Top 13 best personal blender in Canada

Everyone needs a blender in their kitchen, but not everyone needs a full-sized, high-powered blender on their kitchen counter all the time. A personal blender is a far better fit for folks who live alone, have limited storage space, or just do not create items like ice cocktails on a regular basis. Its small size and unique containers are ideal for on-the-go individuals who want to swiftly prepare morning smoothies, shakes, and dips—and then be on their way.

The NutriBullet Select (available on Amazon for $99.99) is our favorite personal blender for those jobs, combining a powerful engine with skinny (but not too slender) blending cups for versatility and mobility. While we believe this NutriBullet is the best option for the majority of people, customers interested in producing smoothies and smoothies alone might also consider the traditional Magic Bullet Blender, another competent and small blender that is made to last.

We examined seven of the best options in the first round of testing and added seven more to see which personal blenders are worthy of transforming your favorite fruits and veggies into something spectacular. We assessed their mixing and blending abilities, as well as their design, speed, noise level, and ease of cleaning. We utilized similar criteria while analyzing the most budget blenders and best pro-style blenders, but this time we emphasised portability. We recognized which goods deserved our label after making gallons of fruit smoothie and perfectly-purple yogurt.

How We Put Personal Blenders to the Test

For this rating, we wanted to combine our prior knowledge with the new tests to determine which items should genuinely reign supreme. Valerie relied on Cassidy’s earlier testing to do this. Previously, we used similar approaches to examine some of the finest inexpensive blenders.

Personal blenders are primarily intended to prepare single servings of smoothies and shakes, therefore we concentrated our testing on this area. We put each blender through two major tests: combining colorful yogurt and making a strawberry-banana smoothie. The yogurt test was performed to demonstrate the blades’ reach within the container and how rapidly the blender could mix separate red and blue yogurt into a purple union.

The smoothie test was just as it sounds: how well can this blender make a fruit smoothie? We considered speed, noise level, and convenience of use while the blender was running, as well as smoothie quality, lid tightness, and ease of cleaning after everything was said and done. We prioritized mobility, design, attachments, and power, among other things, when evaluating blenders and blending containers.

While some blenders were plainly more powerful than others due to higher wattage and larger size, we discovered that bigger wasn’t always better—these blenders were frequently louder, more difficult to clean, and had high-reaching blades that couldn’t handle small volumes of liquid. The ideal personal blender, in our opinion, should be far smaller and more portable than its full-sized equivalents. Why have a huge blender base on your counter if you only want to create a 16-ounce smoothie?

Which is better: a personal blender, an immersion blender, or a full-sized blender?

While this list focuses on personal-sized blenders, immersion blenders (not to be confused with immersion circulators) and full-sized blenders should also be considered. If you aren’t already a kitchenware expert, you’re probably wondering, “Why are there so many different types of blenders? Are they really that different? Do I need to own every single one?!?”

The answer to the last question is no, you don’t have to have all three. When it comes down to it, they all employ the same physics to blend, mix, and pulverize food and liquids into whatever shape you prefer—but deciding which blender is best for your kitchen will make your life a lot easier.

Full-sized blenders are ideal for producing frosty cocktails, health smoothies, milkshakes, and other beverages for more than one person. High-end machines, like as those from Breville and Vitamix, may also be used to produce soups, dips, nut butters, and other difficult dishes. Most people have one of these blenders in their homes, and they’re an excellent choice for larger families and people who like to entertain.

Personal blenders, on the other hand, are great for individuals or couples who rarely need to combine a large amount of ingredients at once—they’ve grown in popularity since everyone started juicing and creating health smoothies for those post-gym vitamins. They are easier to store, clean, and carry than full-sized blenders, and their containers are perfect for on-the-go sipping. If you’re searching for a quick blending solution and don’t need to prepare a lot of anything at once, a personal blender is probably a better option.

