Liectroux B3000 Robot Vacuum Cleaner Review

The Liectroux B3000 Robot Vacuum Cleaner is an intelligent vacuum cleaner which has some over-the-top features, which make it completely irresistible.

It is a 4-in-1 product, i.e. it has functions of a sweeper, vacuum cleaner, moper and a sterilizer. It is the all-rounder product you were saving up for, to make cleaning chores a cake walk. Priced at CDN$ 199.99 and free home delivery, it is a deal you would not want to think twice about.

With 4 out of 5 star rating, the reviews convey the excellence and efficiency of this product. The company Liectroux has brought in some new technology into this arena of products, revolutionising the way a home is cleaned.

Liectroux B3000 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

With the 4-in-1 functionality of the cleaner, one can assume that Liectroux B3000 Robot Vacuum Cleaner has the ability almost all type of floors and spaces. However, considering the price range and the area it can effectively clean, it is ideally meant for smaller, residential spaces, rather than large commercial spaces.

Also, with the kind of height it has, it is pretty evident that it can clean under low-lying furniture. Not to forget the true HEPA filter will help to keep the house not only cleaner, but healthier too.

Liectroux B3000 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Appropriate for marble, short carpet, ceramic tiles, and wood flooring, the vacuum cleaner has the ability to charge itself whenever it is draining. Liectroux B3000 Robot Vacuum Cleaner has various highlights; including anti- fall, anti-collision and auto-recharge, along with having amazing suction power to cleanup all types of pollutants. You can choose amongst the 4 modes the product has to offer: Auto, Spot, Edge and Schedule cleaning. A unique feature of the design: multiple filtering helps to separate the dust and wood.

Liectroux B3000 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

This way it avoids the blocking of the dust collector. With its Prime and HEPA filters, the vacuum cleaner is capable of cleaning and filtering dust with 0.03 micro, eradicating second-pollution.

Liectroux B3000 Robot Vacuum Cleaner is designed in a way to give a deep clean under low lying furniture, as it is only 3.54 inches in height. Thus, it will clean places which are not usually accessible to you.

Since it comes with a 2000MaH Ni-MH Battery, you don’t have to worry about it running out of battery, time and again. Coupled with that, the cleaner can easily clean a whole house of 200 square meters in one full charge. If you’re employed and are busy for long hours, you can be stress-free with this device.

Liectroux B3000 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

With this, you can schedule cleaning timings for days of the week; so that by the time you come home, it is completely clean. Apart from this, if you want to direct your vacuum cleaner to go in certain directions in the house, you can do it with the remote it comes with. You also don’t have to worry about putting it on charge whenever it drains, since it has the auto-recharging option.

With its intelligent features, the robot will return to its charging station, wherever it is kept and plugged into a switch. The dustbin is very easy to clean, all you have to do is wipe the dust and rinse it with water. The in-the-box accessories include a cleaning brush tool, which can be used for this purpose. Some of the other features it includes are anti-twinning, voice prompt, anti-falling, amongst many others.

Liectroux B3000 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

To get an idea about the success of the product you are about to buy, one should always read verified reviews about the same. On the same lines, there have been many complaints, as mentioned in customer and critics’ reviews.

One of the most common issues faced by critics is that the vacuum cleaner would stop working during the test itself. Next would be regarding the cleaning performance. As cited by a number of customers, apart from tech geeks, Liectroux B3000 Robot Vacuum Cleaner is not as powerful and efficient as other ones of different brands.

There are many alternatives, in the same product line and price range, that give a better output, in terms of cleaning. Also, there are many other competitors which give more number of features with the same price tag also. Lastly, it is apprehended by many that the TV light is not effective enough.

Liectroux B3000 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Liectroux B3000 Robot Vacuum Cleaner Specifications:

A lot of people, with the required knowledge can analyse if a product is worth it or not. After all, what the company has to offer can be mentioned via the specification list, given by the same. Thus, for those who want fact, instead of evidence to make their own judgement, the following table gives you some of the most important information you might need.

Model NumberB3000PLUS
Width13.39 in/ 34 cm
Height3.54 in/ 9 cm
Weight3 kgs
Noise level 50 db
Cleaning area2583 ft2 / 240 m2
Suction Power1,200 Pa
Cleaning modesauto, edge, spot
Dustbin capacity0.3 L
Wet MoppingYes
Water tank capacity0.3 L
HEPA FilterYes
Bare Floor TypesMarble, Ceramic Tile, Laminate, Wood
Battery capacity2200 mAh
Run time90 mins.
Charging time240 mins.
Rated Power25 W
IR Remote controlYes
Manual movement controlYes
Smartphone AppNo
Amazon Alexa/ Google Assistant SupportNo
Virtual WallNo
SensorsAnti- drop
In the boxCharging Base, Remote Control, Space Isolator (Battery Not Included), Adapter, Cleaning Tool, User Manual,2 Extra Side Brushes, Extra HEPA Filter
Warranty12 months

Before a customer makes such a heavy amount purchase, it is always advisable to watch demo and review videos available across the internet. There is an ample amount of resources one can access so as to be well aware of what they are buying. This link will lead you to a YouTube video which will give you a second hand experience of using the Liectroux B3000 Robot Vacuum Cleaner. Be sure to check out before you head out to the retail or Amazon store.

It can be very hard to spot out the vacuum cleaner that best suits your needs. It is even more difficult to find a vacuum cleaner which gives you features more than you expected. If you’re a working person, especially living alone, this is the just the right cleaner for your house. It can also be considered a good buy for small to medium sized homes. Without burning your pocket, it does the job without any hassle and pretty much works at par with its competitors. Hope it turns out be a fantastic investment for you. Till then, happy shopping.

Liectroux B3000 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Liectroux is a leading consumer robot company in the global market. It specialises in the design and manufacturing of exceptional robotic devices which make your life easier. One of their most products is the product in focus: LIECTROUX B3000PLUS. The company, born in 2013, was founded with an aim to empower people to do more both inside and outside their homes, with their high quality products. Products which they have by far manufactured and sold to a huge clientele would include robotic vacuum cleaners.

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