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Top 10 Best Spin Mops in Canada

Spin mops are the new way to keep your house clean. They are easy to use, they clean at a faster rate and it is very easy to change and replace the mop head for different floor cleaning. Spin mops being so effective to have now become an important part of everyone’s house. There are dozens of brands that develop a different type of spin mops. So, it is better to choose the best of all.

In this article, I am going to share the top 10 Spin Mops you can opt for, brands, based on price, year of use, and customer reviews. I can assure you that this article will help you with your search. So, the list of the 10 best Spin Mops for a home in Canada is: –

Best Spin Mops in Canada:

1. Vileda EasyWring Microfiber Spin Mop

Vileda EasyWring Microfiber best Spin Mops

Its Exclusive bucket design allows for hands-free wringing. The microfibre removes and absorbs tough dirt and grime from the floor. It also Features Splash Guard to keep splash and spray inside bucket when wringing. Overall, with all the super functionalities, it deserved to be in the first place. Vileda’s products are excellent and have a very good product rating. It is one of the best spin mops out there in Canada.

Vileda products are affordable and long-lasting. This product comes within a range of CDN$ 40. People using this product haven’t faced difficulty and are happy with the product’s working efficiency. Hence, this product got a good user review.

Pros: –

  • Built-in wringer
  • High-quality foot pedal designed to activate spin wringing
  • Features Splash Guard

Cons: –

  • Not too powerful
  • Might have some parts issue

2. O-Cedar EasyWring Microfiber Spin Mop

O-Cedar EasyWring Microfiber Spin Mop

With the O-Cedar EasyWring Spin Mop and Bucket System, you can perform all the cleaning with little effort and little mess. It is ideal for all hard floors and you don’t have to bend down and get your hands wet.

It is one of the best spin mops out there in Canada. This Spin Mop provides easier wringing of mop and quicker-drying floors. O-Cedar products are good and long-lasting. It comes under a range of CDN$ 50. People who have used this product, find the product to be really useful on hard floors.

Pros: –

  • Triangular mop head allows for cleaning in hard-to-reach areas
  • Good on hard floors

Cons: –

  • Not long-lasting

3. CleanWise Spin Mop & Bucket System

CleanWise Spin Mop & Bucket System

This mop features a 360° rotating and cleaning system design that can easily clean all the corners of the room. This easy to use system has a unique push and pull design and deep abstersion. It is also easy to use and is quite affordable as compared to other mops. Cleanse products are good and durable and very good customer’s ratings. Considering the price.

It is one of the best spin mops out there in Canada. This product comes under a range of CDN$ 30. The product really pleased the customer with its functions.

Pros: –

  • Easy to fill and empty
  • Has gentle microfibre material

Cons: –

  • Difficulties in cleaning room corners

4. Hurricane Spin Mop

Hurricane Spin Mop

The mop is lightweight. You can maneuver it under and around furniture easily. It even lays flat. This Spin Mop has a super absorbent microfiber mop head. This mop is excellent for cleaning and polishing hardwood, ceramic, tile, laminate, and travertine floors. It will turn out to be useful if you are using it for small areas. Hurricane has a good Customer rating and is a bit pricey.

This product also comes in a price range of CDN$ 100. The price is more than other mops but, Customers are happy with its price and its handy nature.

Pros: –

  • A super absorbent microfiber mop head that absorbs up to 10 times its weight
  • 360 mop heads are machine washable

Cons: –

  • Costly
  • Considering price, not as effective.

5. White Magic Foot Press

White Magic Foot Press

This Spin Mop can be used for all types of floors like wood, vinyl, tile, laminate, stone, and even windows and cars with its multi-function cleaning tool. Its Easy foot press kit designed for people who are stronger in their lower body than upper body. It is also price efficient. Products are good, strong and affordable. This product comes under a range of CDN$ 37. People who have used this product are very satisfied with product capabilities and wash.

