Top 13 Best Splitting Axes in Canada

Axe plays a very vital role in almost every lumberjacks life, and why only their lives but also every single individual needs the best splitting axes at their property because you may never know what emergency you might need it for. Traditional axes are very reliable but now they should be changed as change is the only thing constant in everybody’s life.

A new quality axe will ease your work and make you split wooden logs without any efforts. The modern-day splitting axes are very lightweight, durable, portable, and also sturdy with a firm grip.

What is a Splitting Axe?

A splitting axe is a tool that is used to break down large amounts of firewood into smaller, more manageable pieces. Splitting the wood allows air to circulate around it from all sides, accelerating the drying process.

Types of Axes?

The axe is one of mankind’s oldest tools. Over 1.5 million years ago, crude hand axes consisting of chipped stone wedges and rawhide lashings appeared. They were used for everything from digging up roots to cutting wood to butchering animals and even killing one other in wars.

Blacksmiths in the Bronze Age created the double-bitted axes primarily as fighting weapons. They were first used as a tree-felling tool in Pennsylvania in the 19th century, when European settlers needed a tool to farm the new territory.


A hatchet is a tiny axe that can be used for a variety of tasks. Many individuals purchase hatchets to carry on short camping vacations. They’re perfect for swiftly slicing up some firewood to start a fire. It’s also a useful tool to have on hand if you need to cut something open.

Splitting Ax:

In some circles, a splitting axe is also referred to as a splitting maul. Some people may find this puzzling, but just think of it as an axe and disregard the naming standards. When splitting firewood, a splitting axe is the most useful item to have. It will assist you in cutting the logs uniformly and will make the process easier for you.

Felling Ax:

A felling axe is one of the most popular sorts of axes that people will utilize. When you need to cut down a tree, this is the axe you’ll use. When placed in the correct hands, these axes are powerful and may be wielded with expertise. A good felling axe will be able to fell even the thickest of trees.

Fireman’s Ax:

One of the first professions that comes to mind when considering professionals who utilize axes in their work is firefighting. Axes are frequently used by firefighters to assist in the rescue of people from dangerous circumstances. A fireman’s axe must be strong enough to break down doors and even break through walls. These tools are critically necessary, and firefighters rely on them to stay alive.

Carpenter’s Ax:

A carpenter’s axe is often smaller than other types of axes. As you can imagine from the name, it’s utilised in carpentry. This axe is almost small enough to be classified as a hatchet. You’ll be able to utilise this axe with just one hand and should have no trouble doing so.

Hudson Bay Ax:

This sort of axe is intriguing since it functions similarly to the felling axe mentioned earlier. The most significant distinction is that Hudson Bay models are designed to be smaller. They’re just around 34% the size of a standard axe. This can really be beneficial because it makes them easier to use.

Broad Ax:

When some people hear the words “broad axe,” pictures of ancient battles and war come to mind. Broad axes, on the other hand, are practical tools that are most usually used for woodworking. When someone is trying to make something out of wood, these axes will come in helpful. Broad axes will be used regularly by people who build wood dwellings by hand.

Survival Ax:

Many individuals take a survival axe with them when they go camping since it is a tiny and useful equipment. These axes are sometimes referred to as survival hatchets. Don’t get too worked up about what the axe is called because the phrases are interchangeable. It’s simply a useful gadget that will assist you in surviving in the outdoors.


Tomahawks, admittedly, aren’t quite feasible in today’s world. Some people do, however, end up using them for practical purposes. It’s not uncommon to see someone with a tomahawk chopping firewood or down a small tree. Other tools would be better suited to these jobs, although a tomahawk will work in some circumstances.

Double Bit Ax:

You have probably seen axes with two heads at some point in time. These types of axes are known as double bit axes, and they can be a bit difficult to use if you aren’t used to them. Swinging this ax certainly feels a bit different from swinging a standard ax with only one head. The two heads are meant to be used for different purposes.

Battle Ax:

When the word axe is used, the battle axe is most certainly one of the first things that comes to mind. It isn’t anything that is employed for any practical purposes in modern times, but it is a legendary weapon nonetheless. These war axes might be lethal on the ancient battlefield if carried in one hand. This was a weapon that was frequently employed in tandem with a shield.

Viking Axe:

A Viking axe is not the same as the combat axe mentioned earlier. This axe is built entirely differently and was created specifically for fighting. In today’s world, it serves no use, but many people still buy them for the sheer pleasure of owning one. For Halloween, some people choose to dress up like Vikings or reenact battles.

What is the difference between a splitting ax and a splitting maul?

