[2021] Top 10 Best Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Boards in Canada

Inflatable stands up paddle board:

SUP( Stand Up Paddle) boarding is one of the most paddling habits for people living near to the seashores. Especially people from countries like Canada, Australia, Brazil, Argentina, united states are more likely to participate in this surfing activity.

Surfing leaves a lot of fun, in fact, people join coaching and help of experts to learn to surf in right way and learn it.

This surfing habit has become an exercise reliving people from stress, tension, a pleasant time far away from regular tech stuff.

In this article, We have listed the top 10 best inflatable stands up paddle boards in Canada. We have also added a small review which will give you an overview of the product. To know more about the product, you can just click on the “Amazon” button and get the latest price and more information about the particular product.

Top 10 Best inflatable stand up paddle board Canada

Bright Blue 11’6
  • 11’6″ Long x 33″ Wide x 6″Thick
  • 6 stainless steel D-rings
  • Can handle up to 325 lbs
  • Compact Package (Rollable hence easy to carry)
THURSO SURF Paddle Board
  • Size 10’6 x 31” x 6”
  • Can handle up to 380 lbs
  • Aluminium or fibreglass paddles, carbon shaft
  • 2 Year Full Warranty(Can be replaced or Refund)
California Board Company (Model 103)
  • 11′ x 31-inch x 6-Inch
  • Controlled-shaped system
  • Up to 15 psi pressure
  • does not come with a kayak paddle kit or a moulded seat
  • Have average customer review
Aqua Marina Stand-up Fusion 
  • Comes in 330.2 x 76.2 x 15.2 cm
  • Can handle up to 308.647 lbs
  • have a Good customer review
  • Looks professional and comes with extra accessories
  • Dimensions 350.5 x 83.8 x 15.2 cm
  • Comes with EVA anti-slip deck traction pad
  • Very Good Customer Review
  • 2 Year Manufacturers Warranty
  •  11’6″ Long x 33″ Wide x 6″Thick
  • 6 stainless steel for D-rings + 1 for ankle leash
  • Can handle up to 325 lbs
  • Pressure up to 7fps
  • Board Dimension 52.1 x 48.3 x 7.4 cm
  • Comes with kayak Seat
  • Can be a good purchase
  • The paddle should be purchased separately
  • Dimensions 9’9” x 30″ x 6″
  • Weights around 11.1 Kgs
  • Comes with 3 section paddle and complete package
  • Pretty Good Customer Review
  • Can handle up to 264 lbs
FunWater for every skilled(All in One)
  • Dimension 10’6×33″×6″
  • All in one package
  • Super Light Weight
  • Waterproof Travel bag
  • Can handle up to 350 lbs
  • 1-year warranty, Risk-Free
  • Free return under 30 days
  • Dimension 10’ x 31” x 6”
  • Weights around 17.5 Lbs
  • Constructed with Military Grade PVC(Highly Secured and undamageable)
  • 1 YEAR WARRANTY ON MATERIALS, 30 Days Free Return
  • Good Customers Review
Ten Toes Weekender
  • 10’x30x6″.
  • Can Handle up to 250 lbs.
  • 1 Year Warranty.
  • The good Color combination makes it look Professional.

1. iRocker Paddle Boards Inflatable 10′ 6″ Long 33″ Wide 6″ Thick SUP Package

iRocker best inflatable stand up paddle board canada

IRocker Paddle board is the stable and flexible paddle board.  Its weight limit is up to 350 lbs with 33 wide thickness. low weight feel when inflated to 15 PSI.  High Quality Fibre Glass Paddle. High capacity dual action pump makes inflating the paddle more easy.  Comfortable Strong Bag pack to hold the paddle accessories makes shifting easily from land to sea. 2 year warranty. It is one of the Best Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board in Canada.

2. Bright Blue Stand Up Paddle board 11’6″ Inflatable SUP

Bright Blue Stand Up Paddle board 11'6" Inflatable SUP

Bright Blue stand Up Paddleboard is one of the best inflatable stand up paddle board. It is extremely strong with a weight limit of up to 325lbs. It has feature same as hardboard full inflated to max 15 PSI. Its’ dimensions are 11.6 Long x 33 wide x 6 Thick.

It Includes 1 stainless steel D-rings for ankle leash,6 stainless steel D-rings, and bungee for carrying items. EVA anti-slip diamond groove deck traction pad. Webbing carrying handle | Detachable fin | Repair Kit(Wrench, Fabric included). The Bag pack is enough to hold any accessories of the paddle. It is one of the Best Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board in Canada.

3. THURSO SURF Waterwalker Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

THURSO SURF Waterwalker best Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

The Thurso shaft water walker inflatable stand up paddleboard makes easy boarding. The paddle bag has everything you need. 1 inflatable SUP board, 1 CARBON shaft paddle, traction pads, 3 removable fins, 1 leash, deck bungees, 1 deck bag, 1 easy-carry handle, 1 wrapping strap, 1 pump, and 1 storage bag comes in the bag. It could be carried everywhere by placing it at the back of your car or handling on the bike. It has 2-years of warranty. Could be replaced within 6 months of any problem in the board because 100% quality ensured. It is one of the Best Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board.

