Top 13 Best Tool Bags in Canada

You must ensure that you report to work every day to fulfil your responsibilities and accomplish the activities and obligations that have been given to you. When you forget a highly specific item, or worse, your tool bag, it becomes hard to complete the task at hand.

To avoid all of these situations, or at the at least to prevent being caught up in them, the best thing you can do is invest in a good quality backpack with plenty of pockets and storage spaces for your tools and equipment. You never know when you’ll need a tool or when you won’t, so having a tool bag and storing all of your tools in it relieves stress and decreases the risk of making mistakes.

What is a Tool Bag? 

In a variety of industries, tool bags are used to store and transport items while also keeping them organized and accessible. They’re made to keep tool kits safe, secure, and ready to use in general.

They are available in a range of sorts and sizes, including tote, shoulder, backpack/rucksack, hold all, and canvas, and they provide comfort and ease to work by holding vital goods. They also come in a variety of materials, including leather, metal, cloth, and plastic.

Are tool bags good?

Tool bags are lighter, which is a significant disadvantage if you plan on carrying your toolset around with you while working. Furthermore, they take up less space than a hefty box, which is an important consideration for individuals with limited storage space. Many DIYers also prefer to be able to view and grab equipment as needed, which a tool bag facilitates.

The Advantages of a Tool Bag over a Tool Box

The Benefits of Using a Tool Bag Instead of a Tool Box

When it comes to keeping your equipment, you have a variety of options. A tool chest, a wheeled toolbox, a cabinet, a metal or plastic toolbox, or a tool bag are all options. Although they are all excellent choices, many contractors and tradespeople prefer to carry their gear in a tool bag. Let’s have a look at some of the benefits of a tool bag versus a tool box or other alternatives.

Consideration of Weight:

Tool boxes are large and bulky, and depending on the design of box you choose, tools can quickly become misplaced. The weight of hard plastic tool cases adds to the overall load, and the handles are frequently uncomfortable.

A tool bag, on the other hand, is light and easy to transport from one area of the job to another. The majority of tool bags are made of a heavy-duty and long-lasting canvas, so the weight of the tools won’t break or damage it after a lot of use.

Pouches and compartments:

Take advantage of the pouches when storing your tools in your new tool bag. Those pouches will allow you to keep your tools vertically, eliminating the need to stop what you’re doing to search through everything for the right screwdriver, wrench, or socket set. Some of our fancier tool bags come with more than 20 different pouches on the inside and outside, making them ideal for orderly storage.

A tool box’s compartments frequently latch shut, which is convenient for transporting tools but inconvenient for lugging them around the work. Instead of stopping to open boxes, a tool bag allows you to reach into one of the many pouches to obtain a tool.


A tool bag can be zipped shut and carried like a standard tool box, or it can be opened up to increase the amount of inner room. You can throw your extension cord, a few power tools, and a charged battery pack in the bag and carry it over your shoulder thanks to the wide mouth design. They’re quite comfy thanks to the adjustable and padded shoulder straps.

A tool box lacks the expandability and adjustable shoulder strap that make it easier to carry. For the heavier stuff, you’d have to juggle the tool box with other boxes or bags.

Keeping Small Things Safe:

Many of the tool bags include padded pockets for mobile phones and tablets, as well as D-rings for keys and other small items, which we couldn’t live without. We appreciate that our gloves, water bottles, and anything else we need right away can be attached into the D-ring and hung on our bag where we can easily get it.

Waterproof and Water Resistant

If you’re concerned about moisture or rain destroying a tool bag, rest assured that we carry waterproof tool bags with water resistant bases. This means you’ll never be forced to stop working because it’s pouring or muddy outside. We also have a tool bag with built-in weather protection that works like a poncho.

Turn on the lights:

Two firms that make LED tool bags are Klein Tools and CLC. We’ve all experienced how inconvenient it is to seek for equipment in a dark bag. These gentlemen have made things a lot easier for themselves by including lights in their tool backpacks. This eliminates the need to look for your flashlight before looking for your tools.


Remember back in the 1990s and early 2000s when we used to bring a boombox to the construction site and blast cassette recordings all day long? Isn’t it what we do nowadays with our cell phones or MP3 players? Some of our greatest tool bags come with built-in speakers that link to your phone or MP3 player, allowing you to listen to your personal playlists or Pandora from anywhere.

Sizes and Designs

Tool bags come in a variety of sizes and styles, and we recommend that you pick the one that best suits your needs. You may discover that a handheld bag with an optional shoulder strap would suffice, or that a backpack version may better suit your needs.

The following are some qualities to look for when selecting the best tool bags:

Interior Space – The bag’s interior space is essential because you’ll need to keep the majority of your essential tools.

