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How to select the best gaming laptop in Canada? | Brand list included

Gaming laptops are supplied by so many manufacturers in all over the world but there are very few which produces some really good value for the customer.

There is a small list of considerable things people should know while selecting a gaming laptop in Canada.

Purchasing a gaming laptop can be overwhelming for sure but if you are not sure what kind of gaming laptop you are looking for then our guide how to select the best gaming laptop is for you.

Let’s get started with the guide how to select the best gaming laptop in Canada

There are 4 things you should consider while purchasing a gaming laptop

1. RAM

RAM is also known for random access memory, it is the memory in which all the data is stored temporarily when you play games on your laptop. The larger RAM you have in your laptop the better and flexible it will be for a gamer and operating system to process several functions without stuck issues.

2. laptop screen

laptop screen is one of the most important components used take care while selecting a gaming laptop. Once again The bigger screen you have the bigger view of the game you will have.

Also the latest display technology laptop screen you have the better quality images and graphics you experience while playing games on your laptop.

it will be a good investment to purchase the latest technology (IPS for now) laptop screen, but if you are low with a budget then going with Ultra HD or HD display will not be a bad idea.

3. The brand

There are so many laptop companies, It is pretty sure that all are not good. so which one you should go with, their, HP, Lenovo or Alienware gaming laptops.

I recommend my visitors to go with laptops which have the ability to last longer and have the ability to process high-end games without any lag.

4. The processor

The processor is the heart of core motherboard, it is important as a laptop cannot run high end games without having a well build processor. The amount of cache storage in a laptop is something gamers consider while purchasing a gaming laptop online. The higher the processing speed is the better and uninterrupted gaming experience you will have while playing games, however Having a 3000 + gigahertz processor speed would be highly recommended for any kind of gaming laptop.

Which laptop brand is best in Canada?

OR the right question might be

What is the recommended gaming laptop brand?

So, Here is a list of best laptop brands you should look into before you purchase a gaming laptop online.


razor gaming laptops

Razon is worldwide popular laptop and component manufacturing brand. Razer is known for its quality gaming laptop brands in the market. The gaming laptop produced by razor are less in weight and has good performance even they are thinner in size and weights lesser. Razor spend millions of dollars in research and development about hardware and software to make gaming laptop thinner and look better to enhance the user experience.


alienware gaming laptops

Alienware, a subsidiary of Dell systems. Alienware is popular for its thick and badass gaming laptops in the world. The average pricing of Alienware laptops cost around $1,400 to $1800. however, if they’re looking for a high-end gaming from Alienware then check this link.


ASUS Gaming laptops

Asus is a Taiwanese computer and mobile hardware manufacturing company. Asus laptops are popular for its low pricing and highly configured laptops. Asus laptops are not that cool in look compared to Razer or Alienware laptops but the cost of the laptop is something with attracting thousands of Gamers to purchase it. There is another considerable fact about ASUS laptop is they get slower in usage or after 3 years.


ASUS Gaming laptops

HP is an American multinational technology company which produces number of components for the IT industry. HP has got laptop named HP OMAN which are really coll looking gaming laptop considering the look, performance and pricing. HP is also one of the top laptop and mobile manufacturing company in the world and produces some really good quality gaming laptops and office essentials. The good thing about HP us that they deliver some really challenging Hardware quality to their customers.

So hope this guide to purchasing a gaming laptop will help you in selecting a best gaming laptop for you.

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