Top 13 Best Public Hair Trimmer in Canada

Are you dealing with pubic hair and trying to figure out how to stop it from growing too quickly? Have you ever had to deal with pubic hair that grows in an irregular and angular pattern?

If this is the case, you should not be concerned. Investing in a good quality pubic hair trimmer is the first step toward a hair-free, smooth, and soft pubic region. The second move is to use the pubic hair trimmer on a regular basis to keep pubic hair growth to a minimum, if not completely eliminated. Unfortunately, without the use of a good-quality pubic hair trimmer, you would not be able to avoid the growth of pubic hair.

However, the pubic hair trimmer currently on the market is ineffective. You’ll have to look hard to find a decent quality, well-functioning pubic hair trimmer.

Trimming the public hairs has a number of advantages:

Trimming or shaving the pubic hair, also known as “manscaping,” has a number of advantages.

Yes, pube shaving isn’t just for women anymore – it’s also good for guys.

To begin with, shaving allows more airflow into the crotch area, resulting in less sweating and itching from the heat. Put on a pair of the best pajamas for men and relax while enjoying the silky-smooth feel of the fabric! When it comes to sexual pleasure, there are also advantages to trimming pubic hair.

For instance, women prefer men who shave their lower legs – but not full.

Consider it as if you were trimming a hedge that you wanted to keep clean.

Your family heirlooms will not only look better, but they will also smell better.

Bacteria that cause bad odors love to hide in your warm nether regions, so trimming them on a regular basis will help keep the area cleaner.

Why Do You Use a Pubic Hair Trimmer Rather Than Another Trimming Tool?

The pubic region is not as freely debated as facial hair or other parts of the body hair because of its private existence. People are readily able to recommend the right beard trimmers, but pubic hair care items are taboo.

As a result, many people scrimp on their wellbeing and hygiene by trying to shave pubic hair with other trimming methods.

Although these tools can be useful in a pinch or for a short period of time, the best pubic hair trimmer is much better, healthier, and more reliable for long-term use.

Spend time accumulating the right tools and luxury beauty pieces to keep you safe and satisfied all year, rather than settling for the wrong tools. When attempting to use a body groomer safely in the pelvic region, facial hair scissors are a popular option.

The problem is that this method is ineffective at cutting shorter pubic hair close to the skin and ineffective at cutting larger patches of hair. These scissors users are much more likely to cut themselves, resulting in painful injuries in this area.

Scissors are perfect for trimming longer hair that only needs to be slightly shorter on occasion. However, using one of the creative best pubic hair trimmers for men available for purchase is by far the better option for a clean trim that looks tidy.

What Does a Good Pubic Hair Trimmer Include?

There are many things to consider when selecting a pubic hair trimmer to help you achieve the look you want. Trimming the pubic area can be challenging, which presents its own set of difficulties. These are vastly different than the difficulties that a pair of stubble trimmers will face.

The first problem is that, in comparison to other places where body hair can be found, the skin in this region is highly sensitive. As a result, experts advise that you try a hair trimmer with hypoallergenic features. This means you’ll be less likely to get a rash, razor burn, or ingrown hairs if you have sensitive skin.

The second problem is that the pubic region is extremely small and difficult to penetrate and efficiently shave. Easy-to-maneuver razor heads are a great feature to look for in your next best pubic hair trimmer to solve this issue. There are a variety of features that make using a trimmer more convenient, in addition to the characteristics that allow for the avoidance of injury and discomfort.

Best pubic hair trimmers for men have adjustable qualities that allow them to fit the unique needs of each person trim, much as men’s undershirts keep them from sweating in their suits.

Cordless vs. Corded

Because of the narrowness of the pubic region and the difficulty of seeing and maneuvering this area on your own body, a cordless model is always the best option for hassle-free trimming.

A corded version may be less costly and therefore a safer choice for shaving facial hair, thighs, or armpits. The cordless alternative, however, is highly recommended by experts due to the difficulty of the pubic area.

When shaving or trimming, a cordless trimmer gives you a wider range of motion and more versatility. Trimming injuries are less likely to cause pain or irritation as a result of this.

Life of the Batteries:

Many razors, trimmers, and other pubic hair cutting tools use several power sources. Some, for example, necessitate the use of several batteries.

Since more batteries usually mean more fuel, the trimmer can operate for longer periods of time without dying. However, when the batteries run out of power, the user would have to purchase new ones. A rechargeable model is another choice for powering the best pubic hair trimmer.

