Top 13 best sound bar under 500 in Canada

Are you looking to purchase a new soundbar for your television in order to enjoy a more immersive audio experience? That’s fantastic!

However, budgets may be extremely limited at times, and you may be wondering if you’ll be able to acquire a good one for your money!

To assist you in making your buying decision, we investigated and analyzed a total of 20 soundbars and compiled a list of the 13 best soundbars under $500 in Canada. The list is curated using a variety of criteria such as sound quality, port and connection availability, surround sound options, design and construction quality, and so on.

TV shows, movies, games, music, news, and all of your favorite shows meet your entertainment needs. However, the experience of a multiplex or a theatre is unmatched because of the exceptional sound quality, ambiance, and so on. You may also achieve this by purchasing a soundbar and connecting it to your TV for a home theater experience.

The top ten finest soundbars under $500 in Canada include some wonderfully designed sound bars that are similarly attractive in terms of performance. The sound bars on this list are under $500 Canadian dollars and will make your sound experience unforgettable and unavoidable.

Listed below are a few things to look for in a soundbar –

Sound quality – Most notably, the sound feature is the foundation of every soundbar, making it incredibly desirable.

Design – The dimensions of the sound bar should be current while being slim in order to fit it anyplace.

Wireless connectivity – Bluetooth range coverage should be sufficient to keep devices linked without interference.

Remote control — the remote control should function properly even if there are any pairing concerns.

Top 13 best soundbars under 500 in Canada are-

  1. Bose TV Speaker- Small Soundbar with Bluetooth and HDMI-ARC connectivity, Black. Includes Remote Control
Amazon.com: Bose TV Speaker- Small Soundbar with Bluetooth and HDMI-ARC  Connectivity, Black, Includes Remote Control: Electronics

BOSE has become synonymous with sound-related accessories and products; it provides noticeably better sound for all of your TV shows. You get a universal remote that lets you manage the volume, bass, TV, Bluetooth connection, and other features. The soundbar’s dialogue model enhances dialogue clarity, allowing you to hear every world more clearly and without interference.


  • A single sound bar provides a more excellent quality of sound.
  • It can be wall-mounted.
  • Dialogue mode to make every single word stand out.
  • Bluetooth connectivity to operate it from any device.


  • It does have a USB port.
  1. Sonos BEAM1US1 Beam, the smart, compact soundbar for TV, music, and more. (White)
Sonos Beam Compact Smart TV Soundbar with Wireless Home: Amazon.in:  Electronics

If we had included a category for “best design,” the Sonos Beam would have won that as well. Everything Sonos is understatedly gorgeous — definitely the most “Apple-esque” in the industry. Sonos would have won again if we had included a “best (or easiest) to set up” category. Overall, Sonos appears to be smarter in nearly every way, which is a good thing when dealing with several components, particularly in a wireless multi-room streaming music and surround sound scenario.

The Sonos Beam neatly fits a niche: the growing consumer need for a smaller, more decor-friendly sound bar that, despite its smaller size, nevertheless offers all of the fantastic capabilities seen in today’s larger streaming sound bars – including those with Amazon Alexa onboard. Other smart home devices are also controlled by the Beam/Alexa combination. (“Alexa, raise the thermostat.”) “Alexa, please open the blinds.” “Alexa, play ESPN.” The Beam is Apple AirPlay 2 compatible, so you may listen to music from your iPad, iPhone, Mac, or any Apple device. Furthermore, Sonos promises Google Assistant connectivity in the future. Excellent work.

Sonos replaced the optical connector in the Playbar with an HDMI ARC connection, allowing for some interesting new possibilities. HDMI ARC functions as a light-speed translator and facilitator between components, with the purpose of making everything smarter, but also easier. Voice control allows components to transmit commands back and forth, transport songs, and do tasks such as turning on your TV.