Immersion blenders are an outlier, yet they’re nonetheless extremely handy. Their wand structure and lack of blending containers make them portable, easy, and ideal for hot meals. They are also known as hand blenders. We use it to make pesto, homemade mayonnaise and whipped cream, and butternut squash soup. If, like us, you enjoy cooking but don’t need to feed a family or outfit a complete kitchen, combining an immersion blender with a personal blender will help you cover all your blending bases without taking up too much space.

What to Look for in a Personal Blende

Blender Cup Capacity 

What’s the size of your morning smoothie? Do you enjoy the notion of blending once and then portioning it into numerous cups, or do various members of your family have varied flavor preferences? Look for a kit that is appropriate for you.


Single people may not want numerous cups to store, but if you’re making morning smoothies for the family, having one for each person may be useful. While you can normally buy extra cups for these blenders, it’s more convenient to obtain everything you need in one set.


While watts isn’t a precise estimate of a blender’s power, it’s a solid starting point. In general, the higher the watts, the more powerful the appliance; if you normally mix softer things (such as bananas and yogurt), you won’t require as much power as someone who intends to combine hard veggies, ice, and frozen fruits. Higher power can also imply that the blender is noisier, which is something to consider if you’re blending in the morning when your family is still sleeping.

Yes, frozen fruit can be blended in a personal blender. The key to achieving a smooth blend is to use the proper liquid-to-frozen component ratio. Recommendations can be found in the user manual.

If you’re having trouble blending frozen fruit in your personal blender, consider letting it sit out at room temperature for 5-10 minutes before blending to partially thaw and make it simpler to blend.

Some personal blenders can smash ice, which is a must if you enjoy producing icy coffee beverages, slushies, and frozen margaritas.

  1. Nutribullet Select
Buy NutriBullet Select High Speed Blender/Mixer/Smoothie Maker - 1000  Watts, Dark Grey Online at Low Prices in India -

If you’re looking for the ideal personal blender for everyday usage, the NutriBullet Select is the way to go. This one aced all of the blending tasks we threw at it in our tests. In addition to advanced features reserved for full-sized blenders, such as soup-making and ice crushing, this personal blender can handle basic kitchen tasks beyond producing a smoothie.

This 1,000-watt blender features four settings: extract, high, low, and pulse, which are accessible via a responsive control pad on the front of the motor base. When users push the Extract button, the blender begins a pre-programmed blending cycle that lasts one minute. The Pulse function makes it simple to dice and chop veggies.

The NutriBullet Select performed admirably in the smoothie test when we utilized the Extract option, producing a flawlessly smooth smoothie. Furthermore, the pitcher’s measurement lines come in helpful when following a recipe or measuring ingredients.

A 32-ounce pitcher with lid, a 24-ounce handled cup, a tamper, and to-go lids are included as accessories. When making thin batter, gravies, and marinades, the tamper comes in handy. It can also scramble eggs and process cooked as well as raw fruits. The to-go lids, cups, and pitcher may all be washed in the top rack of the dishwasher.

The Select’s sole flaw is that it is significantly larger than our previous champion, which makes it less storage-friendly. Its thin body, on the other hand, makes it reasonably easy to move and store.


  • Fast and efficient
  • Blends smoothly
  • Versatile


  • A bit oversized
  1. Magic Bullet Blender, Small, Silver, 11 Piece Set Magic Bullet Blender, Small, Silver, 11 Piece Set: Kitchen &  Dining

Consider the classic, oft-imitated Magic Bullet if you’re looking for a basic personal blender that will deliver your daily smoothie/health shake and nothing else. The Magic Bullet is meant for busy people who want something quick, easy, and portable. While the motor is just 250 watts, it is powerful enough to handle frozen fruit and most other ingredients with the right amount of liquid put to the blending container.

Throughout testing, the Magic Bullet consistently produced some of the smoothest smoothies with the least amount of trouble. Its mixing containers were also easy to clean due to its cylindrical design (no crevices!). Unlike the Nutri-Ninja, the Magic Bullet can be turned on and off without being held down, which is a convenient feature. This blender belonged to one of my housemates, and I used it every day for a year to create smoothies. There is nothing better for the price, wattage, and usefulness.


