Top 10 Best Rowing Machines in Canada

Rowing Machine is a great way to get some strenuous exercise. Traction boats are large, elliptical machines have their place, but rowing machines operate on both the upper and lower body. No matter if you are trying to lose weight or tone and build muscle, a rowing machine can be a great source of exercise at all levels of strength.

Rowing not only serves many important muscle groups but also activates the cardiovascular system, giving a truly full-body feeling.

Strong cardio equipment is important for the health of people of all ages, abilities, and health backgrounds. When it comes to rowing equipment, there are several factors to consider. The price point is an important factor to be aware of with any exercise equipment, but you should also consider what type of space you should work with. There are different types of rowers with a variety of related activities, not to mention noise levels. These items will be very useful if you want to add a rowing machine to your home gym set.

How to use a rowing machine

Before you embark on a rowing trip, there are some important tips to keep in mind. In rowing, there are four positions you need to know about grip, drive, finish, and recover begins with an arrest. If you are sitting on a rower, you want to keep your close to the edge of the seat next to the grip bar and kneel. This forces you to sit down tall and stretch your spine. It also helps you find your theme.

When you tie your feet to the soles of your feet, you want the straps to be in the largest parts of your foot. This allows you to put weight on your feet and press your toes while driving. Driving when you move the control bar quickly to your chest, you connect your back and internal muscles. “Press and produce pressure from the legs, crying in the hips,” Karwoski said.

When done, move your hands slightly back to the grip area, but be sure to keep your legs and knees straight until the handlebars over your knees. This step is important, explains Karwoski. When you recover, your body follows the handlebar and the chair moves forward until your knees bend and when you are caught.

Ready to row? We have compared the best rowing exercise equipment at home, full-body weight and strength below. You will never wait for your chance at the gym again.

That being said, however, there are still a few tips and tricks to keep in mind before embarking on your rowing trip. With the exception of comfortable clothing, all you need to use this machine is proper training shoes.

Important measures to be taken before rowing-

  • Use the Appropriate Form-Like most exercise regimens out there, the right  should not only get better results but also prevent injury. When working on a rowing machine, avoid hunting your back and shoulders forward. This puts unnecessary strain on the back and shoulders and can interfere with your results and increase your risk of injury. Stay straight; if your back bends slightly, that’s fine. Lean forward using your hips and when the handle hits your knees, bend your legs. Clean and repeat.
  • Go Fast-If you work and do not use the full range of motion, you will want to slow down a bit. Not giving yourself the benefit of a full form by swapping it for speed is not as productive as you might think. Your lashes should be one part of the drive to get two parts; this means that if you could take two seconds to do the ******, take four seconds to recover. Your pace may be slightly faster than this, but you will fall into rhythm with practice and time.
  • Use Proper Hold-Your hands also need proper form when exercising. Use extra grip instead of holding your hand and keep your wrists as flat as possible.
  • Forget Breathing-This is an easy mistake to make with any cardio workout. And like any exercise, you’ll want to get out when you use your muscles and smell when you relax them.

Factors to Consider Before Buying-

  • Design-First of all, you have to see the shape of your rowing machine whether it is loose or not. Frame quality and design of rowing machine.Because this is one of the most important things you see first. And before you buy a rowing machine, check the position of the seat and see where the seat is, whether it is seated or not.You have to see the make-up whether it folds or not. If the rowing machine is not folded then it requires more space so buy a folding rowing machine because it requires less space and you can easily store it in a small space.
  • Quality-Another thing you see before buying a quality rowing machine is whether it is made of high quality materials or not because quality makes it strong and durable.If the quality of the rowing machine is not good then it will damage your back because the poor rowing wheelchair is only damaged by 2 or 3 uses, it will cause back pain. Therefore, you should see quality.Sometimes, you buy an expensive rowing machine but it is not of good quality and within two days your frame is damaged and you cannot use it and waste your money. You should also look at quality.
  • Type of Resistance Standards-Another thing to look for when buying a rowing machine is the type of resistance level. Whether you can get a lot more out of your rowing machine or not. What kind of resistance is used in the rowing machine and how it can give you results.If the rowing machine is water resistant then it is not very good because water can contaminate your bottom and damage the system with water leaks in the tank because in this type of resistance especially leaking tanks.On the other hand, resistance to wind is a good form of resistance and gives you a lot more from your workout. And by using resistance levels, you can improve your muscle strength, so you should see the resistance levels of the rowing machine whether they give you more or not.
  • Storage Options-Storage is a big problem in your home gym. If you are a fitness trainer and have fitness products in your home then worry about space. Therefore, at the time of purchase of any fitness product, you see the storage space whether it requires less space or more space.