If you’re short on time, we’ll quickly go through the distinctions between these three tools. However, I strongly advise you to read in order to understand the purpose and operation of each of these tools.

Because these two instruments are so similar, let’s start with the distinction between the maul and the splitting axe. The fundamental difference between these two instruments is the head weight, which is 3-6 lbs for the splitting axe and 6-8 lbs for the maul.

The purpose, the shape of the head, and the shape of the handle are the differences between felling axes and BOTH mauls and splitting axes. In other words, the splitting axe and the maul have a similar appearance and perform nearly identical functions, whereas the felling axes have a distinctive appearance and are designed for separate jobs.

Before you go out and buy the best splitting axes, there are a few things to keep in mind. – 

Weight – An axe should be exactly weighed; the lighter the axe, the more efficiency it will provide.

Blade – Steel blades are the highest quality, forged in heat, and should be made of carbon stainless steel.

Handle – A robust but lightweight material, such as fibreglass, should be used for the handle.

Sheath – To safeguard an axe, it should always be carried in a leather sheath.

If you follow those guidelines, you’ll have a better idea of which splitting axe is suitable for you and how to find it.

1. Estwing EFF4SE 4-Pound Special Edition”Fireside Friend” Wood Splitting Axe/Maul with Shock Reduction Grip 

For their clients, Estwing Brand creates some of the most amazing products. The splitting axe is also a maul with a long and sturdy one-piece forged handle. Because of its compact shape while still being powerful, this axe from Estwing is also known as a fireside companion. The grip is constructed in such a way that it absorbs all of the shockwaves that are generated.

The original maul, which looked like an axe but had a wider head, was used to split wood. It also ensures that almost no wood goes to waste. More wood means less splitting and more time spent enjoying the wood in your fireplace.


  • To hit the target, a shock-absorbing leather grip is used.
  • The axe is composed of solid steel with a matte black finish that is non-reflective.
  • It’s made from a single piece of metal.
  • The axe has a long-lasting and durable design.


  • The axe is quite large.

2. Fiskars X25 Splitting Axe, 28-Inch

For persons who deal with medium to big sized timber logs on a regular basis, Fiskars has created the X25 splitting axe in the 28-inch range. It streamlines your work routine and frees up time for you to engage in other enjoyable pursuits. You’ll spend less time, exert less effort, and put less strain on your hands using this axe.

Ideal for splitting logs ranging in size from medium to large. Designed to give you more one-strike splits with optimal efficiency. Like an aluminum baseball bat, the perfected balance and power-to-weight ratio enhances swing speed to multiply power. 


  • The axe is best suited for chopping medium to large wood logs.
  • The axe is made to be efficient and split with a single hit.
  • The handle is made of fibre to absorb shocks quickly while remaining lightweight.
  • The axe’s balance is improved with a lifetime warranty and a high power-to-weight ratio.


  • After a few years of use, the handle breaks.

3. Columbia River Knife & Tools Woods Nobo Tomahawk Axe

Knife & Tool Shop on the Columbia River The smooth handles of the Tomahawk axe prevent fatigue and make it easier to split wood logs into bits. The balance of an axe is important, and this CRKT axe is nicely balanced. The blade is made from carbon steel and has a hammer finish.

Make a cozy log cabin fire. Build a nice log cabin home, if you really want to. When you’re off the grid, this two-handed camp axe with a hickory handle and a hot forged blade will make your life easier.

The Nobo T-hawk was created by Ryan Johnson of RMJ Tactical in Chattanooga, Tennessee. He’s a master at fusing modern engineering with centuries-old tool and weapon principles, and he’s upped the ante even again with a new outdoor line of tomahawks that swing as big as the wide wilderness where they’re found.


  • 1055 carbon steel forged to build the T Hawk.
  • To construct the T Hawk, 1055 carbon steel was forged.
  • For material or smithing flaws, there is a limited lifetime warranty.
  • With a Tennessee hickory wood handle, the blade measures 3.471” in length.


  • There is no leather sheath included.

4. GERBER 36″ Splitting Axe

Gerber is an American brand with global reach and impact, founded in 1939 and situated in Portland, Oregon, USA. Gerber’s heritage is rich, having been carried by hunters, soldiers, and traders. And now we’re looking ahead to the future, where the next generation of technologies will answer tomorrow’s issues.

The GERBER 36″ splitting axe has a blade that might be overlooked, but the axe as a whole is a work of art. The axe addresses all of your chopping, cutting, and splitting issues. It has a heat forged stainless-steel blade for maximum performance and is very light.