  • Easy to clean
  • Blends smoothly


  • No buttons or automatic programs
  • Low wattage that can’t handle hard ingredients
  1. Ninja Personal Blender
Ninja Personal Blender for Shakes, Smoothies, Food Prep, and Frozen Blending  with 700-Watt Base and (2) 16-Ounce Cups with Spout Lids (QB3001SS) (Twо  Расk)- Buy Online in Aruba at ProductId :

Ninja is well-known for its revolutionary appliances, and it was among the first to develop personal-sized blenders. Despite the fact that the market is crowded, these blenders remain user favorites since they tick all the boxes.

This one features 900 watts of blending power, allowing it to pulverize fruits and veggies into a silky smooth drink. Our test subject could also produce hummus, salsa, desserts, and even cut vegetables. On warmer days, the blender can even smash ice, allowing for slushie iced tea or lemonade.

The twist-on spout lids make it simple to transport the drink. This includes an 18-ounce cup and a 24-ounce cup, both with lids, and additional cups are available in case everyone in the family requires one. The removable parts are all dishwasher safe for easy cleaning, making this as simple to care for as it is to use.

While we strongly suggest the Nutri Ninja Pro, if you’re looking for the most up-to-date blending technology, you might want to look at the Ninja Nutri-Blender Pro with Auto-iQ (which we haven’t yet tested). Ninja’s Auto-iQ blenders include preset buttons with unique pausing and pulsing patterns that offer precisely blended drinks at the touch of a button. This model has two presets: one for crushing and one for smoothies. It also has a higher power output of 1,100 watts than our selection, which is 900. It also comes with two cups, each of which holds 24 ounces.

In our first round of testing, Ninja’s most basic Nutri-Ninja model, the Fit, emerged as our best personal blender. It’s the category’s Goldilocks: not too huge and powerful, not too small and weak, but just perfect. We were impressed by its speed and strength when whipping up fruit smoothies, which turned out perfectly smooth, as well as the comparatively low noise level of its 700-watt engine while grinding away.

While the blender’s design isn’t visually appealing, its black-and-silver base is sleek and inconspicuous, and it’s compact and light enough to be easily stowed away. For on-the-go sipping, the blender’s 16-oz. containers with measurement indications are similarly sleek and completely portable (they come with tight travel closures!). The Fit requires users to hold the container down or use the “pulse” approach when blending, however this precaution prevents motor burn-out and ensures the blender lasts longer than many of its competitors. It happens so quickly that you might not even notice.

Cassidy, a Fit owner, can attest to the Fit’s capabilities in regular use (and misuse). She’s used it to make smoothies and shakes, butternut squash soup, salad dressing and dips, and even powdered sugar from granulated sugar. While she does not endorse the final one, the Nutri-Ninja Fit has handled everything Cassidy has thrown at it with ease. If you’re searching for a multi-purpose personal blender that’s both portable and powerful, this is the one.


  • Fast and efficient
  • Durable
  • Easy to transport and store


  • No buttons or automatic programs
  • Limited volume
  1. NutriBullet ZNBF30400ZC
Buy NutriBullet NBC-1049/NBC-10B Smoothie Maker, 1000W (Dark Grey), 1  Pitcher, 2 Jar Cup Online at Low Prices in India -

The NutriBullet Pro 1000 is the NutriBullet Pro’s newer, more powerful variant. Its performance is marginally better than that of its predecessor, but not great enough to place first on our list.

The biggest advantage of this blender is how simple it is to use—just plug it into an electrical outlet and twist the blending cup to hold it in place. It’s powerful enough to prepare a smoothie with no apparent fruit bits, but it doesn’t have any more options.

It includes two blending cups (one 32-ounce and one 24-ounce) as well as two to-go lids. Despite its high power, it is one of the quietest blenders we’ve tested.

