Top 10 best sewing machine for quilting in Canada

Creativity and art is therapy to the mind. It helps us wash away all the stress and burden baggage’s that we have been carrying on for a long. To break from your regular and robotic life, we are here with a list of amazing sewing machines for you to have lots and lots of fun exploring your creativity. Sewing machines have advanced throughout time, and there are currently a lot of great models available that are ideal for at-home quilters. Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned quilter, finding a proper quilting machine should be simple. Let’s look deep into Top 10 best sewing machine for quilting in Canada. 

What’s the difference between a quilting machine and a sewing machine?

In terms of design and functioning, sewing machines and quilting machines are fairly similar. To be truthful, many machines are capable of both sewing and quilting.

The quantity of workspace on the machine is one of the key distinctions between quilting and sewing machines. Quilting machines offer a significantly wider work surface than sewing machines, making it simpler to work on huge projects. Quilting machines may also feature higher stitching speeds and specialized presser feet, making it quicker to execute projects with a more professional appearance. They excel at making quilts of all shapes and sizes.

Types of Sewing machines

  1. Mechanical sewing machines – These are some of the most common types of machines and even the latest ones. Mechanical machines are high functioning machines that have plenty of features that can help you bring personality. We need that operate manually on the machine, and is mostly suitable for Light-medium weights Fabrics. 
  2. Electronics sewing machine- this is a machine that uses electric power and has a built-in motor control to operate a needle. It works through a pedal hence you do not need hands climbing on the machine. Moreover, they provide you with a good speed, precessions and works smooth as butter.
  3. Computerized sewing machine- this one is also made up of the latest technology and could be quite interesting when you work with plenty of patterns and designs computerized within the machine. Features just like buttonhole formation, tension control, buttonhole style, speed etc. this is quite advanced; it also has a touchscreen and lights to focus on your work easily. It is expensive as compared to the others but is the best because of the versatility it provides. 
  4. Server machines- Sergers, also known as over-locking sewing machines, are simple sewing machines that are used to seam or overclock cloth. It is accomplished by joining/sewing the fabric’s difficult-to-stitch edges together. Professionals and tailors utilize these machines to give the material being stitched a finished and finishing touch. A serger can create a variety of stitch patterns, ranging from a single-threaded over-lock stitch to a five threaded over-lock stitch.

How to find the best sewing machine

  1. Number and styles of stitches- If you are a beginner then a straight and zigzag switch would be sufficient for you to learn. Apart from this if you’re looking for a huge variety of switches to explore, then make sure your machine provides you with plenty of embroidery switches and even free-motion sewing. It is essential to consider this factor because you cannot add switches to the machine at later stages. Looks for stitches like a straight stitch, zigzag stitch, buttonhole switch, stretch stitch, blind hem stitch, utility stitches etc.
  2. Accessories- Your machine should have various accessories including presser foot, bobbin, zipper foot, buttonhole foot, embroidery foot and even an extendable working table so that you can work with lots of storage. Apart from this various other machines provide you with some patented features as for their brand
  3. Quilting Sewing Machine Throat Space- The throat space should be larger so that you can easily quilt. Deep throat spaces come in three different sizes. The first is the shot on which is less than 12 inches. Then comes the middle one which is 12 inches to 17 inches and finally the long arm which is more than 18 inches. If you’re going for a short on, then most of the machines will be less expensive on the contrary long arm can be quite expensive. It is always better to have a larger throat space for better quilting.
  4. Responsive Stitch Regulator- Responsive switch regulator controls the stitch speed of your machine. You can easily control the speed even when moving your hands on the needle. The more control you have on your stitching speed, the more effective and clean quilts will be.
  5. Needle Speed or SPM- Stitches per minute determinants the rate at which your needle works in a minute. You need to have precise speed control for better quilting. Moreover, this feature should be available as an option so that you can alter or change the needle speed whenever you want.
  6. Simplistic Thread Path- When using the quilting machine, keep the thread path as simple as possible. You’ll be able to thread and rethread the machine more quickly.
  7. Bobbin Winding and Needle Threading- Look for ease of bobbin winding and needle threading no matter which machine you use. Self-threading machines are great, and an automatic bobbin winding machine will help you save time and effort. These two characteristics, though not required, will make it easier to get started quilting.
  8. Frame construction- The frame construction should be strong and durable. Some of the most prominent and famous companies provide you with good quality products. Hence, you need to analyze the quality of the machine before purchasing. To be very specific make sure that your machine has a metal frame because generally most of the machines come in a plastic frame which can deteriorate soon.
  9. Automatic buttonholer- Automatic buttonhole is technically a slit to place the button, so now whenever you look for a machine make sure that you have an automatic buttonhole so that manual efforts can be ignored. It does not require adjusting fabrics or any other efforts, everything can be done accurately.
  10. Ease of Use- The machine to be easy to use and also come with a guide. All the features should be easily accessible rather than being complex and complicated.
  11. Lightweight design- sewing machines are large and cumbersome to handle. If you’re learning to quilt, you’ll want a machine that’s lightweight enough to fit in your car and take with you to classes.
  12. Warranty- Make sure that you do the machine that comes with a long warranty. Most of the popular companies and brands provide you with a good warranty for a few years in case of repairs and damages.
  13. Noise level- The noise level of a typical sewing machine ranges from 65 to 80 decibels, depending on its build quality and functioning mechanism. A machine that generates more than 70 decibels is considered noisy, but this is not unusual for heavy-duty equipment, so if you want one that generates less noise, opt for one with low decibel levels.