These are perfect for saving money on batteries because they can last up to 20 minutes before having to be recharged, which is more than enough time to complete the task.

Since it can be inconvenient to have the battery life or charge die in the middle of trimming, the duration of battery life should be prioritized when deciding which model to buy.

Types of Blades:

Versatility is one of the most important traits of a good razor.

Choosing a blade that suits your body type and style goals is very important, which is why we have outlined some of the best blades for pubic hair trimmers that are out there on the market currently.

One of the most innovative new technologies in blades for hair trimmers is the multi-directional blade. These are incredibly convenient, and make trimming the groyne region easy and efficient. Rather than continually having to readjust to get a good angle, this versatile blade can slide easily along the area, contouring the skin for a smooth trim.

The pivoting head is another great innovation in pubic hair trimmers and allows for an overall smoother trim with decreased risk of cuts and nicks. This means less discomfort and a cleaner looking pelvic region.

One of the major points of contention is whether to use a trimmer designed for wet or dry skin. Many trimmers with steel blades can do both, which is a plus. Finding a trimmer that can shave with or without water is extremely useful because it helps you to shave anywhere and at any time.

That’s why so many experts advise using blades with interchangeable attachments.

The Trimmer’s Attachments and How to Use Them

You should be able to adapt the way you shave for each leg with a good trimmer. Trimming one area can necessitate a razor with different length and width settings than trimming another. This is why it’s important to use attachments.

Trimmers with attachments can work for you all of the time.

To get a better shave, try custom razor heads instead of attempting to shave each area of the pelvic region with the same razor. Attachments that allow for the cutting of different lengths of hair, as well as safety guards, are useful extra features that should be included with any trimming tool purchase.

Before you start looking for a pubic hair trimmer, ask yourself the following questions:

What type of hair do I have? Coarser hair can necessitate more powerful blades and more intense blades. A wet trimmer could be a better choice here, too, so you can soak it before shaving to make it smoother and easier to shave.

How much hair should be trimmed? Try a razor with attachments for longer and shorter hair for thicker hair that is longer and covers a greater surface area, so you can do the initial trim as well as maintenance and upkeep on the area.

How close to the skin does this trim need to be? Razors with a pivoting head that contours the shape of the body for a smooth trim are better for trimming close to the skin.

Would I want to do this in the shower or bath, and how long will it take me to trim this area? It’s crucial to think about battery or charge life. This is a factor if your battery will die in twenty minutes but you need to shave for much longer.

How simple is it for you to get a full view of your pelvic region and trim the area?

If your mobility is limited in some way, or if seeing or reaching your pelvic region is difficult, it’s important to know that trimmers with cords can make things much more difficult. Consider a cordless model.

What kind of trim are you looking for?

A Speedo-ready trim, for example, will necessitate trimming a particular area around the innermost zone. This means the razor has to be able to trim the crevasses between your leg and crotch area. For this type of trim, a smaller trimmer with precision attachments is the best option.

After you’ve thought about these questions about your own needs and body type, you’ll be better prepared to choose a trimming tool that checks all the right boxes for you.


Rechargeable Wet and Dry Trimmer 10-in-1 kit for face

AutoSensing Technology adapts to every beard: Braun’s AutoSensing Technology reads your beard 13 times per second and adjusts the trimmer motor’s power to the thickness of your beard, resulting in a smooth, even trim for any beard form. The motor delivers extra power precisely where it is required, enabling Braun trimmers to outperform all previous generations of Braun trimmers.

13 Length Settings: Beard

Long Lasting Lithium-Ion battery: 100 minutes of trimming. Full recharge in 1 hour. 5 minute quick charge for 1 trim.

Washable and waterproof: Safely use in the shower or under running water for easy cleaning.

It has a working time of about 400 minutes. The trimmer is waterproof and cordless. It includes ten attachments. In one hour, the trimmer can be fully charged. It also has a fast charge feature that allows you to charge the trimmer in just five minutes.


  • It’s a trimmer with ten functions.
  • It is equipped with auto-sensing technology.


  • There are some snags with the body grooming.


Panasonic er-gb80-s body and beard trimmer, cordless/corded hair clipper for men, 3 comb attachments, 39 customizable trim settings, and washable.