Therefore, at the time of the purchase of a rowing machine, you should consider whether the final skill can be folded or not. This is the most important thing you should see. If there were no folds you would not buy it because rowing machines require more storage space.

If the rowing machine has a rolling capacity you should buy it because then you can easily store it in a small space. Rowing equipment replacement designs are also available in the market.

Flexible designs are made according to your need and comfort so you can easily maintain it and not worry about space.

In this buyer guide, we’ll take a look at some of the top machines on the market to give you an idea of ​​what your favorites are and what you might want.

Welcome to the guide for the best rowing machines that you can buy!

Top 10 Best Rowing Machines in Canada

1.Sunny Health & Fitness Full Motion Rowing Machine 

Best Rowing Machines

Sunny Health & Fitness Full Motion Rowing Machine is a budget-friendly trainer that will give you a good workout without taking up too much space. While most rowing machines are built around a pulley, this one relies on two large handles. This design emphasizes your upper body – instead of using your legs primarily to move back and forth, using your arms, chest, and back.


  • Tracking your day’s progress is easy with an LCD digital monitor screen. This monitoring can track time, calculation (stroke), total calculation (total stroke) and calories. Auto shutdown technology without monitor after 4 minutes of inactivity. It runs on 2AAA batteries installed.
  • The Sunny Health SF-RW5639 comes with a hydraulic-piston which means the resistance is controlled by a single piston located under the train seat. 
  • The cylinders are filled with compression fluid while you pull it back that way, this machine gives you a good workout.
  • This rower comes with Feed Pedals; this smoothness of the feet will ensure your safety and stamina while you exercise. With a flexible foot brace, you can quickly focus on exercise without feeling unbalanced.
  • Comfort controls complete user satisfaction. The manufacturer therefore made this paddle machine covered with additional padding and a drum to ensure proper blood flow while performing long or hard continuous work. This extra padding helps to release your stress point.
  • The Full moving arms allow for a wide range of shoulder movements
  • Fitted seats and non-slip handles provide comfort and good support while the Large pedals for slippery feet have flexible foot soles for safe footing
  • The machine relies on hydraulic cylinder resistance, which makes it an amazingly small space and gives you the power to operate it. Just turn on the built-in dial to kick resistance at the top of the notch, and measure it back whenever you need to recover.
  • The Extended weight strength of 350 lb (160 kg) with 12 levels of flexible hydraulic resistance


  • This rowing machine is Suitable for small spaces
  • It’s quiet  and Easy to use


  • Changing resistance in the middle of exercise is not included

2. NordicTrack RW Rower 

The NordicTrack RW900 Rower is a full-featured rowing machine that delivers strenuous exercise on a regular basis. The rower has 26 different resistance levels, which you can use to measure the strength of your workout, and as the machine relies on magnetic resistance, your lashes will be smoother and smoother. The rowing machine also comes with an ergonomic padded seat and large comfortable pedals. And it folds in half, making it incredibly easy to keep between uses.

When integrated with iFit membership, the NordicTrack RW900 Rower achieves its full potential. Membership gives you access to hundreds of desired exercises, which you can use to get started with your new machine. You can also activate iFit’s Automatic Trainer Control feature to let the trainer almost control your resistance level while rowing, making it easy to build strength without taking your eyes off the gym.


