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Wearing clean clothes daily is the necessity and also important which reflects cleanliness within the person. People get more attracted to those who live clean, wear clean and tidy. A Washer would help in such things in  reducing the effort and saving your time for other works. A best portable Washing machine could become a really friend to you in using it any where in room and could be shifted easily to other places.

Getting your clothes cleaner every day, a washer is the most important home appliance one can have. It makes daily chores a lot easier. Tired of going to the laundromat leaving every time household chores is cumbersome. 

portable washing machine

But when it comes to buying a best portable washing machine it is quite painful to search for the perfect which match your needs. 

If you are searching for a powerful portable washing machine so to carry anywhere inside the home and do the cleaning job than you should have a look at the top 10 best portable washing machines. 

Benefits of using a portable washing machine

portable washing machine

Portable washing machines are incredibly flexible and you can tow it anywhere. These types of washing machines also offer tons of benefits. You just put the laundry in the sink and let the machine to do its magic. 

  1. If you are staying in an apartment or condos then you don’t have to worry for laundry as with portable washing machine you just plug it and start it. No installation needed.
  2. Portable washing machines are and can be stored anywhere. If your home does a lot of laundries then a portable washer may load off some clothes from the main unit.
  3. Small business unit or running retail shop can keep a portable washer to do some quick laundry.
  4. For the parent who does a lot of cloth diapers can easily plug off the diapers from their main unit an put it in the portable washer. It is a clean and good alternative. 

Features you should keep in mind when looking for the portable washer.

  • This type of washing machines is made for small living quarters. So size matters. Always cross check with the dimension of your closet with that of the washer. 
  • Pricing – Price of the portable washing machine is not so much expensive like that of the main unit. Averaging only about $350. 
  • You can money if you buy energy efficient washing machine costs you around $12-17 annually.
  • Design – Basic design of portable washing machines be like 3-4 control switches, rollers for easy manoeuvre and a noise reducing plate.
  • Wash cycles – Great number of wash cycles is good. If you are getting then go for it

Our top 10 picks for best portable washing machines

1. Magic Chef MCSTCW16W4

Magic Chef MCSTCW16W4 - best portable washing machine

Overall a best portable washing machine which will save energy than full sized machines. It comes with a very powerful spin which will soak the water droplets from the clothes and save your time drying. 

It costs around $8 per year for its running. It also has several cycle options from normal, delicate to heavy 


  • Energy efficient
  • Low initial price and maintenance cost
  • Fast spin quickly dry out the clothes


  • Limited wash cycle options
  • Fabric softener dispenser absent

    2Danby DWM060WDB

Danby DWM060WDB

This Danby best portable washing machine is very lightweight and cheaper and comes within $500. Very small in size only 21 inches and can easily fit in any closet. 

It has wheels which allow it to carry from faucets. 


  • Lightweight makes it easy to move
  • Reasonable price
  • Very narrow dimension hence easy to store


  • Spin is not very fast hence not able to dry out the clothes completely
  • Not very energy efficient.
  • Lack of detergent dispenser and fabric softener

 3. Kuppet Mini portable washing machine

Kuppet Mini portable washing machine

Kuppet portable washing machine is very small but extremely affordable and cheaper and comes within $350. Twin tub design with 1300 RPM motor gives power for any type of quick cleaning and drying. It has wheels which allow it to carry from faucets. It is one of the best portable washing machine which is extremely affordable.


  • Kuppet’s signature technology which uses less water and detergent without compromising performance and quality cleaning
  • Reasonable price
  • 3 simple dial modes for washing and drying with wash timer.


  • Kuppet is less known to customers hence may find difficulties in customer service

4. Panda Compact Washer XPB52A

Panda Compact Washer XPB52A

Panda portable washing machine is very quieter than its rivalries. You will not hear a single noise from the machine. Made for small families and energy efficient. It can work for hot water up to 460 C. 


  • Rinse and Spin at the same time
  • Reasonable price with one year warranty
  • Lightweight weighs only 33 lbs.


  • Not made for heavy loads 
  • Not so energy efficient



This GE portable washing machine is of size 2.8 cu foot but still can handle the normal load. It is big than most of the portable washing machine but if compared to conventional washing machine this is still small but manages a load of more than one person at a time. It is heavier than other portable washing machines but with wheels, it makes the movement easy. 


  • Large capacity even in 2.8 cu foot
  • Have fast spin to get clothes quick dry
  • Fourth water temperature option is present


  • Heavy
  • Not at all energy efficient
  • Expensive



Midea MAC160PSW portable washing machine   LED display with 6 programmable wash cycles ensuring that it can handle almost any type of heavy duty laundry. 


  • LED display which is easy to read
  • Does not vibrate while it operates


  • Start function gets delayed

7. Giantex Twin Tub EP22757

Giantex Twin Tub EP22757

Extremely useful for those who are searching for a quiet, powerful and also tight in budget.  It is extremely cheap than rivals but does the cleaning in a powerful tub. Large capacity, a built-in timer and with two-cycle options. 


  • Very quietly it does its job
  • Very compact and can fit in any apartment and condos
  • Twin tub washer and dryer can do the work of washing an drying at the same time.


  • Limited cycle options
  • The installation process is challenging and time taking

8. Haier 1 cu foot portable washer

Haier 1 cu foot portable washer

The top compact washer with a powerful motor to do the job for you efficiently. With its 1 cu foot, it can hold water up to 28 litres so to soak the clothes completely. Haier’s advanced technology has reduced the noise level to 8 sones. Do not consider this machine’s small capacity, it’s magic will fables you with sparkling fresh clothes. 


  • High quality.
  •  A durable body so to last long
  • Great warranty from Haier
  • Do fast cleaning approx 40 minutes


  • Only suitable for liquid detergent, the solid detergent does not dissolve thoroughly
  • Spinning process very fast which sometimes crisscross the clothes

9. Lavario non-electric portable washer

Lavario non-electric portable washer

Lavario portable washer, made in the USA, is meant for those believed in the manual washer and dedicate most of their time outdoor activities, camping. It is completely free of electricity, small and compact and can be carried anywhere as it takes very small space. 

Majority of the population uses Lavario to quickly wash for a small load of clothes which s not very wise for a normal washer. 


  • Completely Eco-friendly, no electricity in use and hence no bill pay for it
  • Very compact and can be carried anywhere
  • Consumes very minimal amount of water and detergent to do the work.


  • Does not dry the clothes as with hand it is completely impossible to reach 700-900 RPM.
  • Interval of wash cycle is long

10. Zenstyle mini washer

Zenstyle mini washer

The Zenstyle compact portable washer is very versatile in nature with three modes of wash cycle which can conserve your water and time.

With 1300 RPM of the motor, it is very quiet in nature and does the work silently and with minimal vibrations


  • Removes dirt, stain from clothes very efficiently
  • Work very silently
  • Adjustable feet for levelling


  • Water hose is of poor quality and has to be replaced.
  • Its lid does not lock. 


Here we are giving you the best portable washing machines list to buy according to your needs which will cater to your need for daily laundry chores. 

For best automatic choice – Zenstyle portable washer

Best value for money – Midea portable washer

Best overall – Haier 1 cu foot portable washer

Most energy efficient pick – Magic Chef portable washer

Best  non-electric – Lovario portable washer

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