Sewing Machine Brands

  1. Brother – Brother is a Japanese multinational electronics and electrical equipment organization that was formed in 1908. It produces printers, fax machines, commercial and home sewing machines, and other items. 
  2. Singer- Singer has a significant market share in the sewing machine sector. Isaac Merritt Singer, who also designed the first practical sewing machine for civilian use, founded it in 1851. You can trust this brand’s machines because of their lengthy and successful history and name.
  3. Juki- Juki Corporation, based in Tama-shi, Tokyo, is a Japanese producer of industrial and residential sewing machines, as well as high-tech SMT (surface mount technology) assembly equipment. It is a prominent maker of industrial machines.
  4. Janome- Janome is a Japanese sewing machine manufacturer having production facilities in Japan, Taiwan, and Thailand. It manufacturers durable, high quality and smooth running machines. Janome is a well-known brand that has spread to over 100 countries throughout the world.
  5. Bernina- Bernina is one of the top four sewing machine companies in the world, having been created in Switzerland in the nineteenth century. The Piz Bernina, an Alps mountain, inspired the company’s name. Bernina is also regarded as one of the most reliable and high-quality brands. 

How to Care for Your Sewing Quilting Machine

  1. Change your needles frequently
  2. Keep all the dust away and better keep it covered 
  3. Keep the machine away from wear and tear, and check if all the components are in their place.
  4. Clean your machine often after reading the instruction manual.
  5. Proper lubrication should be done to the machine and its components.
  6. Keep a small lint brush to always dust it before using.

Top 10 best sewing machine for quilting in Canada

  1. Brother CS7000i Computerized Sewing and Quilting Machine
  2. Juki TL-2000qi Sewing And Quilting Machine
  3. Janome MC6650 Computerized Sewing and Quilting Machine
  4. Brother HC1850 Computerized Sewing and Quilting Machine
  5. Singer Quantum Stylist 9960 Sewing Machine
  6. Brother PQ1500SL Quilting And Sewing Machine
  7. Juki HZL-F300 Sewing and Quilting Machine
  8. Brother XR3774 Full-Featured Sewing and Quilting Machine
  9. Juki HZL-F600 Computerized Sewing and Quilting Machine
  10. Brother Laura Ashley Limited Edition Sewing and Quilting Machine

Top 10 best sewing machine for quilting in Canada

Brother CS7000i Computerized Sewing and Quilting Machine

This is the first sewing machine on this list, being one of the most functional. Brother is a very prominent brand and durable products. Similarly, it is blank as a number one seller on Amazon and has a good customer review this product it’s amazing for beginners and professionals, it is easy to use and inexpensive. It provides you with a variety of stitches along with various functional features like LCD touchscreen, Auto thread cutter, seven styles of 1 step buttonhole etc. it even has built-in LED lights along with an extendable table which helps you quilt more easily. As it is user friendly, beginners will not have any problem understanding the mechanisms and exploring different features. This is a perfect combination where the product falls within your budget and has this many features. Moreover, it is a portable machine that can be carried from one place to another. Let us take a look into some of the features and pros and cons of the product.


