Wiring Diagram of an Air Conditioner

How Air conditioners Evolved?

Evolution of AC’s:

The heat Environment around us, especially in summer makes us look for something which can control the Environment of our rooms. Many homes started using fans atleast to control the temperature. But American borders has started using Cooling systems in 19th century. While some of the companies has passed water through their cooler to cool down their rooms. This effort has continued while for year and finally led to the evolution of  Air Conditioner.

Do you know that There were cooling systems in kings era?

Earlier people were using small manual fanning system to get them relaxed from hot air. Integration of fans system use to take part in kings regions. Where one of the king asked to build a big cooling fan system using mountain snow. This was the biggest cooling system ever in world.

Introduction of Ac in Kings Era

Evolution of Ac's

Later on Willis Carrier invented the modern AC system in 1902. Which used the functionality of passing air through cool coils which produces cool air to slow down the humidity.  Then again in 1922 willis upgraded the system for reducing the noise by implementing a central compressor. But the cost was high which normal families can’t afford it. Only movie theatres were having this AC systems.

AC’s in 1930’s:

Evolution of Ac's

In 1930’s AC’s size was reduced and are costly also, which enabled only business offices to have AC’s. People were feeling comfortable to go to big shops, which has boosted many business sales. This has continued for whole 1930 century, while upgradation was in process. Conditioner was placed outside of window and air passed through the cool coils generates cool air, which is passed into room through pipes. while other normal families has adjusted with fans.

AC’s in 1940’s:

Evolution of Ac's

It took more 10-20 years from 1930 to create a buying interest in normal families as the cost also had been reduced a lot. The cost of an AC system was nearly $10,000 in 1930‡s. Days has brought a lot of changes in AC System‡s sales due to reduce in price and introduction of new featured Ac System‡s in market. The Electricity consumption of AC was a big challenge for Scientists, which took time to release new AC upgrades in couple of years. The size reduction made it comfortable for place anywhere at home.

Types of Air Conditioner in Current Era

Split AC

Split AC comes in 2 parts outdoor unit and indoor unit. Outdoor unit blows the hot air out from the room and indoor unite blows cool air in the room. 

WIndow Air Conditioner

Window Air Conditioner comes in a single part unlike split AC and cost less than split air conditioners. Window AC is mostly used in small offices, homes and cabins. 

top 10 best portable air conditioner

Portable AC is the best Air Conditioner to keep cool air available everywhere in the room. As the name defines, it is movable anywhere in the room and comes with wheels in the bottom. 

Electrical Wiring of an Air Conditioner

Wiring Diagram of an Air Conditioner

Now, you will get AC’s from normal to high costs with varied features. AC’s has breaked the point that AC’s could be bought only by big budget families. Different AC brands started providing multiple AC’s at normal and best budgets. This brought up people to AC showrooms and buy Air Conditioners at every Best cost.

AC’s are even available in categories like portable, centralised Ac’s. It gives customers a lot of options to choose their best products.

How Air Conditioners work?

Things to keep in mind while Purchasing an Air Conditioner


Thermostat: It helps you define the cooling capability.

Remote: This allows to adjust the settings without clicking on the options usually mounted on the device.

Programmable Timer: Timer helps in setting the time for and switched on device to off or switched off device to be on in an interval of time.

Air Direction Control: It allows us to set the direction of air flow out. It could be helpful when placed in bedrooms for particular direction air flow.

Filter Type: The most common filter need to be replaced after some specified time. But other Standard filters can be washed to be reusable.


Dehumidifier is a feature in the modern air conditioners which allows to reduce the humidity in the room. More than 90% of air conditioners are manufactured by big companies like Honeywell, LG, MitsuBishi and more. These companies follow all the guidelines of local government and sell their air conditioners in the local on online marketplaces. 

Multifunction Air Conditioners:

The years after 2015 has been a big change in the air conditioner market. Companies started producing air conditioners which gives cool air but also reduces the humidity in the room. 

In these days people prefer to purchase air conditioner over fans and most of air conditioners comes with fan feature where the air cooling system is turned off and system is used as air cooler. 

Keeping these features in mind will help you purchase a best AC for your homes which lasts for long.

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