with detergent dispenser imploring clogging which results in not dispensing properly. 


  • For large household wash
  • Pod detergent dispenser


  • No app for smartphone monitoring
  • Fewer cycles only 9 available.

4. LG WM3500CW


Some of the fancy features were removed from LG WM3770HWA and here comes LG WM3500CW with an extra saving of $200. Also, it gives the top washing facility and is highly reliable. 

This washer does the spin and cleans well but in a normal setting take more time nearly 1.5 hours.


  • Very low cost under $800.
  • Highly reliable


  • Very long wash cycles
  • Very hard to read panels
  • No water heater as for sterilizing the clothes you have to choose expensive models

5. SOLOROCK 24″ Ventless Washer Dryer Combo White

SOLOROCK 24" Ventless Washer Dryer Combo White

It is very big in size nearly 5.2 cubic foot drum gives the best cleaning for a large household. It has 7kg washing & 3.5kg drying capacity.

Even though it is made for big load capacity, it is very inexpensive to run throughout the year and highly energy saving for you. Nearly $12-14 a year. 

Without adding bleach to the clothes this washer has sanitized level of 99.9 per cent and kills germs and allergens.

Lot more features like LED panel control, 14 wash cycles, 6  washing modes. Extra features like pre-wash and rinse are also there. 


  • Inexpensive for this range of load capacity
  • Sanitize the clothes by killing bacteria and germs


  • 57 inches need to open the door
  • 30 inches wide, take more space

6.  Bosch WAT28402UC

Bosch WAT28402UC

It is made for low load capacity, small household and to keep running cost low.  Bosh WAT28402UC is the more energy-efficient front load washer. 

This machine is purely meant for a nuclear family where members of the family are 3-4 and daily cleaning is required. 


  • Superb cleaning
  • The small frame and easy to store
  • Energy efficiency 


  • Expensive than other front load washers.
  • Not for large household



Most customizable, feature-loaded front-loaded washer where you can control the soil amount, water temperature and spin time. It has five difficult stain remover modes – blood, tomato, wine, grass, dirt. 


  • Time saver settings, LED panel control settings
  • Tumble care options
  • Water heater internal to give clothes extra steam


  • Expensive
  • Take a lot of space

8. Whirlpool-WFW75HEFW


Overall gives a good cleaning experience and it comes with 4.5 cubic foot drum meant for average household laundry. 

For 8 pounds load, it takes 48 minutes exactly what the manufacturer claims for it for Normal cycle.

It does all its work silently and no whistles and bells just you can take a nap after putting the clothes in the machine. 


  • Comes within $800 and gives a tight competition in this range to other front load washers
  • Panel control is easy to understand and operate


  • Only available in white colour
  • No smart connectivity

9. Electrolux EFLW317TIW

Electrolux EFLW317TIW

Best front load washer for warranty. Lifetime guarantee (10 years) for the motor and lifetime coverage for the tub. 

Best for those who want to save bucks on a washer and do not like spend extravagantly on it. Good cleaning and laundry for an average household. 


  • Strong built quality
  • Highly durable
  • Efficient in energy saving
  • Lifetime guarantee


  • Lacks few cycles than other front load washers-
  • No steam cycle

10. Samsung WF42H500AW

Samsung WF42H500AW

This is 4.2 cubic foot drum front load washer meant for the average household and extremely affordable comes within $500. 

It may lack many features but at this price, it does cleaning very nicely. 


  • Extremely affordable
  • Good for a small and average household


  • Lack of many features
  • No steam cleaning
  • No sanitizing cycles 


Of all the above front load washer we have given the list, below we are mentioning which one will be best for you.

  1. Best value for money – Samsung WF5000AW
  2. Best overall – Electrolux EFLS627UTT
  3. Best for big load capacity – Kenmore Elite 41072
  4. Best warranty coverage – Electrolux EFLW317TIW
  5. Cheapest – Samsung WF42H500AW
  6. Best Energy efficient- Bosch WAT28402UC


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