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Essential Gaming Laptop Buying Guide | 6th one is important

It’s 2021 and gaming industry is peaking at the next level. If you are not a new age gamer then you might be missing something, but something more experience, quality and the latest theme of games. Here we have described Essential gaming laptop Buying Guide: 6 important things in this article.

So let’s get started with the guide to purchasing the best gaming laptop.

1.Processor + speed



4.Hardware Quality (not really if you are willing to change in next 3 years which like you will

5.Screen size



Gaming Laptop Buying Guide

So let’s get into each and every aspect of gaming laptop mentioned above so we can understand why is it important and why you should purchase a laptop with specific components only. Yeah, getting educated will also give you the ability to purchase a product online.

1. Processor 

motherboard - Gaming Laptop Buying Guide

the processor is the core part or heart of any CPU,  having high-speed processor allows you to play high end games without an interruption or lag in performance. It is important to have a high speed processor in your laptop as it helps in every aspect of gaming.

Which process with how much speed is enough for gaming?

There is no right or wrong answer for this question. It all depends on what kind of gaming you want to do on your gaming laptop.

 It is recommended to maintain the minimum of i5 processor and it ’s good enough for basic gaming.

if you’re planning to some really high-end gaming then I would recommend you to go with i7 Processor and 2.5 GHz and up to 3.8 GHz processors.

You should also consider the boosted speed available with the laptops. Boosted speed is the maximum speed of the processor which can be achieved by cloaking to improve the performance of your gaming laptop.

2. Graphics card

graphic card

Graphics card is the second most important component of any gaming laptop.  A good graphics card will help your laptop to process high resolution/ high-quality graphic data.

For a started or mid-level gamer 2GB of Graphics card is good to start with, but having 8 GB graphic laptop will open the doors of high-end gaming.

It is pretty sure that everyone doesn’t play high-end games, that means they don’t require a high-end graphics card to process,  but if you really want to play from basic to high-end games then it is recommended to go with 16GB or 8GB graphic card gaming laptops.

3. RAM

RAM is basically a memory component in a gaming laptop allows you to store the live running data in a run of the computer. That means if you want to play games which are so big in size (ie: 8GB+) then it is recommended to maintain a good amount of RAM in your laptop.

You should also maintain a good amount of RAM if you want to install multiple games and many applications in a single operating system.  

To do gaming on a laptop you should have a minimum of  4 GB of RAM(beginner level), 16 GB RAM or 32 GB RAM if you prefer to do high-end gaming.

4. Hardware quality

There are so many gaming laptop brands in the market but no doubt that all not same and deliver best performance at some or other level.  

thick gaming laptop


Few gaming laptops might be good with the huge screen, some other might be good with their processing capability.

So it is important to take care of some important aspect before you purchase or you will end up purchasing what companies sell for every other customer.

I know it can be a complex deal to find them so we made the list of top 10 gaming laptop brands for various prices.

Which are the top rated gaming laptop brands and deliver the best quality hardware?

There is no right or wrong answer for this question, but considering the whole performance and the industry we found these companies and made them in a series.

  1. Alienware
  2. Razor
  3. HP OMEN
  4. ASUS
  5. MSI

These laptop manufacturers produce the laptops which are good in quality as well as performance. Their hardware quality is comparatively better than other gaming laptop manufacturers. 

5. Screen Size

big screen gaming laptop
Big Screen Gaming Laptop

You cannot enjoy gaming without having a big screen. big screen matters for all kind of gaming, it gives you a better view of the whole gaming atmosphere. Looking at the other aspect of big screen, it gives you uninterrupted focus which allows doing gaming without any interruption.

What is the ideal screen size of a gaming laptop?

15.6 laptop screen, it’s pretty much popular in the industry.  But if your someone who needs mobility with the same gaming laptop then you might have to purchase a 13 inches gaming laptop screen as it will easy to carry, handle and less in weight.

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6. Technology

Technology changes every year, every 3 and 6 months you will find a laptop which will be claimed to be better than what you own already.

The new gaming laptop will have some new technology in it which will be highlighted by the laptop brands.  

But be attentive, the new feature can also be a marketing technique to sell new gaming laptops.

The honest thoughts on the latest technology is, it really doesn’t matter which technology laptop you are using if you can run the same game on your laptop without any lag.

Remember the ideal job gaming laptops to play games without any lag, having cool things connected to your laptop if the second thing and it changes over time.

7. Performance

the overall performance of the laptop matters, it includes hardware quality, screen quality, processing ability and efficiency to perform high-end games with any lag.  

8. Where should you purchase? Online OR Offline

Well, it all depends on how excited you are and how much time you can wait to get your gaming laptop. Well, here is some of the advantage and disadvantage of purchasing a gaming laptop online & Offline.

Purchasing a gaming laptop Offline

  1. You can see feel and touch before you pay but you won’t be able to see reviews of old customers

  2. You have limited number of laptops

  3. The shopkeeper can blush you till you do the transaction

  4. May not find the best you are looking as the numbers are limited

  5. If you get any trouble with money, defective product, it is 100% sure that it is taken care by the offline store.

Purchasing a gaming laptop Online

  1. You don’t see the laptop in your hand but you can see what people are telling about it.

  2. You will get thousands of option of gaming laptops.

  3. You can sort all the laptops in a few clicks and then decide the color you prefer

  4. You have the ability to return/exchange/refund the laptop if you find it defective.

  5. Shopping Website like Amazon gives you 100% assurity about the money.

  6. No one yells at you even if you decide not to purchase

Now, do you have to consider all these facts while purchasing a gaming laptop?

Of course yes. I know it will be time taking process but if you are lazy enough then look at our top 10 gaming laptop list.

Now you don’t have to go one by one to each and every laptop and check the performance and decide but instead, you can directly go to Amazon and sort the product OR look at the best gaming laptop list.

Well, I think this guide to purchasing a gaming laptop will be helpful for you. I am sure you may also like to see

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