4. California Board Company 11′ Nautic Inflatable Stand up Paddle Board 

California Board Company 11′ Nautic Inflatable Stand up Paddle Board

Model Number: 103

Nautic inflatable board is made of three layers of pvc making it strong and suitable for boarding. A high pressure pump inflates it to the 15 psi for best shape and boarding. The dimensions 335.2 x 15.2 x 78.7 cm are best suitable for boarding. The item weight is 10.5 kg. This features make it one of the best inflatable stand up paddle board canada.

5. Aqua Marina Inflatable Stand-up Fusion Paddle Board

Aqua Marina Inflatable Stand-up Fusion Paddle Board

Aqua Marina inflatable Stand-up paddle board has sculpted balance flow curves board design. Durable 6 inch (15cm) double-wall drop stitch core material makes it strong for boarding at high speeds. Optimum air pressure in all conditions, up to 15psi. EVA deck: honeycomb groove, heat Embossed, maximum traction and durability. The dimensions  330.2 x 76.2 x 15.2 cm are enough making it one of the best inflatable stand up paddle board Canada.

6. BRIGHT BLUE Reinforced Double Layer 11’6″ Inflatable Stand Up Paddle board

BRIGHT BLUE Reinforced Double Layer 11'6" best Inflatable Stand Up Paddle board

Bright Blue Reinforced Double layered board is a light weight paddle board of all. It’s easy to carry it to the sea from home and supports well while boarding. Aluminum Paddle, Bravo Hand Pump with Single/Dual Action & pressure gauge, Detachable Center Fin. Carry Bag with shoulder straps, Coil Leash, Repair Kit with valve wrench are the accessories of it.

The 1 stainless steel D-rings for ankle leash 10 stainless steel D-rings and bungee for carrying items.  EVA anti-slip deck traction pad | Bright Blue Embroidery black padded webbing handle | Add PVC patch around center fin box for Reinforce . Double Layer Rail | With 2 Layer Stringers are extremely good parts of it. Bright Blue Reinforced board is one of the best inflatable stand up paddle board Canada.

7. Stand Up Paddle Bright Blue board Inflatable 

Stand Up Paddle Bright Blue board Inflatable

Stand up Paddle board canada with better Dimensions:9’6″ Long x 33″ Wide x 6″Thick. Includes 1 stainless steel D-rings for ankle leash | 4 stainless steel D-rings and bungee for carrying items | EVA anti-slip deck traction pad | Bright Blue Embroidery carrying handle | 3 fins. High-pressure inflatable paddleboard. Sleek, lightweight and fast. Extremely rigid and strong, the weight Limit of up to 280 lbs – Similar to a hard board when fully inflated to 15 PSI Max. Ultra Portable: No need for roof racks, can be rolled up into compact package, throw it in the trunk of your car or travel the world with it in your luggage. and easy to store in any closet. It is one of the best Inflatable stand up paddle board Canada.

8. iROCKER Inflatable Paddle Board Kayak Seat

iROCKER Inflatable Paddle Board Kayak Seat

This paddle has 4 straps and clips, 2 on each side, used to keep the kayak seat secure to your paddle board. Highest quality material used in order to provide the most back support. Designed for maximum comfort and durability. Will fit all iRocker Paddle Board Models. It is one of the best inflatable stand up paddle board in canada.

9. ZRAY X1 – ALL AROUND Inflatable Stand-Up Paddle Board 

ZRAY X1 - ALL AROUND Inflatable Stand-Up Paddle Board

Zray x1 is Easy to store and carry – Measuring 9’9” x 30″ x 6″ when inflated, weight 24.47 lbs (11.1 kg). Can be rolled up into sleeping bag size and put into a backpack for easy transport and storage. Accessories – 1 pump, 1 aluminum 3-section paddle, 1 fin and 1 backpack. Fully inflated, it feels very similar to a hard board (15 PSI max) and support beginner riders up to 264lbs. Zray ais one of the Best Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board.

10. iRocker Paddle Board 10′ (6″ Thick) Inflatable SUP

iRocker Paddle Board 10' (6" Thick) Inflatable SUPa

iRocker Paddle has EXCLUSIVE SPORT DESIGN 10′ Long x 30″ Wide x 6″ .the Thick Weight Limit up to 350lbs Board Weight 20 lbs makes it different from other boards. 30 GUARANTEE No Risk Returns within 30 days – 2 YEAR WARRANTY on Materials. COMPLETE PACKAGE Includes Board Adjustable Paddle Carry Backpack Dual Action Hand Pump. ULTRA DURABLE Constructed with Triple Layer Military Grade PVC Its Tough from Tip to Tail Rail to Rail.  It is one of the Best Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board.