  1. It has 70 built-in stitches and 7 styles of 1-step buttonholes
  2. It has an automatic needle threader
  3. The Speed is 850 SPM
  4. The Throat space is 5.25 inches
  5. It also has an auto thread cutter
  6. The machine has 10 sewing and quilting feet
  7. Extended quilting table to provide you with more space
  8. It  comes with an Easy bobbin winder
  9. LCD touchscreen stitch selector
  10. It has a built-in LED light for your working area


  1. The machine comes with plenty of features.
  2. It provides you with auto needle threading
  3. It is easy to use and is inexpensive.
  4. The lightweight machine has a really good speed


  1. It is suitable for small and medium quilts. 

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Juki TL-2000qi Sewing And Quilting Machine

Juki TL-2000qi sewing machine is appreciated for it’s been 1500 stitches per minute along with a large throat space. This machine has a really durable frame made above aluminium diecast along with her arm and a bed for low vibration operations. This product also has plenty of features that you can rely on while quilting. You would be happy to know that this is one of the best machines from this brand that works flawlessly. The machine can handle every type of fabric, making your experience more versatile and creative. It comes with an extendable table that provides you with a large area along with a stable thread tension; for free motion quilting. In terms of quality, this is the best in this list with the heavy frame. It is expensive as compared to the other machines but it works for beginners as well as professionals.


  1. It is a Straight stitch high-speed machine 
  2. It has Automatic needle threading for easy working
  3. Updated LED lights make the machine more fun. 
  4. The sewing speed is 1500 SPM
  5. It has a throat space of 8.5 inches.
  6. The machine had an Aluminum die-cast arm and bed for low vibration operation
  7. It comes with an Extension table and a large sewing area
  8. The machine has 3 quilting presser feet
  9. It has a Knee lift lever
  10. The machine provides you with Stable thread tension when free-motion quilting
  11. It is Perfect for expert quilters
  12. It is made up of an aluminium die-cast frame


  1. It comes with a large extension table
  2. The machine is made up of a heavy frame.
  3. The speed is better as compared to other machines
  4. It has LED lights
  5. The machine provides greater stability. 


  1. It is really expensive.

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Janome MC6650 Computerized Sewing and Quilting Machine

This amazing red and white computerized waiting and sewing machine it’s just a treat to the eyes. It comes with various features including an LCD control panel, accessories, 170 built-in stitches and an automatic needle threader. A computerized machine is much better than any other type of sewing machine as it provides you with various advanced features. This sewing speed is 1000 stitches per minute, which is fast as compared to the others. The automatic needle threader prevents you from eyestrain and helps you easily thread the needle. It also has a jam-proof top loading bobbin system which helps in maintaining the smoothness of your work. The reverse stitch button will help you reinforce your stitching, and the lock stitch button will complete the stitch. The start/stop button allows you to stitch without using the foot control, and the needle up/down button lets you raise or lower the needle with a single button press.


  1. The 170 built-in sewing stitches are just adorable and could help you bring creativity.  
  2. It is Jam Proof and has an Easy-Set Top-Loading Bobbin System
  3. It comes with a 10″ seamless extension table
  4. Thread cutter button makes the working easy
  5. It provides an SPM of 1000
  6. The throat space is almost 10 inches. 
  7. It also has an automatic needle threader
  8. Easy-To-Use Control Panel 
  9. The LCD screen makes the machine more accessible


  1. It has 170 stitches for creativity.
  2. It has a threaded trimmer button.
  3. The machine has a jam-proof bobbin loading system.
  4. The machine features an auto-needle threader.


  1. There is all that you need!

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Brother HC1850 Computerized Sewing and Quilting Machine

Here we have another machine from Brother, which is good it looks and performance. It has a moderate speed of 850 stitches for a minute along with 130 built-in stitches and embroidery patterns. This machine comes with a 25-year warranty, which is unique on its own. It has a large LCD screen along with an automatic needle threader, for your ease of work. It even has eight styles of one-step buttonholes that can provide you with more versatility in your work. You can get plenty of features along with the good appearance of the machine at a very reasonable cost. It is not expensive and suitable for beginners. Apart from this, the machine can easily craft small and medium-size fabrics where are large fabrics sometimes become cumbersome.


  1. It has 130 built-in stitches and embroidery machine patterns
  2. 8 presser feet make it automated and easy to use
  3. An extra-wide sewing table gives you more sewing space.
  4. It has an Automatic needle-threader
  5. It has a Large Backlit LCD screen
  6. Adjustable sewing speed helps you, maintain stability
  7. It comes with a 25-year warranty
  8. It provides you with a sewing speed of 850 SPM
  9. The throat space is 5.57 inches.