Pockets – Small tools, sharp tools, and other items should be kept in a closed pocket to prevent them from falling out or developing a wound within the bag.

Strength – While it’s great that a bag can accommodate all of your tools, it’s difficult to keep up with the weight because bags tend to rip apart when they’re overloaded.

Handles – The grip of the handles should be solid; they should not pull apart while lifting up the bag or slip off from time to time due to the bag’s weight.

If you follow those tips, you’ll have a better understanding of which tool bag will meet your needs and how to find the right one.

1. Custom Leathercraft Dewalt DG5543 16-Inch Tradesman’s Tool Bag

Because they appear like a tool bag and store tools like a tool bag should, the Custom Leathercraft Dewalt tool bags are a perfect fit for the definition tool bag. The bag features a convenient, easy-to-open design, reinforced corners, edges, and bottom base padding, a non-slip padded shoulder strap, and a non-slip handle, among other features.

This tool bag has a huge mouth hole for convenient access, as well as a spacious inside compartment for quick access to tools and parts. You won’t have to scrape your hands to get to things or struggle to pull hefty tools out of this bag. This is made of ballistic poly fabric, which is both flexible and stronger than standard fabrics.

For enhanced wear resistance, the CLC DEWALT Tradesman bag has reinforced corners, edges, and bottom base pads. This tool carrier was made to last a long time. It also comes with an adjustable, non-slip padded shoulder strap and a non-slip handle to make carrying easier.


  • The bag is made of a heavy-duty poly fabric with base padding to protect the bottom from wear and tear.
  • For added strength, the shoulder grip can be adjusted.
  • There are 13 pockets on the inside and 20 pockets on the outside, giving you plenty of room to organize your equipment.
  • Large compartments and a pop-open style.


  • The retaining strap for the D ring is weak.

2. AmazonBasics Small Tool Bag 

With the AmazonBasics 12-inch tool bag, you can store and transport essential tools and accessories with confidence. The toughly constructed bag is a good size for storing a variety of goods neatly arranged and moveable from one activity to the next.

Amazon ranks first among the best tool bags accessible online, and this brand has given all other brands a run for their money. The AmazonBasics small tool bag measures 16 inches in length and is the perfect size for organizing and transporting tools. The Amazon bag simplifies and streamlines your daily tasks.


  • There are 16 pockets in all to keep all of your tools and accessories.
  • There are 9 inside pockets and 7 external pockets to hold your small to medium sized tools.
  • To open and close the bag, there are two high-quality zippers.
  • The material used is oxford fabric with a wear-resistant PE foundation.


  • Bag size is small so does not accommodate many tools.

3. WORKPRO 16-inch Wide Mouth Tool Bag with Waterproof Molded Base

Hand tools and other small to medium-sized goods fit perfectly in the Tool Bag. The adjustable strap makes it simple to get to the contents. An outer mesh pocket contains personal goods, while a rubber foam bottom keeps the bag robust and protects the contents from heavy landings. a 600D

The WORKPRO backpacks are moderately priced, yet they are made with some extremely high-end features. WORKPRO is committed to providing consumers with high-quality tool bags that operate well. When carrying big things, the extra padded handle and adjustable shoulder strap provide extra comfort. You have a variety of options on how to carry.

The tool bag has a rigid and waterproof plastic foundation, and the robust bottom is waterproof for safeguarding hand tools when taking and placing them. A top double-pull zipper makes closing and opening the bag a breeze. You can easily pull from both sides.


  • The bag is protected from becoming wet and soiled by a molded waterproof base.
  • For durability, a 16-inch top wide mouth bag made of 600D polyester fabric was used.
  • There are 21 compartments and 8 belts for storage options.
  • The bag is intended for daily usage and is designed to be spacious enough to hold all of the tools.


  • The bag is small in size.

4. Carhartt Legacy Tool Bag 14-Inch, Carhartt Brown

Carhartt is a global premium workwear company with a long history of manufacturing robust products, having been founded in 1889. Carhartt is headquartered in Dearborn, Michigan, and is run by the descendants of the company’s founder, Hamilton Carhartt.

For the normal life of the product, Carhartt Work Bags, Packs, and Gear are protected against manufacturing defects in materials and workmanship.

Carhartt creates the world’s most premium, fashionable, trendy, stylish, and quirky tool bags to liven up and spice up your daily routine. The bag is made of synthetic fabric with Rain Defender to keep water out. YKK zippers, metal hardware, grip handles, triple needle stitching, and other features are included in the Carhartt legacy tool bags.

Large, robust, and well-organized, Carhartt Legacy tool bags are ideal for job-site professionals or serious DIYers. Legacy bags are made of durable synthetic fabric with Rain Defender water repellent to keep tools clean, dry, and accessible. With a variety of different sized pockets and loops, as well as an interior metal frame that offers stability to easily get in and out without the bag collapsing on itself, tools stay organized and easy to find.