Panasonic’s er-gb80 electric beard and hair trimmer for men has tough, super-sharp 45-degree angle stainless-steel blades for successful beard and hair trimming. Make quick changes with the Panasonic trimmer dial and three comb attachments, which offer 39 precision settings for custom sculpting, trimming, cutting, and detailing.

Ergonomic beard and hair trimmer with rubberized grip for total control and comfort; cleans up quickly under warm running water.

Use the cordless er-gb80-s trimmer anytime, anywhere for up to 50 minutes on a single charge, or plug it in for longer use.

Since it has eight different attachments, it’s also known as an all-rounder child. It is one of the most well-known brands in Canada. It looks a lot like Phillips. This brand is more long-lasting and of higher quality. It can be used on both facial and pubic hair. In addition, the trimmer includes an ear and nozzle hair remover.


  • It can be used to trim the whole body.
  • It lasts a long time on a single charge.
  • It comes with a variety of blades.


  • It is flimsy.
  • Some attachments aren’t worth the effort.


This body trimmer will shave your hard-to-reach regions, trim your armpit hair, and groom your chest hair. Panasonic’s latest Wet/Dry Body Trimmer is built to give you the best of both worlds when it comes to body grooming. The trimmer’s beautifully designed narrow Japanese blade shaves as near as 0.1mm, providing a smooth and gentle shave.

Two comb attachments let you trim and shape at 3.0mm and 6.0mm. Its’ sensitive area attachment provides a close shave for your personal zones without the risk of skin irritation and razor burn. The waterproof design of the trimmer also allows you to trim anywhere. In the tub, too.

Because of this, the trimmer can be used wet or dry and is very easy to clean; however, the irregular shape allows for easy maneuvering around tight spaces.


  • Shape.
  • Rounded blades.
  • Skin friendly guards.
  • Easy to clean.


  • 15-hour charge time.
  • No low battery indicator.
  • Can be slippery to hold when wet.


Shave and trim the whole body. Designed to provide security in even the most vulnerable areas. With its unusual dual-sided configuration, the Series 7000 allows you to switch between shaving and trimming. For a smooth shave, the shaver adapts to the contours of your body. Trim everywhere on your body with the trimmer’s five different lengths.

Phillips body groomer is one of the most common trimmers for men. On one end, there’s a trimmer, and on the other, there’s a near shaving foil. It is the highest in terms of consistency and longevity, and it can run for nearly 80 minutes. The trimmer has a very fashionable appearance and does not irritate or cause discomfort. It is the best choice in the list because it is cordless and waterproof.


  • It has a long battery life.
  • It comes with double-ended design.
  • There is no scope of irritation.
  • Can be used as the trimmer and shaver.


  • The design makes it hard to reach.


The Braun Multi Grooming Kit provides the ultimate in precise trimming for face and head. Perform 8 different tasks with ease thanks to its clever attachments, and maintain complete control over your style.

Since it has eight different attachments, it’s also known as an all-rounder child. It is one of the most well-known brands in Canada. It looks a lot like Phillips. This brand is more long-lasting and of higher quality. It can be used on both facial and pubic hair. In addition, the trimmer includes an ear and nozzle hair remover.


  • It can be used to trim the whole body.
  • It lasts a long time on a single charge.
  • It comes with a variety of blades.


  • It’s flimsy at best.
  • Some attachments aren’t worth the effort.

6. Braun 310 Electric Shaver 

Triple action cutting system, 2x foils and an integrated middle trimmer shave progressively closer. Effectively cuts both long and short hairs with every stroke, proven even on difficult 3-day beards

2X SensoFoil specially designed to deliver an efficient close shave and a gentle skin experience

Middle trimmer easily cuts even longer and more difficult hair

Shave wet or dry you can use the series 3 with water, foam or gel for even better gliding and a smoother skin feeling. Plus you can even shave in the shower

100-Percent waterproof the Braun series 3 is ipx7 certified, it could be submerged in 5 meter deep water without a problem; Battery Type: NiMH


  • For the price, it’s a nice deal.
  • When your battery is low, you can use the fast charge feature to get a shave.
  • Waterproof and easy to maintain.


  • Because of the low battery life (20 minutes), it must be charged on a regular basis.
  • Around the neck, it does not shave well.
  • You can’t shave and plug in at the same time.