  1. It has almost 130 built-in stitches and patterns.
  2. It has a detachable table, quite wide.
  3. The machine has a good built.
  4. It is lightweight and portable.


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Singer Quantum Stylist 9960 Sewing Machine

singer 9960 quantum stylist sewing machine for quilting

Singer makes machines that are beginner-friendly and do not even cost much. This particularly is a computerized machine that has 600 built-in stitches. Isn’t that amazing? It has 13 styles of the automatic buttonhole and five different fonts. This is a heavy-duty machine with a strong built and will not let you down. You have incredible control over stitch elongation, width, length, and even mirror imaging, allowing you to tailor the stitching to your project’s specifications. Quilters will like the large quilting table and heavy-duty frame, as well as the 18 various presser feet included. You may alter the sewing speed level by simply adjusting a lever for those just starting or when you have required highly fine stitching.  Horizontal threading, 25 needle positions, 7mm stitch width, automatic reverse are some other features


  1. 600 built-in stitches, isn’t it amazing?
  2. It has an automatic needle threader
  3. It has 13 built-in 1-step buttonholes and 13 sewing and quilting feet
  4. The drop-in bobbin system is effective.
  5. Extension table helps in managing space
  6. Electronic twin needle settings make quilting easy and fast.
  7. It has a good built with Heavy duty metal frame
  8. The SPM is 850 SPM and the throat space is 5.5. Inches. 


  1. Versatility and creativity can be at their peak with 600 stitches.
  2. It has an auto-needle threader.
  3. The machines provide you with 25 needle positions.


  1. You can’t use the quilting tool with a walking foot.

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Brother PQ1500SL Quilting And Sewing Machine

The Brother PQ1500SL High-Speed Quilting and Sewing Machine is a workhorse that was created with quilters in mind. Some of the features of the PQ1500S will please you, such as the auto needle positioner and knee lever for elevating the presser foot. It’s also good and thick, which is critical if you’re working with huge quilts or a lot of heavy fabric. Because the engine is a heavy-duty sewing machine that can sew up to 1500 stitches per minute, you won’t have any problems dealing with numerous layers of cloth. You can manage the feed dog and the pressure foot pressure with four degrees of changes.


  1. The sewing speed is 1500 stitches per minute.
  2. The throat space is 8 3/4 inches x 6 1/2 inches 
  3. 4 feed dog settings make it different from the others.
  4. It has a Heavy-duty frame along with an automatic thread trimmer
  5. The fast needle threader makes quilting fast, smooth and easy
  6. It has a Knee lifter and Fabric extension table
  7. It provides you with Up to 7mm stitch length
  8. The machines come with a Presser foot pressure adjuster and Precision pin feeding system


  1. This is an industrial-quality machine with a sturdy and strong built.
  2. The 4 feed dog setting is unique
  3. The stitching speed is 1500 SPM
  4. The customer support for this product is massive.


  1. It might burn your pocket.

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Juki HZL-F300 Sewing and Quilting Machine

This is a machine that provides you with a speed of 900 switches for a minute. This comes with 16 automatic buttonholes along with 106 waiting stitches and 3 alphabet fonts. It also has an extendable table which gives you sufficient space to perform functions. It has decorative, quilting, embroidery and appliqué Stitches. The HZL-F300 will pick the width of specific quilting stitch function patterns automatically and at random to give your project a gorgeous look without the inconvenience of having to make manual modifications. The bobbin thread is wound by a separate motor, and the built-in guide makes it simple to prepare the bobbin. You also don’t have to worry about the bobbin thread being pulled up. You may use the HZL-F300 to deal with a variety of materials, from light to heavy. The wider underarm allows you to work on larger items like quilting or collar making. You may also explore the free motion stitching function while maintaining consistent thread tensions.


  1. The machine has106 quilting stitch functions + 3 alphabet fonts
  2. It has 16 automatic buttonholes along with a One-touch automatic needle threader
  3. The Large LCD is 33mm x 66mm in size
  4. It has a large variety of patterns and stitches including decorative, utility and alphabet
  5. The SPM is 900 and the throat space is 8 inches.
  6. A precision feeding system makes it easy to use.
  7. An immediate needle stop button can prevent all the damages and destruction. 


  1. It is used for quilting and embroidery.
  2. It is easy to sue and works quietly.
  3. There are lots of buttonholes to choose from.
  4. Functioning is stable while free motion quilting. 