  • It’s made to be a problem-solving tool.
  • Hollow handle is lightweight and unusually long.
  • A 36-inch axe with a stainless steel head that is weighted.


  • Concerns about quality control.

5.Husqvarna 580761201 A2400 28 in. Drop-Forged Steel Splitting Axe 

Out of all the splitting axes, the Husqvarna 28 inch model is the most popular. It includes a fiber reinforced PA shaft that adds durability and rustic appeal. The axe head is coated with a non-stick coating to reduce friction while chopping timber logs, reducing axe wear and tear.

Designed for perfect weight distribution and balance. When used with regular splitting wedges, it can be used as a hammer.


  • A versatile axe that can be used to cut a variety of woods.
  • The steel axe head has been coated to improve cutting performance.
  • Handle is made of fibreglass.
  • The axe is 28 inches long and has excellent balance and weight distribution.


  • The blade is unsatisfactory due to its lack of smoothness and sharpness.

6. LEXIVON V18s Splitting Axe, 18-Inch

Blade is fully enclosed and over-molded. Reinforced rear spine and non-slip TPR grip on this high-tech fiberglass composite injection handle. The optimum weight distribution is provided by a balance point close to the axe head, which increases swing speed and multiplies strike power.

Drop-forged and heat-treated Grade A High-Carbon steel cutting edges are precisely hardened for a deeper and cleaner contact. The blade profile is wedge-shaped, which allows for effective one-strike splits. Splitting small to medium-sized fireplace logs and kindling has never been easier.

You can take it with you anywhere, including camping, gardening, and splitting wood for a stove or fireplace. Because of the fiberglass handle, the axe is more durable, and unlike traditional axes, the blade does not break off.


  • The blade is made of drop-resistant and heat-treated High Carbon Steel forging.
  • The blade is protected by a suitable shell that makes it suitable for travel.
  • With just one hit, the wedge-shaped blade makes effortless splits.
  • Balanced weight distribution for swing speed and strike power is provided by a balancing point near the blade.


  • The handle isn’t very long.

7. Fiskars 375841-1001 Super Splitting Axe, 36-Inch

Fiskars has created an axe that is suitable for tall individuals due to the handle’s incredible length, which is difficult to come by. The axe is designed to split a log in one hit with maximum effectiveness. For further safety and portability, it comes with a heavy-duty sheath.

Designed to offer you the most one-strike splits possible. Swing speed is multiplied by perfected balance and power-to-weight ratio. similar to a baseball bat made of aluminium Advanced bevel convex blade geometry adds power and makes removing the blade from wood easier.


  • Splitting medium to extra-large logs is quick and easy with the 36-inch axe.
  • The performance is enhanced by the unbreakable design, good weight distribution, and sharp blade.
  • Long handle for a secure grip when chopping down trees.
  • The blade is more efficient for clean cuts thanks to a proprietary blade grinding technique.


  • It is only suitable for tall users and not for those who are shorter or less heightened.

8. GEDORE OX 20 H-1257 Universal Forestry Axe

The GEDORE universal forestry axe is unrivalled in its ability to perform any job that requires the use of an axe. It’s strong, long-lasting, affordable, and almost weightless (1250g). With this dependable axe, wood splitting, gardening, forestry work, and other tasks become possible and can be handled by even a novice.


  • The axe weights only 1250g, making it a very light piece of equipment.
  • It can be used for wood splitting, forest management, and gardening, among other things.
  • Axe head has been finely honed and polished.
  • Handle made of high-quality hickory wood.


  • Because of the design, the handle is somewhat twisted, which makes it flawed.

9. WilFiks Chopping Axe, 15” Camping Outdoor Hatchet for Wood Splitting and Kindling

The best splitting axe that you should own because it comes with everything you need in an axe. The WilFiks chopping axe has a hole in the brim of the handle that makes it easy to carry. It also comes with a rubber sheath for travel and storage protection. For greater use and longevity, the axe can be resharpened multiple times.

Our Wood Chopping Axe is made for cutting firewood, logs, kindling, and limbs with ease. The optimised blade shape is engineered for optimal efficiency, allowing you to split more one-strike splits in less time. Ideal for campers, hikers, outdoor activities, campfire preparation, and gardening.

Smooth, sharp, and quick splits are produced by the Forged Carbon Steel Heat Treated blade, which improves its density and makes the axe more durable. It also keeps sharper for longer than traditional axes. This Hand Axe will provide you with outstanding, long-lasting performance.

Our Hatched has a Shock Absorbing Anti-Slip Grip and a Cold Resistant Ergonomic Shaped Fiberglass Handle that reduces hand strain, prevents slipping, and provides comfort.