Its small size may be ideal for persons with little kitchen space, since it may be stored in a cabinet or left on the counter. However, because the blending cup is small and the base is narrow, it is difficult to hand wash with ease. The good news is that the blending cup and to-go lids can be cleaned in the dishwasher; just make sure to use the top rack.


  • Stylish design
  • Decent at blending
  • Fast and efficient


  • No buttons or automatic programs
  • Limited volume
  1. NutriBullet PRO 900 Series
Buy Nutribullet PRO High Speed Blender/Mixer/Smoothie Maker - 900 Watt - 12  Pcs Set;Gold, 3 Jar Online at Low Prices in India -

The NutriBullet Pro boasts a 900-watt motor and a cup size of 32 ounces, which is an improvement over the other NutriBullet blenders we’ve tested. Whether you’re creating a smoothie for yourself or to share with others, this blending cup offers plenty of space. There is no ON/OFF button; simply set the blending cup on top of the motor base and twist to lock. It takes roughly the same amount of time as the Magic Bullet to prepare a smoothie, and the texture was smooth with no obvious ingredient lumps. It is also extremely stable while doing its function. Some blenders move around during blending, but I didn’t have to hold this one down to keep it in place.


  • Blends well
  • Stylish design
  • Large blending capacity


  • No buttons or automatic programs
  1. Nutri Bullet Rx Blender
Buy Nutri Bullet Magic Rx N17-1012 Blender, Black Online at Low Prices in  India -

The NutriBullet Rx is a mid-sized blender that sits between a personal blender and a full-sized blender. It includes features like the Souperblast mode, which allows users to prepare soup and puree hard materials. Because of its strong construction, this blender remained stable during all of our blending tests.

We were impressed by how well it blended items in our tests. It smashes ice, frozen fruit, and roasted nuts with ease because to its 1,700-watt engine. We particularly enjoy the soup option because it broadens the range of applications for this blender.

The NutriBullet Rx comes with more accessories than the other NutriBullet blenders we’ve used. It comes with a cleaning brush, a blade remover, and an enormous cup with pitcher lid, in addition to the spare to-go cups and lids. We enjoy how the lids are constructed to make pouring easy and spill-free.

Because of its strong engine, the blender can self-clean, making cleaning a breeze. It does, however, have a drawback. We noticed extremely small fragments of frozen pineapple in the smoothie, thus it fell somewhat short on the smoothie test. It wasn’t a deal killer, but it did knock the Rx down a few positions in the rankings.

It wasn’t the quickest at mixing, which was owing in part to the lack of a pulse feature. We don’t recommend manually pulsing the blender by turning it on and off with the Start button.


  • Strong motor can handle most ingredients
  • Large blending capacity
  • Decent at blending


  • Oversized
  1. Oster MyBlend Blender
Buy Oster MyBlend BLSTPB-WPK-049 250-Watt Blender (Pink) Online at Low  Prices in India -

The Oster MyBlend looks like someone slapped a Gatorade bottle on a thin blender base—clearly it’s designed to appeal to fitness enthusiasts who are used to shaking up pre- and post-workout drinks in these types of bottles. We found the containers difficult to fill and clean due to their tight apertures, and their tinted hues make them appear unclean even when clean. And, while the Oster makes a good smoothie, it’s incredibly loud when beginning and stopping, to the point where I worried something was wrong.

It will do the job for a low price, but it appears unlikely to last—and you’d be better off with a less complicated product.


  • Very affordable
  • Decent at blending


  • Very loud
  • Containers difficult to fill and clean
  • Unattractive design
  1. COSORI Blender for Shakes and Smoothies
Buy COSORI Upgraded Version Professional Personal 800 Watts Blender with  Cleaning Brush and Cups and Bottles for Shakes and Smoothies , 2x32 oz and  1x24 oz -10-Piece Online at Low Prices in

This Cosori is between a personal and a professional-style blender in size. Its main blending cup has a capacity of 24-ounces, which is more than enough for most culinary duties. It features a strong engine that can smash ice, purée, mill seeds, and prepare smoothies.