All the above-listed SUP(Stand Up Paddle Boards) are of built with high-quality material, comes with great flexibility and many of them come with company warranty. Home the list helps you and let us know what do you think about this list. if we haven’t listed your favourite SUP board then don’t forget to comment below.

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Types of Stand Up Paddle Board?

types of boards

There are 5 basic types of boards.

  1. Surf specific boards: – Surf specific boards are usually narrower, shorter, lighter, and have a narrower nose and tail. They are designed for surfing that means the provide quick turns and high performance.
  2. All-around/Touring boards: – These boards are typically much wider and longer as compared to surfboards. These also have a greater volume and a pointed nose. These boards are made entirely for flat-water.
  3. Inflatable standup paddleboards: – These are lightweight paddle boards that give you all your time on paddleboards. It solves the problem of storage and transportation.
  4. Racing Boards: –  Race boards are different. They have much longer, narrower and have an extremely pointy nose. They are designed so you can stay on one track and cut through the water as fast as possible. That means they are meant for racing.
  5. Yoga Boards: – Sup Yoga boards are wider and longer the wave boards. They have a soft top and wide area to perform yoga. These provide a new and peaceful way to do your yoga. These are also supplied with various exercise tools like resistance bands and safety equipment like PFD’s.

Why Inflatable paddle board?

Inflatable paddle board

You can either go for hard paddle board or inflatable paddle board. You’ll want a hard paddle board if, you plan on only using it at local beaches, lakes, bays or, you want to catch waves & go SUP surfing, or you’re a load and go paddler or you want optimal performance, agility, and speed when paddle boarding. If not, then you should go for an inflatable paddle board. Inflatable paddle board offers many features, such as: –

  • They are easy to transport. They are compact and small when deflated and fit nicely into a carry bag.
  • It can be very difficult and costly to travel with a fiberglass board, but that is not the case with the inflatable paddle board.
  • Everyone falls at some point while stand-up paddling, but on an inflatable paddle board you won’t feel it.
  • It is more stable on the water.
  • It is durable.

So, knowing everything, you can easily decide why to buy inflatable paddle board. And when you have made your mind, this article is going to help you know the things you must consider, before buying one.

Here, I will be discussing “how to select a good Inflatable paddle board?”.

Things to consider before selecting an Inflatable Paddle Board: –

There are some points you must consider before buying an inflatable paddle board, which include: –

1. Size

Selecting the right size SUP based on your height and weight is most important. If you are tall and heavy, you will need a larger board for more stability. And if you are small and weigh less then you will need a smaller board.

2. Thickness of board

Thickness affects the volume and hence the weight capacity. So, it is an important factor. Thicker boards are stiffer, while thinner boards are more stable. However, SUP boards are so well made they feel just as solid as hard boards, regardless of their thickness.

3. SUP Length

Length of a SUP is important, as it decides its handling. Longer boards are faster than shorter boards, but shorter boards are more maneuverable. So, pick the right length according to the volume needed.

4. SUP Width

The width of a SUP is important, as it decides its handling. A wide board offers more stability but is slower. Whereas a skinny board is less stable but is really fast. And if the board is too wide, it will be difficult to paddle. It also affects the volume, so choose carefully.

5. Board Surface

When you’re choosing a SUP, always consider the top surface of the board. The board might have several special features which could influence your decision like the anti-slip traction pads on the top side. So, always look for the features.

6. SUP Fins

Fins add tracking and stability to a paddle board. In general, larger provide more stability than smaller fins. On the other hand, a smaller fin provides better maneuverability. So, you should also consider the fins of the paddle board.

7. Price

Price of paddle boards is important. Though inflatable paddle boards are cheaper than hard paddle boards. But it can be pricey. Pick the right paddle board with an affordable price. You also need to buy all the other accessories for it. So, calculate all the expense and spend wisely.

8. Brand

There are dozens of companies that provide very good quality and fashionable paddle boards. Purchase your SUP from a longstanding company with a good reputation and customer service so you’ll be able to enjoy a good customer service and your product might last longer. Contact friends and choose a company that you can trust.

9. Safety

Though SUP’s are generally safe, and some come with extra safety features. But if you are buying it for your kid, then you must consider some safety features, such as the Anti-slip feature in some cases.

10. Warranty Information

Inflated Paddle Board are premeditated to last long. So read the warranty information and make sure it is fine enough for you before you choose the SUP.

11. User review

Before buying any product you must consider the opinion of other people who have used the product. You can get a genuine and a clear idea about the product and can easily decide, whether to invest or not. So, read the review of people who used the board.


An Inflatable paddle board can be a great investment for you if you love going to places for vacations. And don’t have large storage space. You can easily take it to wherever you go, without any worries. So, you must go for the best one. Read the article carefully, and make your choice accordingly.

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