Sonos accomplishes it all with the Beam, which has two significant advantages: 



  • The Beam is half the price of its equally talented, higher-priced competitors; 
  • With dimensions of only 2.7-inches high, 4-inches deep, and 25.6-inches broad, the smaller Beam is significantly more decor-friendly (comes in black or white). A bespoke wall mount for the Beam is also available. 
  • And if you’re already putting together a Sonos system, it’s a no-brainer. Adding a Sonos SUB and a pair of Sonos One SL speakers to create a complete 5.1 setup will undoubtedly take you to the next level



  1. Soundbar,106DB/60W Sound Bar 
Amazon.com: Sound Bar, 106dB, 60W Sound Bars for TV, 18.9 Inch Portable 2.0  Soundbar 3D Surround Sound Wireless Bluetooth 5.0 TV Speaker with Remote  Control (4 EQ Modes, Optical/Aux/USB, Wall Mountable, DSP): Electronics

Many low-cost sound bars lack a center-channel speaker, making dialog difficult to interpret. The Samsung HW-T650 solves this issue by placing a dedicated center speaker in the center of the sound bar, allowing you to hear every word clearly.

Even better, owing to DTS Virtual:X technology, the HW-T650 mimics a 3D immersive soundfield, putting you right in the middle of the action. Furthermore, the powerful, wireless 8″ subwoofer delivers deep bass for movie soundtracks and music. You can also add a set of wireless surround speakers for an additional charge.

In terms of music, you may use Bluetooth to connect two different devices to this sound bar and flip between them without having to detach and reconnect. Other unique features include a game mode that adjusts the sound in real time based on what’s going on in the game and SMART Sound, which analyzes what you’re watching and automatically optimizes the sound for the optimal experience.


  • DTS Virtual:X technology
  • 3D immersive soundfield
  • Bluetooth to connect two different devices


  • flip between them without having to detach and reconnect
  1. Polk React Sound Bar 
Polk Audio's $250 React soundbar packs Alexa | TechHive

The Polk Audio React provides numerous reasons to take a closer look and even closer listen. Its sound is exceptional as a stand-alone sound bar, with an extremely wide soundstage that provides you great surround effects without sacrificing clarity of dialogue, smoothness of highs, deep booms and bass, or the refinement of a beautiful movie score. With the press of a “connect” button, you may wirelessly add a subwoofer and surround speakers. It’s also shockingly affordable.

In simply labeled buttons, the remote puts almost everything you could ever want at your fingers. Do you want to improve the clarity of your voice or reduce the bass? Simply hit the remote’s dedicated up and down buttons. Do you want to delegate the adjustment to Alexa? Simply state your requirements. Alexa is so completely integrated with React that the Amazon Echo control panel appears to be embedded right into the top.

It lacks DTS:X and eARC compatibility, but the quality is so fantastic for the price that you may not feel the need for uncompressed audio.


  • Alexa is so completely integrated
  • deep booms and bass


  • It lacks DTS:X and eARC compatibility
  1. Yamaha YAS-109 Sound Bar 
Yamaha YAS-109 Sound Bar with Built-in Subwoofers, Bluetooth, and Alexa  Voice Control Built-in Price: Buy Yamaha YAS-109 Sound Bar with Built-in  Subwoofers, Bluetooth, and Alexa Voice Control Built-in Online in India  -Amazon.in

When it launched in 2017, Yamaha’s YAS-207 Sound Bar was a smashing success, getting 5-star ratings from audiophiles and regular Joes alike. Fast forward two years, and Yamaha’s most recent model, the YAS-209, is even better thanks to a slew of new features. Yes, the new YAS-209 is $50 more expensive, but it is still the best sound bar under $500 money can purchase. And, like the 207, it comes in Yamaha’s unobtrusive, won’t clash with your decor design: minimalist with its gray on gray finish and smooth curves, it appears more German than Japanese. (It’s more Audi than Lexus.)

Two 1-inch tweeters and four 1.75-inch drivers are housed inside, together with a side-firing wireless subwoofer powered by Yamaha’s 6.25-inch woofer. Wi-Fi streaming, Alexa voice control, Bluetooth, an Ethernet port, numerous EQ modes, Clear Voice (see below), an HDMI ARC for connecting to the TV, a second HDMI port for a media player, an optical digital connection, and a way-better-than-typical remote are also included. So, you can stream pretty much anything from pretty much anyplace, including Spotify through Wi-Fi using Spotify Connect.