Despite being larger than a Magic Bullet, it doesn’t take up much more counter space. The blending cup, on the other hand, is higher and has a wider hole, allowing you to add large chunks of frozen fruit without first cutting them into small bits.

However, in comparison to other personal blenders we’ve tried, its ability to quickly mix ranks in the middle of the pack. After two minutes of thorough blending, we discovered huge chunks of frozen fruit and bits of ice in the smoothie test. Screwing on the blade attachment was also a challenge.

Accessories include two primary blending cups, one 12-ounce cup, and cleaning tools. All blending cups are BPA-free and include tight-sealing travel lids. Our main complaint about the 24-ounce blending cups is that their narrow design makes hand washing difficult. Everything, with the exception of the motor base, is dishwasher safe.


  • Large blending capacity
  • Very affordable


  • Difficult to clean
  • Smoothies aren’t the smoothest
  1. Hamilton-Beach Single Serve
Hamilton Beach Single Serve Blender (51107C) -

The blades of this compact plastic Hamilton Beach blender are built directly into the base of the blending container, as they are in most full-sized blenders, rather than being inverted like the rest of the personal blenders on this list. While this has little to do with its real capabilities, it does make drinking directly from the container an unusual experience—and it means there are no replacement components accessible if you lose or break something.

Throughout testing, the Hamilton Beach performed admirably, but it was unable to make a smoother smoothie than the competition. Its mixing button is fragile and easily broken, and Cassidy knows from personal experience (her boyfriend owned this exact model) that the motor doesn’t last long. In the end, it’s the most affordable blender on this list in more ways than one.


  • Small and convenient to store


  • Not very durable, and no extra parts included
  • Blades are built directly into blending container
  • Smoothies aren’t the smoothest
  1. FRIGIDAIRE ESMM100-CREAM 300-Watt Retro Smoothie Maker FRIGIDAIRE ESMM100-CREAM 300-Watt Retro Smoothie Maker, Cream:  Kitchen & Dining

Most personal blenders are practical and ready to hide in the cupboard, but this one has an appealing retro design that adds individuality, so it will look wonderful living on the counter for everyday use. It boasts a 300-watt engine with two settings for effective blending, and the unusual chrome side lever starts and stops the blender.

It comes with a huge 20.3-ounce plastic drinking jar, a handle-on glass mason jar, and two lids. While a glass mason jar is included, the blender’s threads are not compatible with regular canning jars, thus they cannot be used as replacements.


  • Retro design
  • Quiet
  • Easy to use and clean


  • Doesn’t work with standard mason jars
  1. Cuisinart RPB-100 EvolutionX Cordless Rechargeable Compact Blender
Buy Cuisinart RPB-100 EvolutionX Cordless Rechargeable Compact Blender,  gray/black, 16 oz Online at Low Prices in India -

This portable blender is powered by a lithium battery, so you can use it anywhere without an outlet—as long as it’s charged. The battery can be fully recharged in just two hours using a USB cable that can be linked to ports on your computer or car, or it may be used with the provided normal electrical plug. When completely charged, the battery is expected to give 20 minutes of runtime.

It includes one 16-ounce BPA-free cup as well as a travel lid, allowing you to take your smoothies and protein shakes on the go. The four-prong blade attaches to the blending cup and may be used to purée individual portions of soup or smash ice for beverages and slushies.

The blender is activated and deactivated by a single, one-speed power button that illuminates when in use. The stainless steel accent and streamlined design are also attractive on countertops. It’s a little larger and heavier than the BlendJet, the only other battery-powered device on this list, but it comes with a three-year limited guarantee, so keep that in mind if you’re deciding between the two.


  • Battery operated
  • Recharges in 2 hours
  • Sleek design


  • No measurement markings on cup

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