  • Home-based personalized training is powered by iFit; 1 iFit membership included with your rower; To gain access to the demand, a collaborative trainer leads global and studio programs ($ 396)
  • A smart 22-inch touchscreen display, flexible console angle, and an ergonomic molded seat for a comfortable, focused workout
  • 26 levels controlled by a trainer comply with the recommendations of the trainers and simulate water resistance and real life; Rower performance is customized to your level of durability and objectives
  • SMR Silent Magnetic Resistance and improved inertia flywheel delivers quiet operation, and saves energy from home comfort
  • The new SpaceSaver design allows your rower to wrap up after your workout to get compact, simple storage; Pre-installed transport wheels make it easy to move your rower into the room
  • There are 26 resistance levels, giving you tons of options when it comes to upping the difficulty of your sessions.
  • This rower has a 22” tilting touchscreen display for projecting your stats and streamed classes.


  • A good combination of exercise program
  • It Comes with a 22-inch touch screen
  • Many resistance options are present


  • It survives for not so many years

3. Stamina 1215 Orbital Rowing Machine

Many rowing machines offer complete exercise, but the Stamina Orbital Rowing Machine offers the most power. Because the rower boasts two large handles instead of one handle on the pulley, it gives your arms full movement as you paddle. This design helps you to challenge the many muscles in your upper body while strengthening your lower body and lower body in the same way any rowing machine can. Result: Exercise of the killer from head to toe.


  • An integrated rowing machine with a full range of motion that mimics rowing in water
  • Smooth fluid cylinder resistance; flexible conflict controls
  • One-button monitoring shows speed, distance, time, line counts, calories burned, and rowing miles
  • As the machine detects its tension from the hydraulic cylinder resistance, it mimics the impression of rowing on the outside. Flexible dial dialing helps you to keep your exercise challenging while the tight, padded seat keeps you comfortable while walking.
  •  The machine is compact and surprisingly compact, making it a very easy addition to small areas.
  • A thick, oiled chair and rotating foot plates and Another meeting needed. It also has a  Five-year warranty on draft, 90 days in parts


  • There is Full range of arm movements
  • Its Simulating rowing out and compact


  • It’s a challenge to meet

4. Stamina Conversion II Recumbent Exercise Bike/Rower

If luxury is a priority for you, you may want to invest in a recurring rowing machine like the Stamina Conversion II Recumbent Rower. While many rowing machines boast luxurious seats, there are very few of them. This gives you a full seat to relax in while you exercise, making it more comfortable and supportive than most.


  • This rower is a combination of rowing machine and a perfect exercise bike
  • Rower allows for strenuous exercise, including bicep curls, triceps kickbacks and arm curls
  • The machine is also compressed like a leg press when attaching the rowing handle to the seat
  • Best of all, the design is doubled as a recurring bike. If you are in a position to exercise cycling, slide your seat forward to the machine, slide your feet forward, grab the sides of your seat, and begin to step. 
  • To use the machine as a rowing boat, slide your feet to the sides closest to you, hold the built-in handle, and begin rowing. You can use the same resistance to increase the intensity of the whole operation.
  • A new, smooth electronic monitor with a large LCD display for easy reading; it tracks speed, distance, time, calories burned, and pulse
  • The Hand pulse sensor built into holding to measure heart rate per minute


  • This machine is Ideal for users who need additional support
  • It is Easy to wrap and store
  • It has Two-in-one design


  • It does not mimic the traditional rowing experience

5. Sunny Health & Fitness Upright Rowing Machine

If you have very little space, you may not have a place for a traditional rowing machine. But with the straight rowing Sunny Health & Fitness machine, you can get strenuous exercise within very small feet. This machine has unique specific designs. Instead of sitting back and paddling back, you stay upright. This format makes your use of rowing more focused on the lower body, but you still get opportunities to challenge your upper body and your body.