  • For tools and other supplies, the best sturdy organizers bag is available.
  • There are 17 external pockets and 10 inner pockets in the main compartment, which is zippered.
  • The bag’s built-in metal frame keeps it from collapsing.
  • Triple needle stitch was utilized to make the bag out of synthetic fabric.


  • Tool slots are too shallow and too tight to hold tools.

5. Makita 831278-2 Heavy-Duty LXT Combo Kit Tool Bag

Makita Corporation was formed in 1915 and began with electric motors, but has since expanded to include tools and accessories. Makita products are known for their unsurpassed quality and longevity, thanks to the company’s excellent R&D skills, and have gained the trust of professional users all over the world.

Makita delivers the power, performance, and durability that professional users expect every day on job sites across the world with tools that are more compact, have less vibration, and feel better.

When travelling with tools, the Makita bag is highly recommended. Because to the high-quality shoulder straps, it is exceptionally sturdy and can withstand additional weight. Makita is a global brand that services 40 countries and has manufacturing sites in more than 8 nations. Internal pockets have straps to keep tools secure while in transport. Accessories and other items can be stored in the external pockets.


  • Internal Pockets have a strap to keep the tools from falling out when moving.
  • The bag is made of ballistic nylon.
  • Zips and straps of unrivalled quality.
  • The bag is both strong and small.      


  • After heavy use, the bag’s bottom support is prone to breaking.

6. ZOJO Reflective Tool Bags for Men & Women 16 inch Wide

The 16-inch wide ZOJO reflective tool bag is suitable for both men and women. The bag has three hook and loop closure compartments where you can store your most vital tools, including sharp equipment, so they don’t slide around and make a mess. Reflective straps are on the backpacks because they allow others to see you even in the dark, thanks to the ray of a car’s headlight.

Roofers, handymen, maintenance workers, construction workers, plumbers, electricians, carpenters, machinists, artisan, gardeners, and machinists, casual handyman-at-home, self-employed contractor, volunteer firefighter/EMT, real estate business, and so on.


  • Reflective pockets let it to be spotted even at 1000 feet with a headlight.
  • The bag is made out of 1680D water-resistant oxford fabric.
  • To make them survive longer, thicker zips were employed.
  • Because the height is 11”, the width is 9”, and the length is 16”, it provides greater storage space.


  • The metal element that holds the shoulder strap in place is easily broken.

7. Milwaukee 17 Inch Heavy Duty Canvas Tool Bag with 6 Interior Pockets

If you’re a professional or a do-it-yourselfer looking for a professional-looking tool bag, look no further than Milwaukee’s 17-inchers. This 17-mil canvas bag can keep your power tools, batteries, drill bits, chargers, and other jobsite essentials tucked away neatly and safely, ready for access when you need them. The lips of the mouth extend beyond the bag, allowing you to put every tool you own within.

Even if you’re leaving it on the ground in a dangerous situation, the padded bottom of this bag is great for keeping your essential equipment safe.

Fill this bag to the brim with your favorite power equipment or batteries. These handles are secured to the bag with a metal clip and cross-x stitching, ensuring that they won’t fall off anytime soon.

If this bag isn’t packed to the max, it won’t bounce around. When you want your mouth open, these support bars keep it open, and when you don’t, they keep it shut securely. If you have a shoulder strap, you can use it to loop it through the convenient metal rings on the side for optimal portability.


  • A reinforced bottom is affixed to the bag, making it hazard-free on any job site.
  • The bag’s handles are made with metal fasteners and cross stitching, making it ideal for heavy-duty use.
  • The bag’s mouth has support bars that keep it from falling over or collapsing.
  • Shoulder strap rings made of metal.


  • There is no shoulder strap included.

8. Husky 82003N11 18″ Water-Resistant Contractor/DIY Tool Bag 

You’ll need to keep tools on hand. You’ll need to keep your accessories in order. Your livelihood must be safeguarded. Husky is the only company that can meet these requirements. The largest in the red series, this 18-inch tool bag contains a whopping 29 total compartments, 13 on the inside and 16 on the exterior.

With a dual zipper design, it can hold more than other bags of similar size. You can pack this contractor’s dream full – over 30 pounds! – and still carry on in comfort with to the extra Bartec stitching and strong shoulder strap.

A single bag addresses all of your problems with storing and organizing equipment, so the Husky bag puts your mind at ease when it comes to tool storage. The bag is weather resistant, and it can hold up to 30 pounds of tools. The shoulder strap is linked to a metal ring for simple transport and does not cause excessive fatigue.


