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Top 10 Best Wireless Charger pad Brands

Wireless Charger Pads

Charging adaptors and ports have become mesh to manage, incase of handling or carrying anywhere it gets binded with other products in your bad. You just need put your phone on the wireless charging pad and leave rather than plugging your charger in to the phone like in traditional charger. Here in this article we have listed Top 10 Best Wireless Charger Pad Brands of the year.

If you are getting out with your friends and want to charge the phones of different brands. Then if it wired charger you have to carry different charger for most of brands. But, in case of wireless charging, a single charger is necessary for all phones. There is a problem of data exchange while using a public USB cable, which can be avoided in wireless charger.

Top 10 Best Wireless Charger Pad Brands

1. ESR Wireless Charger Pad

ESR Wireless Charger Pad - best Wireless Charger Pad brands

ESR Wirless Charger Pad is comfortable to use. The plastic cover over the pad sticks the phone to the pad. It charges the phone much faster when compared to other wireless chargers.  The pad thickness of 5mm alows us to carry easily anywhere we go. Place you phone over the pad and leave. ESR is rated as one of the Best Wireless Charger Pads.

2. Mophie

Mophie best Wireless Charger Pad Brands

Charger you iphone 50% faster than other wireless chargers with mophie. It communicates with the phone when it came in contact and sends the amount of power it needs. Doesn’t cause any power loss when in idle state. The rubber Alloy on the charger alligns your phone on the charger. Mophie charger is one of the best wireless charger pads Brands.

3. Anker

Anker Wireless Charger Pad Brands

Charging any mobile phone with Anker Wireless Charger seems really different because of the sticky material over the charger. Your can place it anywhere in your home, the gripper gets fixed to any kind of floor. Anker is listed in Best Wireless Charger Brands. Don’t panic of getting your phone heated because Anker avoids such things.

4. Choetech

Choetech Wireless Charger Pad Brands

Choetech is featured as one of the Best Wireless Charger Pad Brands. Choetech Charger charges your phone even vertically. The design of the device is specific for charging any kind of phone. Place your phone over it and come after long to pick. The blue light of the device shows the phones being charged. It is light weight and the best the best device to buy for this year.

5. Pictek

Pictek Wireless Charger Pad Brands

Pictek Wireless Pad’s Design is different and classic. The ring light glows up when the cable is connected. It works normally as the other chargers with pulsing glow of light while phone is charging. Pictek is rated as one of Wireless Charger Pad Brands.

6. Sparin

Sparin Wireless Charger Pad Brands

Place your phone as if it is lying vertically on the charger and charge it well. The grip hurdles on the pad avoid it from falling down. Place it at any flat surface because non-uniform surface may not support the pad. It doesn’t heat the phone much as the heat generated slides down due to gravity.

7. Belkin

Belkin Wireless Charger Pad Brands

Belkin is an international connectivity devices company which produces iphone, ipad and router devices. It has been awarded for many of it’s device designs. It has recently started producing wireless Charger Pad Brands which has become famous of it’s design and the features it provide.

8. Seneo

Seneo Wireless Charger Pad Brands

Seneo is one of the Best Wireless Charger pad Brands. It gives best of it’s products with features that gives much performance. The the green light on the pad glows when phone placed over the pad. The quality of the product  is good so that it lasts for long.

9. Steanum

Steanum Best Wireless Charger Pad Brands

Steanum has smooth layer over the surface which makes the phone rest on it without any scratches.  The design of the device is comfortable for a phone to be placed  and get full charged.

10. Ikea

Ikea Wireless Charger Pad Brands

Ikea is a swedish multi-national company which has started manufactured furnitures, home appliance in 1943. It has become most famous due to its brand value and it’s owner had been listed a most riches person in forbes. Recently, it has started manufacturing wireless chargers.

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