  • Sunny Health and Fitness Upright Squat Assists R-N-Ride Trainer Line
  • Lower body tone through your glutes, quads, and your muscles, Provides the ability to have a wide variety of squares. Folders quickly for easy storage almost anywhere, LCD Monitor tracks your calories, scanning, time and counting
  • It includes teaching Videos & Training Resources and Exercise Video Views: 
  • Instead of a more traditional resistance, this rower comes with three resistance bands that can be adjusted. Attach this to your machine to increase the strength of your workout, reaching a maximum resistance level of 22 pounds.
  • Rower’s paddles provide more drag, and their non-slip handles are easy to hold. Adjust the height of the seat and handles until the machine fits you perfectly, and take advantage of the fact that the machine folds in and is easily maintained during use.
  • The Sunny Health and Fitness Squat Directed R-N-Ride Line Trainer  and workout cooling Towel (Gray)


  • These machines are silent
  • It has Very small footprint
  • It also has a Secure design


  • It does not mimic the traditional rowing experience

6. Stamina ATS Air Rowing Machine

Stamina ATS Air Rower is a solid rowing machine that will keep you balanced as you build strength. While many rowers find their resistance to magnetic, pressure, or water pressure, this attracts strong winds. The front wheel of the bike rotates every time you paddle, adding resistance as you gain speed. This design allows your users to be greater as you grow stronger. The faster you paddle, the harder it is to use.


  • Multi-function monitoring in this machine determines speed, distance, time and calories
  • The raised, cushioned, sloping seat makes rowing easier and smoother
  • The hand grip keeps the hands stable and comfortable while rowing and there is also Angled seat for easy seat return
  • Strong wind-resistant design is not the only thing that makes this machine worth buying. Its compact seat, handlebars, and folding poles keep your work comfortable, and the seat moves smoothly back and forth while paddling. As the machine frame wraps, it is much easier to keep it in use. Simply fold the rower, tilt it to the wheels, and then fold it.
  • Flexible nylon foot straps securely hold the feet in place


  • Resistance naturally changes based on your intensity
  • It is Simple, lightweight and comfortable


  • Sounds better than other options

7. Marcy Foldable 8-Level Magnetic Resistance Rowing Machine 

If you are looking for the best rowing machine you will have to buy this because this is the best rowing machine that you can easily use in your integrated home gym. This has moving wheels that you can easily place anywhere.

The design is unique and saves space. You can easily get the ability to exercise. The rubber handles and foot paddle with nylon straps give you comfort. A paddle-laden seat gives you an easy and comfortable ride without bending your back.


  • With ME-1018RE, you can train your upper and lower body at the same time. This gear is designed to strengthen different muscle groups and increase heart endurance while recording your body and body parts.
  • This exercise machine simulates the effect of real rowing. It comes with a tension that allows you to lower resistance or customize your training from light to large, depending on your strengths requirements.
  • This rowing machine has an efficient LCD computer that allows you to track past time, total value, and calories burned. The monitor folds backwards and forwards to allow you to easily save the rower.
  • This rower allows you to focus on your training. Its sturdy pedals include a wide space that can accommodate all feet of sizes, while flexible straps create a precise fit for the construction of your high heels.
  • This magnetic rudder has compact structures measuring 53 inches by 24 inches by 64 inches when opened. Its practical Transport wheels allow you to easily move the gear from one room to another.


  • The machine has Easy Movable Wheels
  • It also has Foot paddles with nylon straps andSmooth grip
  • Magnetic Residential Properties With Different Looks


  • It’s expensive

8. SereneLife Smart Rowing Machine-Home Rowing Machine 

One of the best rowing machines is the SereneLife Rowing Machine that you can use in the gym and at home. This magnetic and air rowing machine provides smooth and comfortable exercise. The seat provides strength and support for your back.

This will give you more about your exercise and improve your cardiovascular activities. Digital monitoring monitors your progress and heart rate at the same time. This will give you more power and a one-year warranty.