Pros: –

  • Quality is better than other
  • Multi-function cleaning tool for wood, vinyl, tile, laminate, stone, and even windows and cars

Cons: –

  • Some issues with customer service

6. Goplus Microfiber Spinning Magic Spin Mop

Goplus Microfiber Spinning Magic Spin Mop

This 360-degree mop is suitable for areas like a door, kitchen, bathroom, lobby, car, bedroom, etc. This mop can easily remove fouling without damaging floors. With this mop, you don’t have to touch the dirty water. It can also do cleaning and drying without any power supply and also has a long service life. Goplus products are affordable and long-lasting. This product comes under a range of CDN$ 65. Customers really liked the product and gave it a good rating.

Pros: –

  • Super thin microfiber with great absorbent ability
  • Efficient at places like below furniture

Cons: –

  • Difficulty in removing spots

7. Casabella Spin Cycle Mop with Bucket

Casabella Spin Cycle Mop with Bucket

This product has a Built-in washing spinner in the bottom of the bucket. It has a Durable wringer basket and also has a push-down handle for spinning & wringing. A Built-in and removable easy to fill soap pump and Built-in drawer for sponge/refile/brush storage.

All in one it is filled with different unique features and can be a good choice. Casabella products are a little expensive, but this product can be purchased under a range of CDN$ 80. People find it to be a great mop. Although some people face some difficulty in using the product.

Pros: –

  • Durable stainless steel wringer basket
  • Built-in and removable easy to fill soap pump
  • Built-in drawer for sponge/refile/brush storage

Cons: –

  • Bit costly
  • Problems with locking and unlocking

8. CycloMop Commercial Spinning

CycloMop Commercial Spinning

Its bucket features a geared, pedal-powered system for quick and efficient wringing. No-touch, ultra-absorbent mop cuts cleaning time in half and Spins dry in seconds. This makes it really efficient for industrial use. CycloMop products are a bit pricey. This product has a pricing of CDN$ 300. Except for its price and it is also not always available on Amazon. This brings it to no. 8.

Pros: –

  • Geared, Pedal-powered system
  • Ultra-absorbent mop

Cons: –

  • High price
  • Not always available

9. EGOFLEX Spin Mop Bucket System

EGOFLEX Spin Mop Bucket System

EGOFLEX Spin Mop features a stainless steel handle, drying basket, and a gear powered built-in washer. It also features an easy to use push handle system and microfiber mop heads for mopping and dusting. It is an efficient mop for home use. EGOFLEX’s products are good but a little expensive. The product comes under a range of CDN$ 112. There are not many users of the product, but the user seems somewhat satisfied with the work.

Pros: –

  • Microfiber mop heads for mopping and dusting
  • Convenient draining plug and rolling wheels

Cons: –

  • Not so efficient
  • Handle issues

10. Twist and Shout Mop

Twist and Shout Mop

This mop has no moving parts (wheels, agitator) to break or cause leaks. It is sturdy and yet the lightest bucket out of all spin mops makes it easier to fill and dump water. It is easy to use and is also quite durable. The products of Twist and Shout come in all price range. The price of this product is CDN$ 140. Customer review says it to be an ok product, though it does not have many followers.

Pros: –

  • Features a self-wringing mop
  • Super absorbent microfiber

Cons: –

  • Not long-lasting

How to select the right Spin Mop?

Before purchasing any of the product, you should keep the following points into consideration

1. Usability

The spin mop should be easy to use and can be used by any member of the family. The operation of the spin mop should not be complex, so that anyone can use it, without giving a big thought.

2. Affordability

The spin mop should not have a high price range. It should be inside the affordable budget. If you go off the budget, you won’t be able to purchase other products for cleaning. A good product is as good as its pricing.

3. Brand Value

The brand of the spin mop should be a reputed one. A lot of services depends on the brand you choose. A good brand will offer you a lot of good services and facilities. This might also reduce your repairing cost and you might as well get new offers. And good brand products are generally durable and last longer.

4. User’s review The review of the people who have used it is most important, as they know the pros and cons well. Users can tell you about all the problems that you might face with the product or the problems that could be solved with the product. So, always go for user review.


According to me, the best affordable and good quality Spin Mop would be “Vileda EasyWring Microfiber Spin Mop”. It is easy to use and shows outstanding results.

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