And how does the YAS-209 sound? Yamaha’s “Clear Voice” sound setting isolates and elevates dialogue above all else, allowing even whispers to be heard clearly. And it works: clean, sharp, and precise in tiny times, large, bold, and bombastic when the stakes are high. Highs that tickle, lows that you feel rather than hear – and all with plenty of space in between. Of course, genuine 5.1 or higher surround sound will always be the best case scenario, but this degree of quality at this price? Yamaha knocks it out of the park with the YAS-209.


  • Two 1-inch tweeters and four 1.75-inch drivers are housed inside
  • Wi-Fi streaming
  • Alexa voice control


  • Highs that tickle
  1. Polk Audio MagniFi Max Home Theater Sound Bar
Polk Audio MagniFi MAX SR Powered SoundBar With Google Chromecast Buil —  Audiomaxx India

With its inbuilt wireless subwoofer, the MagniFi 2 offers amazing bottom bass straight out of the box. But, using virtual height speaker technology, this sound bar doesn’t just live in the basement of your soundstage: it also opens up the aural rafters. With its 3D audio mode, the MagniFi 2 provides an immersive audio experience that surpasses that of some specialist 5.1 rigs, without the trouble of setup.

The MagniFi 2 increases more than just the audio space: You can quickly stream your favorite movies, music, and anything else on Chromecast devices throughout your home using the built-in Chromecast. The MagniFi 2 also excels at music playback, so make it your go-to system for your playlist paradise.

The HDMI/ARC port ensures that your audio is always in sync, whether you’re streaming via Wi-Fi or playing a Blu-Ray disc, and Dolby Digital and DTS compatibility ensures that the latest releases sound their best. When you consider the bundled subwoofer, the pricing of this system is really cheap.


  • Dolby Digital and DTS compatibility
  • Really cheap


  1. Razer Leviathan
Razer Leviathan - Elite Gaming & Music Sound Bar : Amazon.in: Computers &  Accessories

The Razer Leviathan is meant for use with a large gaming monitor and is specifically developed for gaming. Having said that, you can still connect it to a TV and use it for music and movies. It works well for most types of audio, but it’s especially well-suited for video game footfalls, explosions, and mixed soundscapes.

When compared to a typical soundbar, there are some disadvantages that prospective consumers should be aware of. First and foremost, there is no remote control. That implies you shouldn’t use it with a TV that’s across the room. This bar is designed to sit near to your gaming setup and produce tremendous sound. The style will also stand out in most settings: adorned with Razer’s green snake emblem, it may not mix in very quietly with your living room decor.

A more typical bar will suit you better if you’re searching for something to enhance movie dialogue or your favorite TV shows. This tiny soundbar/subwoofer combo, on the other hand, is a wonderful choice if you’re searching for a strong solution to take your gaming to the next level.


  • Solid audio quality
  • Great value for gamers


  • No remote
  • Polarizing design
  1. Klipsch Cinema 400 Sound Bar
Klipsch Cinema 400 2.1-Channel Soundbar System 1068774 B&H Photo

Klipsch’s Cinema 400 has succeeded in the deceptively difficult challenge of doing a lot with a little. This 2.1-channel system offers great sound for the admittedly restricted number of drivers that it’s equipped with (that’s why it’s our favorite soundbar under $300). It’s dressed in a unique style that’s a generous reference to Klipsch’s famed home theater speakers.

With Klipsch’s architecture and approach to this bar’s sound, it’s all about quality over quantity. A pair of 3-inch midrange woofers flanked by 1-inch horn tweeters work together to provide delightfully detailed sound that avoids the harsh higher frequencies that some complain about in Klipsch’s entry-level speaker lines. The actual star of the show is the 8-inch ported subwoofer, which produces resonant bottom end unlike most other soundbar subwoofers in this class.

With such a low price, certain compromises had to be made somewhere along the way. It’s in the features department for the Cinema 400. The bar lacks WiFi and voice assistant capabilities, as well as support for popular audio formats like Dolby Atmos and an expanded equalizer to tailor its sound to your preferences (which is unsurprising given the price). Furthermore, as good as the Cinema 400’s overall sound is, the lack of a dedicated center channel driver is obvious when watching dialogue-heavy movies.