  • A smart rowing machine with a system – lose weight and raise your stamina in a fun way with a smart rowing machine! this rowing machine incorporates a great fitness tracking system, showing you instant results with fun, low-impact exercise
  • to complete the exercise – using a t bar rowing machine connects your large muscle groups by working the legs, arms and spine with smooth, calorie-burning movements. The fitness app records your results, motivating you with your workout at home or in the gym!
  • including fitshow app – connect rowing and resistant rowing device to ios / iphone or your android device via bluetooth so you can record, collect, update exercise data on your smartphone, tablet, laptop, computer
  • premium quality rowing machine – a smooth exercise machine made of high quality stainless steel and durable for years to come. designed to handle up to 250lbs, for men and women
  • one year warranty- we are very confident in the high quality of our rowing test machine and all our equipment comes with one year. If you have any questions, please contact us directly so that we can resolve the issue as soon as possible


  • Digital monitoring shows heart rate as well
  • It provides good strength
  • The Comfortable Seat Provides Back Support


  • There is Warranty For one year only
  • Multiple Component Injuries Used 4 To 5

9. XTERRA Fitness ERG200 Folding Magnetic Resistance Rower

This rowing machine is made of high-quality materials that give you a lot from your workout. 8 gentle levels of magnetic resilience that you can use and you can adjust them according to your exercise capacity. A console-molded chair increases your workload and provides comfort when your exercise is prolonged.

The 9lbs flywheel gives you the right grip and grip during your workout. The handlebars are made of thick rubber with a non-slip grip. The design is unique and foldable. You can easily fold it after exercise and it has flexible wheels ready for you.


  • The integrated frame design is packaged for easy maintenance or Transport if not in use
  • Double-sided aluminum seat slide rails mounted on steel frame provide smooth and sturdy movement
  • The 3.7-inch LCD display displays an easy-to-read flexible angle with all the necessary information – it clearly shows past time, counting, counting, calories, total counting and scanning
  • Eight levels of magnetic resonance resistance are available with a dial placed right in front of you
  • The Magnet Resistance System is non-controversial so that it works smoothly, quietly and inefficiently


  • This rowing machine is Foldable and 9lbs Flywheel
  • It has 8 Reduce Magnetic Resistance Levels
  • Digital Monitoring is also present.


  • These Tires Will Damage the Floor

10. Concept2 Model D Indoor Rowing Machine

This rowing machine comes with a belt to examine heart rate accurately and gives you a workout with more effects than you need. This will give you a comfortable workout and you can simply connect it with your mobile and get your fitness videos on the monitor.


  • Indoor rowing is an effective full-body, low-impact workout; Flywheel design minimizes noise while maximizing a smooth feel
  • It Includes the Performance Monitor 5, giving you accurate, comparable data for every row; Adjustable monitor arm
  • The rowing machine easily separates into two pieces for storage. Caster wheels make it mobile. Partially enclosed Cord Housing
  • The more resistance levels are for the automatic adjustment. You can easily fill and remove the water from the tank. The foot paddles are with the straps for a non-slip grip. And you can easily store it after a workout.
  • It is unparalleled in a number of categories such as its smoothness, quality and reliability, and its cardio training.
  • The Concept2 Model D Indoor Rowing Machine will suit anyone who wants to purchase a top-quality rowing machine that they will never outgrow.


  • The rower has Many Adjustable Resistance Levels and a Heart Rate Examined Belt
  • It Can Connect With Your Mobile


  • This rower is a bit Expensive
  • The stand is not durable.


Therefore, in our analysis, we give you updates on the best rowing machine with its advantages and disadvantages. We offer all of the best-selling products on Amazon as well as those products that give you extra comfort.

Rowing equipment is the best for the whole body. One of the most important functions of a rowing machine is to give strength to your cardiac functions. Among these top 10, The NordicTrack RW Rower is at the top whereas The Sunny Health & Fitness Upright Rowing Machine is available at a much lesser price.

These products will give you a lot more from your workout and extra comfort behind you. However, we are always here to provide you with the best products for your durability.

We offer those products that are most useful to you. Because your strength and resilience are very important to us. Now, it is up to you to decide which product is most important and suitable for you.

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