  • The area can be utilized to organize things better.
  • The bag can support loads of up to 30 pounds.
  • It’s made of 600-denier polyester spun tuff fabric and bartec stitching.


  • There are no pockets on the inside of the bag.

9. Klein Tools Tradesman Pro Wide-Open Tool Bag 55469

Klein Tools has been an American hand tool maker for over 160 years, producing high-quality, professional-grade tools that bring performance, durability, and precision. Using the greatest quality materials and exceptional workmanship, our staff continues to infuse six generations of expertise into each tool.

Since 1857, Klein Tools has been making exceptional products that stand up to the requirements of the professionals who use them on a daily basis.

The top of the Tradesman Pro tool bag stays open for easy tool access. Klein tools are well-known for their heavy-duty tools and other equipment, and their tool bags are no exception because of their unrivalled adaptability.

The interior of the bag is orange, with a wide mouth for easy access to your equipment. The bag’s interior contains pockets for storing your equipment, and the shoulder strap includes extra padding and handles for a secure grip. The 1680D ballistic weave boosts durability, while the completely molded bottom protects against the elements.


  • Keep the top open to keep your tools close at hand and for easy access to them.
  • Internal pockets come in a variety of sizes to accommodate a variety of equipment.
  • Multiple external pockets allow you to quickly access the tools you need.
  • The bag has mesh compartments on the sides and a ballistic weave.


  • The internal space is actually reduced when there are too many pockets.

10. Texsport Canvas Mechanics Tool Bag with Zipper

The Texsport tool bag is large enough to hold practically any type of tool for any job. The bag is built with a zipper for access to the main compartment and comes in two colors and two sizes. The bag has a good width of 11” inches, which gives it a long impression, but the height is just 7” inches.

The main pocket has a full-length heavy-duty zipper for quick access and dividers on the interior for organization. Two outer compartments have snap flap closures on the sides. The bag’s shape is maintained by the hard fiber bottom. 


  • The bottom of the bag is made of hard fiber to give it form.
  • To access the main compartment, there is a heavy-duty full-length zipper.
  • 2 flapped pockets on the outside of the bag, as well as a few interior separators
  • The bag comes in two colors and two sizes.


  • There are no pockets on the inside of the bag.
  • Because the bag’s flap isn’t long enough, tools fall out of the side compartments.

11. WORKPRO 13-inch Tool Bag, Wide Mouth Tool Bag

For endurance and durability, this Close-top Wide-Mouth Storage Bag is comprised of 600D polyester material. While in use, the firm bottom can maintain its stability. The bag can be opened with a broad mouth for simple organization and access, thanks to the double-pull zipper closure and steel wire in the bag’s edge to keep it in shape. There are several pockets that can be used for a variety of purposes.


  • It’s well-made and comes with useful pouches.
  • High-quality.
  • Fantastic value for money.
  • Durability and strength.


  • The inner side pocket is shallow and appears to be difficult to access.

12. Carhartt Trade Series Tool Bag

Carhartt Trade Series Tool Bags are made of tough poly and treated with Rain Defender to keep tools clean, dry, and accessible. With a variety of different sized pockets and loops, as well as an interior metal frame that offers stability to easily get in and out without the bag collapsing on itself, tools stay organized and easy to find.

YKK zippers, metal hardware, durable comfort-grip haul handles, triple needle stitching, and the Carhartt logo patch are all included in the Carhartt Trade Series Tool Bags. For the normal life of the product, these are covered by a limited guarantee against manufacturing defects in materials and workmanship.


  • Professional single layer pockets, strong double layered construction, subtle look
  • Pockets on the inside and outside, as well as loops of various sizes


  • The bag is a little heavy – the two layer structure is unnecessary for my needs.
  • Heavy tools may drop in the pockets because they are shallow

13. DeWalt DG5553 40 Pocket 18 Inch Pro Contractor’s Closed Top Tool Bag

There are lots of pockets to organize with in the DEWALT 40 pocket, 18 inch pro contractor’s closed top tool bag. The tool bag is tough, with foundation cushion feet to help prevent abrasion and wear. The top of the bag also stays open for convenient access to tools and parts.

Easy access to tools and parts thanks to the pop-open design and huge inside compartment. Base pad feet and heavy-duty poly fabric structure help to reduce wear and abrasion.


  • Excellent build quality.
  • It basically takes everything we need for a job.
  • Shoulder strap with a lot of strength


  • When the bag is empty, it is quite heavy.
  • Outside, the pockets are narrow, not wider.

Final Thoughts:

The tool bags are dependable, inexpensive, and give a simple way to transport your gear. Furthermore, the tool bag you select should include all necessary tools and accessories, allowing you to quickly select any of them when the need comes. When it comes to purchasing a tool bag, the durability and ease of carrying are critical considerations.

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