  • The blade’s geometry is elegant, 
  • The carbon steel heat forged blade is denser and sturdier
  • The anti-slip fibreglass handle provide a secure grip.


  • The handle is quite little.

10. Gransfors Bruks LARGE SPLITTING AXE

Gransfors Bruks large splitting axe is handcrafted and designed for you to get the woods splitting, kindling and chop off stove woods. The axe has a thin blade with a heavy head to exert the exact pressure required to split the wood. It has a firm hickory handle for better grip and also the axe is perfectly lined when it comes to the weight distribution. 

Unlike other mauls, the blade of a splitting axe starts out concave and thin, allowing for simple penetration into the wood, after which the thickening axe head applies great splitting pressure. The handle is reinforced against impact with the wood by a steel sheath beneath the head. The polls of these axes have not been hardened for use as sledges.


  • The product comes with a 20-year warranty.
  • The concave head transforms into a thin blade, making it denser.
  • The axe’s 20″ handle is long enough for a secure grip.
  • All of the axes come with a full grain leather sheath.


  • Axe with an exorbitant price tag.

11. Gerber 31-002651 23.5-Inch Axe

The XL Axe II’s sturdy, effortless swing is one of its advantages. This axe, which comes with a super-sharp blade constructed of hardened forged steel with excellent edge retention, will chop up to three times deeper than the norm and deliver more productivity, saving time, effort, and strain on the operator’s body.

The composite handle is both strong and light. The tactile grip on the nylon handle helps to relieve body strain and improve swing control. All of our goods have a tough and dependable design. It’s suitable for a variety of military, hunting, survival, tactical, industrial, and outdoor applications.


  • Easy to use
  • Sturdy and looks beautiful


  • Very heavy

12. Husqvarna 24 in. Steel Splitting Axe with Fiberglass Handle

This splitting axe is ideal for splitting logs for firewood. A non-stick coating on the axe head reduces friction while cutting. The handle is protected by a fiber-reinforced shaft with a stainless-steel component, which ensures a long product life. Designed for perfect weight distribution and balance. When combined with regular splitting wedges, it can be used as a hammer.

The axe is used to split firewood. A premium 2.65lbs. steel axe head with a coating to improve cutting performance. Perfect weight distribution and balance. Handle made of a composite of fiberglass and plastic.


  • Light and robust and with that maneuverability.
  • Excellent product.


  • Overpriced.

13. Fiskars 378841-1002 X27 Super (36″) Splitting Axe, Inch, Black

Fiskars has been making high-quality axes since 1649 in a country famed for its forests, passing down the types of traditions and knowledge that can only be learned through decades of practice.

Ideal for splitting medium- to large-sized logs by taller users. Designed to give you more one-strike splits with optimal efficiency. Like an aluminum baseball bat, the perfected balance and power-to-weight ratio enhances swing speed to multiply power. Advanced bevel convex blade shape enhances power and facilitates removing the blade from wood simpler.

The blade’s mix of features lets it to scatter wood more effectively, resulting in more one-strike splits per swing. It also has Fiskars’ longest handle for additional leverage, allowing taller users to maximize their power and speed. Because the X27 can split wood more effortlessly, each operation takes less time, effort, and strain on your hands.

The ultra-sharp chopping axes from Fiskars hack deeper with each swing, making them excellent for feeling trees. Choose Fiskars splitting axes to easily split small to medium-sized logs for firewood preparation.


  • A splitting axe that is both lightweight and ergonomic.
  • Excellent chopping blade


  • After one use, the blade has numerous chips and dents.

Final Thoughts

The handles are important to consider when purchasing a splitting axe. Hardwood, fibreglass composite material, and forged steel are the three components used to make the handles. The length of the handle is just as significant as the material from which it is manufactured. The greatest axe for splitting wood for beginners will have a 31-inch handle; as your technique improves, you may wish to upgrade to a longer handle. The more power you can create when swinging the axe in an arc and bringing it down on the log, the heavier the head is, but if it’s too heavy to handle, it’ll throw off your aim and tyre you out after a few swings.

Following this informative list of the top 13 best splitting axes in Canada, we’ve included the top two from each of them in case you’re still puzzled.

The Husqvarna Drop-Forged Steel Splitting Axe is a budget-friendly option with high-end features and functionalities. It’s a drop forged splitting axe that’s meant to chop any kind of wood.

The WilFiks Chopping Axe, 15” Camping Outdoor Hatchet for Wood Splitting and Kindling is the final option. It has a compact form that makes it easy to transport.

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