Having said that, if a lack of features sounds like a fair compromise for exceptional stereo audio quality, the Klipsch Cinema 400 is a fascinating alternative. It’s a terrific bar for anyone who wants great sound but doesn’t require the extras like WiFi and virtual assistants. Of course, if you want those functions but don’t want to sacrifice sound quality, you may spend a little more money on the fantastic Yamaha YAS-209.

The Cinema 400, on the other hand, forgoes these benefits in favor of offering an old-school version of a new-age product. In other words, it looks and sounds great. There isn’t much else to this bar, and for many, it doesn’t need to be: this is what makes the Cinema 400 such an amazing choice.


  • Refined sound signature
  • Impressive bass response
  • Stylish design


  • No WiFi
  • Stereo sound only
  • Lack of features
  1. VIZIO SB3651-F6
Vizio V Series V51-H6 Review - RTINGS.com

Take Vizio’s superb 2.1-channel Home Theater Soundbar (the V21-H8) and combine it with two small matched surround speakers to create the V51-H6: a full-bodied, 5.1-channel system that has no business sounding as good as it does for the price.

The V51-H6, like most of Vizio’s soundbar/subwoofer combos, keeps things simple in terms of features and aesthetics. The basic, charcoal-colored chasses that adorn the soundbar, wireless subwoofer, and wired surround speakers aren’t going to spice up your living room, but they do a nice job of allowing this range of speakers to be heard but not seen—you know, heard but not seen. However, this is hardly a bare-bones product. You still get the typical set of connectivity choices here, including Bluetooth, WiFi, Spotify Connect, and Chromecast, making it simple to use the system with a variety of source devices.

Aside from how fantastic it sounds for the price, the V51-H6 has one more subtle advantage: the supplied remote features an LCD display, a small screen that makes accessing the V51-H6’s numerous functions and sound modes much easier than it would be otherwise. This also enables for a high level of customisation, from tweaking the balance of individual speakers to telling the system where your living room’s surround speakers are.

If the V51-H6 has a flaw, it’s that the entire surround effect isn’t as powerful as it would be with a more expensive system. While Vizio’s subwoofer delivers enough of bass (in fact, more than enough), the surround speakers can be muddy at times, failing to fully capture the treble sharpness of the central soundbar as certain frequencies are passed into the surrounds. However, this is a one-time issue that will only annoy expert listeners. If you want the surround sound experience of the movies but don’t want to spend a fortune, the V51-H6 is a superb 5.1-channel system for the price.


  • Robust surround sound
  • Customizable audio


  • Boring design
  • Surround speakers could stand out more
  1. Yamaha MusicCast BAR 400 Sound Bar
MusicCast BAR 400 - Overview - Sound Bar - Audio & Visual - Products -  Yamaha - India

Yamaha’s MusicCast Bar 400 is a hefty piece of audio equipment. This is not the soundbar to buy if you want refined elegance or cutting-edge technology, but it is the one to get if you simply want to be satisfied by powerful audio and basic, practical functions.

The 400 includes all of the standard functions, such as Bluetooth streaming, a Clear Voice setting for dialogue, dimmable LED indicators, and a variety of audio settings for movies, music, and so on. What distinguishes the 400 is its aural punch: it delivers a strong 200 watts of music. Half of it is provided by the inbuilt subwoofer, with the other half distributed over four woofers and two tweeters within the bar itself. While not new, it is a tried-and-true array that delivers TV audio and music in a way that compliments the entire frequency range.

The BAR 400’s MusicCast capability also allows it to be combined with other MusicCast speakers for a whole-home sound solution (similar to Sonos speakers), and that integration is also included in the price. If you’re not interested in MusicCast, Yamaha’s YAS-209 may be a better option.

Overall, while it isn’t the most expensive option, the MusicCast 400 is tough, dependable, and simple to set up and operate. It supports HDMI, optical, aux (3.5mm) connections, Bluetooth, Dolby/DTS pass-thru, and voice control via Amazon Echo devices. The main disadvantage is that it feels a little “bland” for the price, but as time passes, you can continue to receive more for your money.