  1. It doesn’t come with an extendable table. 

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Brother XR3774 Full-Featured Sewing and Quilting Machine

Again, here is a product from Brother which is quite similar to the previous model. This has won the 2018 women’s choice award and has amazing reviews.  It has plenty of features and a unique design this machine comes with a speed of 800 per minute and has 74 special stitching functions. Apart from this, it is very convenient to access all the features and the machine is user-friendly. Moreover, it comes with a battery lit LED working space and jam-proof bobbin ( drop-in system). The free arm helps you make legs, sleeves, cough and even quilt. This is a very basic machine which comes with all possible features that you require while holding. Don’t you think it’s a good choice? Well, the only problem is that it doesn’t have an auto- thread cutter.


  1. This has 37 built-in stitches, including decorative stitch functions and 74 speciality stitching functions
  2. It has a 1-step, auto-size buttonholer
  3. It has 8 sewing and quilting feet
  4. The machine has a Quilting table
  5. It comes with automatic needle threading
  6. The SPM is 800 stitches and the throat space is 5.57 inches.


  1. The sewing machine is affordable 
  2. It has an automatic needle threading
  3. There are 74 speciality stitches.
  4. It is lightweight and portable.
  5. The table is large enough for quilting. 


  1. It doesn’t have an automatic thread cutter. 

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Juki HZL-F600 Computerized Sewing and Quilting Machine

Juki HZL-F600 Is a computerized advanced machine that is perfect for your modern-day lives. It provides you with 225 embroidery machine stitches to explore from. The stitch per minute is 900 along with the large throat space. In terms of size and weight, the HZL-F600 is nearly identical to the F300. They also have many of the same functions and capabilities; however, the HZL-F600 has more than double the amount of stitch patterns and an additional typeface. This is a popular quilting and embroidery machine on the market. The automatic needle threading feature simplifies your life, and the bobbin winding/preparation functions save you time. There has a separate motor specifically for winding the bobbin, so you won’t put unnecessary strain on your machine’s main motor. This computerized sewing machine enables free-motion stitching without the need for thread tension. It is appropriate for all fabrics.


  1. It has 225 embroidery machine stitch patterns included and 4 embroidery machine fonts
  2. Box Feed Technology works for accurate fabric feeding
  3. The Knee Lifting Lever up to 12mm
  4. It has 16 professional buttonholes and Sensor Method Buttonhole
  5. The One-touch threading technology makes working smooth
  6. The Special steel feed dog makes this machine unique.
  7. Quilting speed is 900 stitches per minute and throat space is 8 inches x 4.5 inches.


  1. It has a huge extendable table.
  2. The LED selection screen makes selection easy.
  3. It is a computerised quilting machine
  4. The working is stable even in free motion.
  5. You may find various quilting and embroidery.


  1. It is expensive!

Buy Juki HZL-F600 Computerized Sewing and Quilting Machine from amazon:

Brother Laura Ashley Limited Edition Sewing and Quilting Machine

This is one of the most fascinating Machines on this list but it’s an adorable appearance and colour combination. This is a machine from Brother that has plenty of features and is a limited edition. It provides you with 850 stitches per minute along with 100 built-in stitches and 11 quilting and sewing feet. Comes with an LCD screen along with a huge table to aid your comfort. This machine is strong enough to cut through larger materials, such as numerous layers of denim, and produce flawless stitches. You’ll be pleased with the results produced by this machine. It is not very expensive and is perfectly suitable for beginners. You could go Gaga over the colours of the machine!


  1. It has 100 built-in stitches and 11 sewing and quilting feet
  2. There are 8 styles of one-step buttonholes 
  3. It comes with an LCD screen as it is a computerised machine
  4. 7 point feed dogs is a unique technology used in this
  5. It has an Extra-wide sewing table
  6. The speed of sewing is 850 per minute.
  7. This is a limited edition product. 


  1. It is affordable
  2. The appeal is pleasing to the eyes, it’s beautiful.
  3. It comes with various features as compared to price.
  4. The extra-wide table makes working easy. 


  1. It’s a limited edition, hence difficult to get.  

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This was all about purchasing a sewing machine. After analyzing the list we can make sure that the products from Brother and Juki dominate the list. Brother CS7000i computerized machine is the best in this list with perfect features and good performance. It is suitable for beginners and can deal with small and medium-size clothes. From this, if you’re looking for a nice and strong built, then Juki TL-2000qi could be the best. Moreover, in terms of creativity singer quantum stylist has 600 built-in stitches. Finally, one of the most unique product in this list is the brother Laura Ashley limited edition machine best for beginners.

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