worst washing machine brands in canada

List of Washing Machines Brands to Avoid in Canada

Washing Machines have been really useful, as compared to the traditional methods of washing clothes. Washing machines have really made our life clean and comfortable. Now, we can easily wear clean clothes without any hard work. Now, we only have to put on our clothes and add water and detergent.  And the rest is left to the machine. And till then, we can do all the other stuff we want.

There are many companies, manufacturing different machines with new technologies and different features. But there are some companies which you can avoid if you are looking for a great washing experience. Based on only user reviews, I have created this list of washing machines brands to avoid in Canada. It can also be a good product if you turn out to purchase them.

List of Washing Machines Brands to Avoid in Canada

1. UNBrand

There is not much information about the brand on the net. One of its washing machine available on Amazon is “24″ Ventless Washer Dryer Combo – White Color”. There are no any reviews about the product and can be fake. It is better to buy from a known brand, as you are not purchasing on the streets.

The brand can also be a hoax, and you might end up wasting your money. So, it’s better to be careful.

2. Unique

This is another brand about which not much information could be found. One of its washing machine product is “Unique Portable Washing Machine with Off-Grid Capabilities”. This machine also has no reviews and can be fake. There is no other product by the company on the sites.

So, it would be better if you stay away from these.

3. China

There is also some product which is listed as, manufactured by China named company. One of the products which I came across was “5kg Compact Portable Washing Machine / Washer (MAE50-1102PS, 1.6 Cu./11lbs) 2017”, but there were many. There were some reviews about the product, which only say that it is a scam. So, it may be.

Although sites show that that the product is not currently available, if in future you come across them, you must be aware.

4. Bismi

This is not a fake company or a scam. It is a genuine company. One of its products is “Bismi Professional Grade Compact Portable Washing Machine”. According to user reviews, half of them found it to be a useful product and the other half found it to be a disaster. Although, this can be a good product instead. So, you must examine it carefully.

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How to select the Right Washing Machine?

Before purchasing any of the product, you should keep the following points into consideration

1. Usability

The machine should be easy to use and can be used by any member of the family. The operation of the machine should not be complex, so that anyone can use it, without giving a big thought.

2. Affordability

The machine should not have a high price range. It should be inside the affordable budget. If you go off the budget, you won’t be able to purchase other products for cleaning. A good product is as good as its pricing.

3. Brand Value

The brand of the machine should be a reputed one. A lot of services depends on the brand you choose. A good brand will offer you a lot of good services and facilities. This might also reduce your repairing cost and you might as well get new offers. And good brand products are generally durable and last longer.

4. Power Consumption

The machine should not have a high power consumption. High power consumption can damage the circuit. The power consumption should be moderate, so the working could be fine. And moderate consumption won’t also affect the inner wiring.

5. User’s review

The review of the people who have used it is most important, as they know the pros and cons well. Users can tell you about all the problems that you might face with the product or the problems that could be solved with the product. So, always go for user reviews.

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So, before buying a product, you must examine all the aspects of the product, its features, brand history, and reviews. As, you are investing your money, so you must do it. Don’t fall off for scams and other things finding a cheap product. So, invest carefully and enjoy completely.

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