This is a high-quality body grooming package with a variety of accessories. This is a well-known brand with a strong reputation. A full-size trimmer, foil shaver, ear and nose trimmer, vertical body hair trimmer, and other accessories are included with this model. It is called bless and is water-resistant, and it can operate for nearly 70 minutes on a single charge. A two-year warranty is included with the unit. It performs well thanks to surgical steel blades. 


  • There are three length-adjustable combs on it.
  • There are numerous accessories available.
  • It makes use of long-lasting surgical blades.
  • It lasts a long time on a single charge.


  • Thick hairs are often difficult to cut.


A basic body shower/trimmer that is lightweight, compact, and easy to use. It’s been tailored to function efficiently in public spaces. It’s cordless and water-resistant, and it’s safe for all skin types. The unit is simple to use and runs on AA batteries.


  • Simple to use and transportable concept
  • It’s cordless and waterproof.
  • It’s a trimmer that can be used in both directions.
  • Long hairs can be trimmed with this tool.


  • Trim long hair two or three times to get rid of it.


The reserve’s architecture, on the other hand, can easily entice you. It has a lot of appeal, particularly in blue. It is appropriate for men, especially for pubic hair. It’s a cordless water assistant. It has a blue and black plastic holder and takes 2 AA batteries.


  • It has a rather appealing appearance.
  • It’s safe to use in vulnerable areas.
  • Shaving and trimming are also possible with this product.
  • It’s water-resistant.


  • You must manually adjust the blades and battery from time to time.


In terms of affordability, the Remington trimmer is the highest. It’s cordless and waterproof, and it can shave for nearly 60 minutes. It has an ergonomic style and is easy to use. If you’re a beginner, this is one of the best options; however, it’s not very strong.


  • It has a user-friendly interface.
  • The trimmer is light and simple to use.
  • It has a long-lasting battery.


  • Good for trimming and not shaving


Hair trimmers can be corded or cordless, with the latter being much more convenient to use, especially when doing the job yourself. One full charge provides up to five hours of run time.

The LED show haircut clippers also act as beard trimmers, allowing you to get several uses out of one product. Not only can it be used as a hair clipper for men, but it also has a low-noise and child-safe design.

The motor on the electric clipper is strong enough to cut through even the thickest hair. The blade’s teeth are closely aligned to extract hair without snagging or dragging, resulting in a successful haircut.

Limural offers advanced clipper sets for hair cutting.

If you’re stuck at home, don’t have access to a salon, or want to save time or money, the professional clipper kit provides a convenient way to cut your hair, and is one of the barber or stylists’ first options.


  • Impressive build and quality.
  • Great hair clippers.
  • Pretty quiet.
  • Includes oil.


  • Clippers are heavy.


With the provided hair length guides, it’s simple to manage and glide over a head that isn’t perfectly round. Cuts with more precision than those palm-shaped cutting devices. Makes it easy to preserve your hairstyle in the future.


  • Hair-cutting strength with a large clipper head (not only beard).
  • It is easy to hold.
  • Oil is included.
  • In the future, the battery can be replaced.


  • Plastic seems to be fragile.
  • It’s best if you don’t lose it too much.
  • Clipper heads should not be removed too often because the plastic locking tabs seem to be fragile.


Beard, hair, and nose trimmer, as well as a body groomer, are all part of the precision shaving method. The stainless steel moving and standing blades with precision gaps, deep close to the skin, more pruning, and low-friction heat don’t scald the skin with high temperatures.

High output can be attained in any setting. A lithium battery with a long life span is ideal for travel. For quick washing, the pattern is completely washable.

Beard trimmer with blade guard, body trimmer, hair trimmer, precision trimmer, nose trimmer, charger, charging dock, six guide combs, barber comb, styling comb, cleaning brush, and instructions


  • Great Budget
  • Everything you need in one


  • Manual is useless

How to Choose the Most Appropriate for Your Needs?

It’s also important to remember that each person is different when it comes to the qualities that a trimmer must have in order to be considered reliable, high-quality, and clean.

As a result, the best trimmer for one person’s body shape, hair type, and manscaping goals could be totally ineffective for another’s body shape, hair type, and manscaping goals.

Consider this: you wouldn’t need shampoo to get rid of dandruff if you didn’t have it!

As a consequence, we recommend that you evaluate your own needs before looking at what’s on the market.

This was a collection of the best trimmers for men and women, with a focus on the pubic region. Phillips, Panasonic, Remington, and Braun are the most popular brands. Now it’s up to you to choose which one is best for your skin type.

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