  • Loud, robust sound
  • Tons of features


  • Boring design
  1. Vizio Sound bar 4M21d-H8R
VIZIO M-Series™ All-in-One 2.1 Home Theater Sound BarCloseClose | M21d-H8R

Vizio’s M-Series All-in-One Soundbar is designed for individuals who want greater sound in the simplest (and most cheap) package imaginable. The M-Series produces 2.1-channel audio (without a separate subwoofer) that is acceptable for most listeners and is incredibly easy to modify, thanks to six built-in drivers, including a pair of 3-inch subwoofers.

The M-Series comes with a plethora of connections (and cords) to ensure a simple setup process, including a spare HDMI input and HDMI ARC connection. The easy-to-use remote lets you adjust the treble and bass, as well as switch between preset EQ presets and turn on or off a DTS Virtual:X feature that effectively expands the soundstage. The M-Series’ sound is nicely detailed, especially with music, movies, and TV shows that don’t demand it to be extremely dynamic.

However, bass-centric content suffers at the hands of the M-Series’ built-in subwoofers, which aren’t physically capable of reproducing dramatic low end in the same way as an external sub, which is noticeable in some genres of music and action-packed movies. Due to the lack of a dedicated center-channel driver and a lack of stereo separation, dialogue tends to be buried in those large action moments at times as well.

To be honest, if these are the most serious issues with a soundbar at this price point, Vizio did a lot of things right. Most people will love the sound of the M-Series All-in-One. The ease of use would be appreciated. The flaws will be felt only on rare occasions. And the low price will surely play a significant role in your decision to purchase.


  • Easy to set up and use
  • Great for music
  • Effective virtual surround


  • Limited bass
  • Occasional weak dialogue
  • No WiFi
  1. Yamaha SR-B20 Sound Bar 
Yamaha Audio YAMAHA SR-B20A Sound Bar with Built-in Subwoofers and  Bluetooth Price: Buy Yamaha Audio YAMAHA SR-B20A Sound Bar with Built-in  Subwoofers and Bluetooth Online in India -Amazon.in

Yamaha’s SR-B20A all-in-one soundbar/subwoofer has a lot going for it: a fair price, superb quality, and a compact design that saves a lot of space. The flat, elegantly styled bar conceals a 2.1-style speaker configuration capable of filling your living room with balanced, dialogue-friendly sound, and there are enough sound settings and smart added features to help justify the already reasonable price tag.

The underlying problem with the SR-B20A is that it faces fierce competition. Starting roughly the same price as our current best value option, you’re foregoing an external subwoofer and WiFi functionality here, which isn’t reflected in the pricing. While we don’t believe the SR-B20A is overpriced for its capabilities, it’s really only an option if you don’t have room for an external subwoofer.


  • Compact
  • Good sound


  • No external subwoofer
  1. Vizio V21-H8 36
VIZIO V21-H8 36" 2.1-Channel Soundbar System V21-H8 B&H Photo

If you want full-bodied sound and current features without spending a fortune, Vizio’s 2.1-channel soundbar/subwoofer combo is an excellent choice. While many entry-level soundbars lack satisfying bass performance, we were delighted with how deep and robust the V21-H8’s subwoofer is, and found that it offered a balanced, blended soundscape that truly upped the audio ante when it came to movies, music, and video games.

This Vizio combo also supports Bluetooth and WiFi streaming, an HDMI (ARC) connector, and numerous EQ modes. The wireless sub and soundbar, like other combo bars, come pre-paired out of the box, making it simple to put everything in and instantly boost your home entertainment setup. It’s also simple to adjust the volume and switch between sound styles; the system excels at simplicity.

Premium, forward-thinking technologies such as Dolby Atmos, eARC, or microphones for built-in voice assistant control are not included in this package, but this is reflected in the low price. If you only need a quick and effective audio upgrade, this entry-level Vizio combo is one of the most cost-efficient solutions available.


  • Solid bass presence
  • Classic design


  • Not very forward compatible

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