Top 10 Monitor Brands

Top 10 Best Monitor Brands in Canada


We have a System with high Configurations, in current era we are playing high GUI games. In order to have that Gaming effect we need high GUI, then how this problem is solved. Monitors are one which are also manufactured with HD resolution. Many It and Non-It companies right now makes use of different monitors for their systems.

Different Companies are manufacturing different featured monitors with high resolutions. This article is going to describe about Best Monitor Brands which will help you in choosing the best one. So, that we can easily choose the monitor which satisfies our requirements.

Top 10 Best Monitor Brands

1. BenQ

BenQ best Monitor Brands

BenQ is an Taiwan multi-national company. Which sells and markets electronic products like Computing, Communication devices.  It has largest staff who will be working on developing products. It has started developing BenQ monitors with good resolution at best cost. Very good to have one at home. It is one of the best monitor brand.

2. Asus

Asus one of the Top 10 Best Monitor Brands

Asus is one of the leading Companies in the electronic products Market and it was ranked first in IT Hardware Category. Asus Company was founded in the year 1989 by four hardware Engineer who had initially worked in Acer company for a while. After solving the intel’s microprocessor, initiation in getting projects from intel lead them company to high positions. 

It is one of the best monitor brand. As per Brand, Asus has it’s own unique brand value in every market it is in. The products it manufactures depicts Asus Brand. When you want to buy a product which is good at hardware then Asus can be the suggested.

3. Acer

Acer Best Monitor Brands

Acer has made a stamp in the industry for it’s electronic products quality. It was there in the industry from late 1976 which was started with just 11 employees. Earlier it was a distributor of electronic parts and was running consultancy for microprocessor Technologies. It has made great impact on customers through it’s products like laptops and doing the same in Monitors. It is one of the best monitor brand.

4. Dell

Dell Best Monitor Brands

Dell monitor with it’s amazing features is a choice for people who want a monitor at cheap  and best. It has many series of monitors depending on the Technology, Resolution, width, height of screen, response time and number of ports it provides. You will get a perfect monitor which satisfies your requirements and at affordable price. It is rated as one of the Top 10 Best Monitor Brands.

5. AlienWare

AlienWare Best Monitor Brands

A device it may be electronic or non-electronic when bought should make difference in you home or Should bring aspiring look. You have a system and you need a monitor which Could show the data or displays in more fashioned. Then Dell is the Brand which is one of the mostly suggested Brands. It has a varied featured monitors at affordable cost. Alienware Brand is mostly preferred for Gaming interface. It is one of the best monitor brand.

6. Samsung

Samsung Best Monitor Brands

When Best Technology paired with reliable hardware for a monitor then customers will really be curious in such Products. Such Type of monitors are available in Samsung Brand. It is one of the best monitor brand. You will never feel hesitation to buy this monitors as they depict what they really are. This Brand is very famous in providing the Best Technologies and Provides good hardware. This is the suggested Brand when looking for best tech Monitor.

7. HP

HP Monitor Brands

HP is a Company which was started by two engineers of Stanford university with the help of a mentor in 1938. HP has got its success in developing audio Oscillator and has never looked down in other markets. HP is really as reliable service and product provider. It is one of the best monitor brand.

8. AOC Agon

AOC Agon Monitor Brands

AOC is an international Monitors provider, which manufactures TFT, LCD and CRT Monitors. AOC provides Monitors at varied dimensions, Technology, number of ports available and Screen resolution. It provides monitors of size max 34 inch. It is very good to be used for gaming and will be comfortable to be used for programming as it has provides less response time. It is featured as one of The Top 10 Best Monitor Brands.

9. ViewSonic


ViewSonic is visual display Technology specialized multi-national Electronics company. It provides projectors, LCD’s and Educational Display Technologies. XG Gaming monitors are also being manufactured by this company. It would be great to have one of them which available at affordable cost.

10. Sony

Top 10 Monitor Brands

Sony is the well know international electronic products company. It because of it’s uncompromising efforts in providing quality products to the customers, it has become one of the top 10 best monitor Brands. It has very simple monitor design which can be used in office startups. We will get this products at normal cost and matches to any type of room. Sony has different monitors as per customers requirement. It will be better for offices both with good and normal infrastructure.

All the Above mentioned Monitor Brands provides features at best cost and provides customers a choice of selecting one with their required features. Hope it will help you guide well in choosing the right brand.

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